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User Experience is now more important than ever. Although the quote, "People ignore design that ignores people" has been making rounds for quite some time now, we have realized its importance lately. Due to this, companies are looking for designers who have creative and innovative designs, understand the trends, and can deliver the type of work required by the clients.

In other words, they want people who can take care of the user experience while not losing their control over creativity and innovativeness. For designers looking to upgrade their skills, joining a UX Bootcamp can turn out to be a turning point. Joining UX Bootcamp online is accessible and helps you learn even though you are engaged in other activities.

Given below are some of the best UX Bootcamp that you can join and become a better designer.

Top UX Bootcamp Online to Join in 2021

1. Online UX Design - General Assembly

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This bootcamp by General Assembly is best for beginners as it takes you on an infotainment-oriented journey from the start. Bootcamps by General Assembly already have a significant impact in the designing community and with this beginner-friendly bootcamp run by expert and experienced tutors, you will;

  • Understand the core UX techniques.
  • Follow the best practices and innovative approaches of UX designing.
  • Gain the ability to tackle complex designing challenges.
  • Identify the core tenets of human-computer interaction.
  • Understand the concepts of user research, wireframing, prototyping, and usability testing.

We can say that this is more of a course than a bootcamp by the General Assembly. But the way it has been framed and its strategic format to help designers become better at their skill.

Within the program, you will learn from accredited alumni and expert instructors and get individual support. You can showcase your professional portfolio at the end of the program and share it with your clients.

2. UX Design Program - Career Foundry

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Online bootcamps are known to provide an aggressive type of learning and have the same attitude as an army boot camp. But that is not the case with the CareerFoundry UX design bootcamp aims to help designers of all levels learn or upgrade their skills.

More importantly, to maintain efficiency and create a learning environment, the students enrolled on this platform will be able to benefit from an extended curriculum and student-centric learning.

In other words, the students will be able to get a personalized learning experience from expert mentors. The course runs for about 10 months and at the end of the program, you will have extensive knowledge about UX designing and have a portfolio of projects to showcase your work.

3. BrainStation

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BrainStation's UX design bootcamp makes you adept in three things;

  • Identifying your user's needs.
  • Helping you create intuitive user experiences.
  • Developing functional prototypes

Once a designer understands the importance of these things in creating a successful application or website design all that's left is actually building the design. BrainStation has on-campus courses, but these days they have switched to the online dispensation of the learnings due to COVID.

Within this course, the students will learn to become masters of UX design tools like Figma and InVision. Once the learning is over, you will be tasked with creating a real-life design with actual client-provided parameters and receive constructive feedback on their work.

The same design can also work as proof of the student's learning along with a certificate to show the progress and completion.

4. UX/UI Design Immersion - Thinkful

ux ui bootcamp

Previously known as Bloc, Thinkful is an online teaching school running as a part of Chegg. Their UX/UI Immersion bootcamp works as a full-time course with a time span of 5 months.

This bootcamp will train you with career-ready skills helping you become better at research, web designing, and working in a team of designers. BrainStation claims to help its members and the community land high-paying jobs in design after the students complete the course.

Along with this, they do not charge anything until the students start earning after completing the course. The students receive one-to-one coaching from the experts and they also help them become better at their skills while paving the way to land better jobs.

The same course is provided online and runs for 6-months with a part-time schedule called UI/UX Design Flex.

5. UX Bootcamps - Interaction Design Foundation

best ux bootcamp

Interaction Design Foundation has built authority in the design community. They are the go-to source for learning and knowing everything there is about UX designing. A UX UI bootcamp coming from them means business. Students enrolled in their course will be able to get a new job in designing immediately.

That is the level of their teaching and helps the students learn about UX designing. There are expert mentors and career counselors working with the students to teach them industry-relevant techniques and lessons.

The bootcamp which runs for one whole year includes mentor meetings, practical guided projects, portfolio feedback, career preparation, and recruitment consultation. At the end of it all, the enrolled student will be able to land their first or a better job.

6. UX Design Bootcamp - Springboard

general assembly ux bootcamp

Springboard's bootcamps are popular across the community. They are providing lessons not only for designing but also cover other skills like coding, data science, and so on. Their UX bootcamp is custom-built to help you learn without disturbing your life and other tasks.

The online classes are taken by experts who are also available for a one-to-one session. The experts teach you real-world design skills and make you a better designer than before in less than 6 months.

At the end of the course period, you can land more jobs and converse with fellow designers with better confidence not to mention even start your own thing as a freelance UX designer. The teachings revolve around topics like design thinking, user research, synthesis, presentation, ideating, designing, sketching, wireframing, and prototyping.

7. UX Bootcamp Immersive - DevMountain

best ux design bootcamps

DevMountain's UX bootcamp online runs for 16 weeks and helps beginner designers or those who are new to this field get ready for entry-level work in modern-day design companies. As a part of their curriculum, this UX bootcamp helps you become great at research, prototyping, information architecture, and visual design.

Knowing all these things helps you build user-centric and impressive website plus application designs. Moreover, since it is a part-time and remote course, even the currently working professionals can become a part of these programs.

You also have the option to join this UX design bootcamp offline, but the online classes are better suited to working professionals and students. On the whole, this is a career-building course and service that helps you prepare yourself for a better and user-centric future.

8. UX Design Bootcamp - DesignLab

ux bootcamp online

There are two types of bootcamps that you can join with DesignLab. One is for the beginners, which helps you learn everything a beginner should know from the beginning. The other type is joining the bootcamp to upgrade your skills and become a better designer than you are today.

Joining this bootcamp as an experience designer helps you learn more about the basics, UX research and strategy, UI design, and UX: Interaction design. The combination of these four types of lessons helps any designer know more about the field.

The students will learn from expert mentors as well as get a chance to interact with the community. The challenging curriculum becomes an effective tool to motivate you for pushing yourself and entering new domains.

9. UX/UI Design Bootcamp - IronHack

ux designer bootcamp

The UX/UI designing course by IronHack will turn out to be a career changer for you as the curriculum is built by expert mentors who have a deep-set understanding of the designing world.

This bootcamp is also a career booster for those who wish to become better at designing and identify with time-relevant skills. Even if you are an entrepreneur who wants to build your own website or application, you can easily join the course and build something of your own.

There are two methods to learn UX designing, online or offline. The offline courses are held in selected cities, but any person from across the globe can take the online course. The entire course is divided into four modules related to UI and UX implementation, research methodologies, and implementation.

10. UX Design - Juno College of Technology

ux bootcamp

The Juno College of Technology runs a short but amazing 8-week part-time UX designing course with live, online intermediate classes. The course is created for designers and developers to help them learn a great deal about improving the scales of user satisfaction.

After enrolling in the course, you will learn an extended amount of usability and accessibility of an application design. Combined with online classes the course includes hands-on practice sessions building your skillset and helping you deliver higher user satisfaction.

The students will get the benefit of regular exercises, one-on-one mentorship, and the chance to build their own portfolio. Lessons provided under this course include heuristic analysis, research synthesis, accessibility, empathy mapping, prototyping, usability testing, and emotional design among others.


This rounds up our discussion on the top 10 UX design bootcamps that any type of designer can choose. These bootcamps are specifically prepared to help students, designers, and developers either start learning or upskill themselves in the field of UX designing.

Becoming a part of these courses means that you will be able to tackle the modern-day UX design challenges with a better mindset, extended knowledge, as well as a deeper understanding of user satisfaction.

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