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Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:33
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No matter what kind of business you have, the user experience, aka UX, plays a critical role in its success. Whether you are an owner of a coffee shop, chocolate factory, or app development firm, the user experience is what will help your business grow. As per statistics, 88% of the users are less likely to return to a website post a bad user experience.

The term UX is primarily used for designing purposes. And there must be many of you who are interested in knowing about the latest trends and news of the UX design space. As there are countless UX blogs on the web for learning and gaining inspiration. It can become a bit tough to keep up with all of them.

But what if you do not have to spend time hunting for UX news on the web? It would be so cool to have everything in one place, isn't it? To help you with this, we have shortlisted some of the best UX blogs for you here! All of these blogs are entirely dedicated to UX and will serve you with all the latest updates.

Reading them will provide your day a perfect start! Let's check them out!

1. UX Booth

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Source: UXBooth

The first in the list is a bit comprehensive yet an interactive blog. The best thing about this blog is the way content is organized. It has blogs sub-categorized into various segments such as:

  • Analytics
  • Visual design
  • Interactive design
  • Philosophy
  • Business strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Universal design

And many more! Other than that, the website's home page has a segment that displays all the latest published blogs. This will be the perfect place for you to learn something new on a daily basis. Over 100k UX professionals trust it, and you can subscribe to this blog for free.

2. Usability Geek

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Source: Usability Geek

This UX blog's name is enough to depict its functionality. As user experience drives the usability of the app, this blog brings you everything related to UX in the shortest time. The blogs, unlike other websites, are arranged in a matrix format. It is a cakewalk to find anything you need, which is powered by the search bar added on the top of the homepage.

The website also offers courses for usability and UX. So, if you are interested in learning UX other than just reading about it, this is the ideal place for you. You can also grab some cool offers on the courses offered by the website.

3. Design Shack

best ux blogs

Source: Design Shack

Design Shack is a universal blog with over 1000 articles related to UX design, business, accessibility, CSS, Mobile, Javascript, HTML, Typography, web standards, and countless other topics.

If you like to design graphics for enhancing user experience, you can also refer to numerous informational blogs on Adobe Lightroom, Adobe BootStrap, Figma, Instagram, Final Cut Pro, etc.

As the flow of UX blogs on this website is continuous, you will never run out of content to read. And if any time you want to read something specific, you can always search for that in the search bar. All these aspects make Design Shack one of the best blogs for UX on the web.

4. Nielsen Norman Group

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Source: Nielsen Norman

Named after the name of one of the founding fathers of UX, the Nielsen Norman Group is filled with some of the innovative content related to UX. The articles published on the official website are based on actual research. So, you should know that if you are reading content on the website, it is absolutely authoritative.

Other than grabbing evidence-based information, you can also opt for seminars, courses, training, and conferences related to UX design on this website. You can also subscribe to their social channels to keep yourself updated about the UX world's new happenings. Refer to books and reports on the website to learn more!

5. Career Foundry

ui ux design blog

Source: Career Foundry

If you want to be an absolute professional in UX, it is time for you to visit this blog for sure. Why? Well, it is a melting pot of everything related to UI, UX, Web Development, Data Analytics, etc. Not only this, but the website also offers you courses related to all of these fields.

The blog part of the website is updated with news and trends on a daily basis. So, that you never fall short of content to read and learn. The website is heavy on the UX blog part and keeps the viewers motivated and inspired to learn more.

6. Awwards

ux booth

Source: Awwwards

For learners who have the spark to learn something new every day. Awwwards is an UI UX blog that offers the users inspirational as well as knowledgeable content. If you will look at the website, it provides you the ability to filter readable content based on the filters like animations, illustrations, motion graphics, UI and UX, and countless others.

The blog is best for those who want to learn UI & UX and how they work together. And the learning becomes even better as the blogs come loaded with engaging visuals and graphics.

7. UX Planet

ux movement

Source: UX Planet

The subtitle of this UX blog is enough to describe its utility. The UX Planet is a treasure trove of some of the best blogs for both newbies and professionals. The official website offers you tabs that include inspirational and learning material.

Along with this, the blog also offers you the ability to send in your own blogs, which they review and publish on their website. So, if you are a professional, you can write one and have your work published. It will help you build your portfolio if you are a writer. Moreover, seeing your own blog will also motivate you to learn and write more.

Some of the latest blogs on their website are based on topics like microinteractions, infinite scrolling, pagination, effective writing for your UI, and miscellaneous others.

8. Just In Mind

ux blog

Source: Just In Mind

Those who love an organized website will appreciate this UX design blog; why? The blog maker has provided the facility to choose the category of the blog you want to read. You can choose from UI design and prototyping, UX and prototyping, UX design, UX Guest blogs, and many others.

Other than collecting knowledge about various UX topics, Just In Mind also has some tools of its own, like wireframing tools and UI kits for web, iOS, and android. Being a designer, you can use these tools while garnering tips and tricks from the blogs.

For keeping up with all the latest updates, you can also subscribe to their blog!

9. Moon Learning

ux design blog

Source: Moon Learning

Have you heard about the vector and graphics development tool, Figma? Well, if you haven't, then this awesome UX blog is all that you need to get going with. Moon Learning offers you countless articles primarily focussed on Figma, CSS, and of course, on UX/UI.

You can even take up a fully online course for UI & UX and become a professional designer. Other than that, the website also provides a mini-course to get a hand on basic things before you go full term.

Learn about the latest tips and tricks related to Figma. Moreover, you can also get awesome discounts on courses offered! Go check out this blog.

10. Ladies That UX

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Source: Ladies That UX

Well, LADIES! Here is something for you. The Ladies That UX is a worldwide community of female UX enthusiasts. The website is open for each lady around the world who has a spark of learning and growing in the UX space.

The blog offers a platform for women who need any sort of help with their UX challenge. As there are countless UX experts available at your disposal, you can get anything done in less time with professional support.

Each city that has such a community hosts different events for engaging lady UX designers. So, ladies, this is for you all.

So, these are some of the best UI UX blogs that you can read anytime you want to get some insights into the world of UX. Other than these, you can also refer to additional UI UX design blogs such as UX movement, UX myths, UX matters, etc.


The term UX is all about the fact of how easy it is for the user to navigate or use your website or app. This includes graphics elements, color schemes, icons, animations, and many other aspects. UX not only enhances the aesthetics of your website but also elevates the usability of it.

If you are a UX enthusiast and looking forward to having a career in the UX sector, these blogs will be a great support for you. You can learn a plethora of concepts from these blogs, such as UX tools and how to make your website credible, accessible, and useful. Do keep a list of all these blogs as they publish content on a daily basis, making them a powerhouse for you.