UX Architect in UX Discipline

Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

The usability of the site is just as important as the look. The UX specialist determines how the data on the page will be structured and how they relate to each other from the user's point of view. The core UX design team consists of analysts, architects, designers, copywriters. These professionals create useful and easy-to-use interfaces and improve the website experience.

The whole team is working on the information architecture of the site - organizing and structuring all the content on the site to make it as clear as possible. UX is an intermediate stage between the work of a product manager, who makes a list of the necessary features of the site, and the final picture was drawn by a graphic designer.

Who is UX Architect?

user experience architect

A UX architect is involved in creating a product at all stages: interface design, prototyping. The architect organizes and structures the data from the user's point of view: what data and in what order is placed on the page, how the logical connection is built. A well-built UX site architecture will save other specialists' time.

If the user can easily find everything on the site himself, he does not have to contact the support service. A UX architect analyzes and interprets customer behavior and experience on the web, creates information architecture, and tests the site architecture from concept to launch.

Key responsibilities of user experience architect:

  • Creation of a framework, "skeleton" of the site
  • Researching and evaluating usability.
  • Working out the structure of the page
  • Providing interactive designs
  • Qualitative, quantitative, and comprehensive research
  • Understanding iterations, metrics, conversions, funnels, KPIs, Roadmap, MVP, etc.
  • Understanding usability
  • Maintenance and support process for digital products
  • The technical side of developing digital products for users
  • Market analysis

UX architect skills needed

There are many key responsibilities of a user experience architect. Improving website usability is one of them. The UX Architect's responsibilities include coding websites, maintaining the aesthetics of websites, and ensuring that the websites are user-friendly. They also analyze the behaviors and patterns of users to improve the overall functionality of the website or application. To become a successful UX Architect, you should be passionate about user satisfaction and be competent in every aspect of building a website. Ultimately, a high-quality UX Architect will be an expert in problem-solving and an innovative thinker.

How is a UX architect different from a designer?

UX analyst

A UX analyst collects audience data using a scroll and click map. Where the user was more active, there should be more important elements, in other areas - less important. For example, a menu should be located in an area that attracts maximum attention. The UX analyst's task is to create an analytically based prototype of the interface.

UX copywriter

It is impossible to separate design and content. The appearance of the page and its usability depend on the text and its layout. Therefore, the work of a UX copywriter is directly related to the design process. In writing the text, he is guided by business tasks and data from UX designers, analysts.

UX copywriter works with designers, uses the same data and tools. For a UX copywriter, the user always comes first, the text is written taking into account the context and in the appropriate style. Testing a prototype with text from a UX copywriter will give the best results: the user evaluates the entire interface as a whole, not just the visual part.

UX designer

UX designers are primarily concerned with how the product interacts with the user. The main job of a UX designer is to make sure that the product flows logically from one step to the next. UX designer calculates the user's path based on a mathematical model and decides how the user will interact with the site. Prototyping is preceded by an exploration of all the ways in which you can solve the user's problem.

UX architect

User experience architects focus on creating an intuitive flow for products. To do that, they're often involved in interviewing and surveying users. Once they've collected all the essential information, they create prototypes and wireframes for the product. However, compared to UX designers, they have a more holistic view of the user's path.

What is the difference between UX architect and UX design?

The UX design is more on the front end and the UX architect is behind the scenes. Like, how you are kind of clicking through wireframes and such to get to the design it all connects together. So, user experience designers more concern about front-end and UX architect is more about the back-end of the website.

5 Reasons the company needs a UX architect

UX architect

Some companies do not see the importance of UX architects because they believe it is time taking job. It takes time and skills to create an effective content structure. However, a powerful UX architect is a guarantee of a high-quality product as it reduces the possibility of error in the overall structure of use and navigation. Thus, a good user experience architect can save a company time and money that would otherwise have gone into fixes and revisions.

1. They understand the target audience

A UX architect will have a strong comprehension of your target user audience. Otherwise, your website or application would fail miserably. One of the primary responsibilities of a UX architect is that he will have sound knowledge of user behavior and target audience. Whose eyes would you say you are attempting to get on your site?

By a long shot, quite possibly the most troublesome difficulties in the wake of going live with your site or application are to get that intended target audience to focus on it. A UX architect will help in making the website or application simple and lovely to utilize so that the underlying target audience views stay.

2. Multi-discipline expertise

UX architect is knowledgeable in pretty much every part of the website to build and improve ease of use. UX architects ensure a crystal-clear understanding of your users' needs and how designers should address them. UX architect's expertise includes great designing vision, problem-solving skills, coding skills, project management skills, artistic design approach, and many more. So when you hire a UX architect, it means you are hiring a specialist who understands much more than basic designing.

3. They are the problem solvers

The main task of a UX architect is to translate the customer's business tasks into the language of digital product design, taking into account the preferences and needs of users. Participates in planning all stages of product creation and maintenance, incl. in the design, prototyping, and maintenance of products. He has professional competencies in several areas - from data analytics and the technical basis of production to solving design problems.

4. A passion for customer satisfaction.

A UX designer's responsibility is to ensure you are totally happy with the look, convenience, and traffic that comes into your site because of their diligent effort. A UX architect is more concerned about customer satisfaction over all the other things. If you hire a UX architect, it means you are hiring a UX specialist. You can expect someone who will work for the betterment of your product. Your objectives are their objectives.

5. They have multitasking the ability to run several projects in parallel

As a project manager, it's a huge thing for you that a UX architect is a multitasker. Their job responsibilities demand to multitask. Almost all UX architects able to work on multiple projects at a time.


UX is not only a set of methods and knowledge but also intermediate products that will be useful in further work. The world of web projects is more and more focused on user behavior, so the value of the work of UX architects is growing. No matter how you understand your client's needs, website behavior is a separate world. And it is better to entrust this work to a specialist like a UX architect.