10 Best UX Courses Online to Learn App Design in 2024

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:24

Before we talk about this application let's see first "what is app design". Two words are essential to consider UI & UX while answering what is app design. UI means the interference of the application. An application designer needs to have an amazing and friendly infrastructure to create easiness for the users. Not only users, but the brand has also its involvement in this process. The brand logo color must be used in the infrastructure of the application as shows brand identity.

Working on UX means user experience. Designers focus on how users will use the application. As well as, what functions are essential to perform for the application. All the processes or paths are defined here.

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Why Beginners need to make a systematic study of App

Let's have a look now at why beginners need to make a systematic study of App design. The designers cant produce a highly innovative design that is in demand of the market without understanding how it works. There are several difficulties for the designer like Decision for Right App, Over Crowded Customers, Screen Sizing, and Dealing OS, etc. All these problems will be resolved when beginners will learn it systematically.

Best Course for Beginners

Due to pandemics and changes in customer's behavior for purchasing goods and services from traditional methods to online, the demand for applications has increased. These changing trends all over the world have increased the value of UI/UX designers and developers. It's the correct time to learn designing and the following are some of the opportunities that beginners can choose to learn.

10 Best Course for Beginners

All these applications are the best options to get any type of UX designer.

ux design course online

Udemy is the leading brand in the online market and allows students across the world to learn lots of different courses. The company vision is talent exists across the world but not opportunities for them and Udmey is attempting efforts in this scenario. There are a total of 130,000 courses available for the students from which a large number of courses are designed for UI/UX designers.

By choosing the defined category of IT & Software students can easily find UI/UX design in the native language. The cost of available UI/UX courses is very low on Udmey. After research, we have found that nowadays BS 2 Hours is getting famous and on top.

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Coursera is an online learning American brand for students across the world. This is one of the best options if you want to learn from the biggest brand in the world. The brand has collaborated with more than two hundred leading univ and companies. It will be the best option to learn UI/UX because eight seven percent of students come here for professional development. A lot of different UI/UX design courses are available categorized as for beginners, intermediates, and for the specification.

ux design course online

In the above two platforms, you will find courses for any type but this one is specially designed for programmers. Currently, more than 35 plus courses are available for the UI/UX designer on raywenderlich. All beginner and intermediate level courses are categorized that students can join across the world. Raywenderlich.com daily page views are more than ninety thousand and article twenty-four thousand.

There are not only video courses but also written books and tutorials are available. However, technical work like this requires high efforts so people prefer video courses.

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Code School is also getting famous across the world and specially designed for students interested to learn development. The majority of the people came here to learn coding or computer language but you can also learn UI/UX design. The interesting thing is this one has more different options to learn UI/UX from all the above discussed.

Currently, a total of ninety-two different options are available for beginners and intermediaries. This is a great opportunity and skill development platform for the students.

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The above two platforms are developed for developers and additionally providing the services to learn UI/UX for upcoming designers in the field. However, the treehouse is a specialized forum for developer and designers both. The platform leaders know the value of upcoming designers and have provided the opportunity to boost their skills.

As a beginner I recommend you to join this platform because this has the specialty in the needed field. The application may not have reviews like the above websites but is trusted by several loyal customers.

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According to Alexa, sitepoint got 6535 rank points a little lower than treehouse but much better than other related websites. The amazing thing about this website is, there are 104 courses, 51 Talks, 264 Books are available for UI/UX designers that is too much. All these options are categorized for beginners, intermediaries, and also for experts.

The option of talk is an amazing step of the website. By joining the seminar students or beginners can learn what is the demand of clients in the current scenario. This application maybe not as famous as Udmey or Coursera but better for UI/UX designers.

ux design course online

The owner of freeCodeCamp claim that our students have got jobs in the world-class brand in technology. The brand started its turnover in the year 2014 and have helped lots of students in learning application and website development and designing. Just like the above platform, this is also online, you can attend the classes from any location.

As a beginner UI/UX designer you must join this platform as the course have clear and defined purposes. More than six thousand courses are available right now on the platform. By joining the platform you can easily make a decision which will be better to start depending on your area of interest.

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Simplilearn is one of the greatest online platforms to learn different categorize of courses. The website claim they are the world's number one boot camp that held one thousand classes every month. The benefit of the website is you can get learned from the world's top universities.

However, there will be not lots of courses on UI/UX like the above platform but enough for beginners. As an expert UI/UX designer, it's not a better option for you but as a beginner yes.

ux design course online

A more than one hundred sixty universities are linked with this platform - edX and a great opportunity for the students to learn from home. Students can access the courses in both modes websites or applications. All the courses are delivered in video format.

The number of available courses on UI/UX is lower than the websites specially designed for developers and designers but the quality is higher. As a beginner, you can also find some free courses here delivering quality services.

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Udacity is also an American and leading brand in teaching students about tech. The platform is specially designed for developers but also can help the designer to learn UI/UX. They guarantee that the delivered services will be high in quality and their students have higher chances to get the job on time.

Best App design tools that beginners should Know | Wondershare Mockitt

There are several different tools available for the designers but not all are effective. But Wondershare Mockitt has been considering the best option as proved by expert and beginner both.

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One thing as a designer that you have noticed that designers have to consider different and multiple features while working on the application. Every click and drag generates a new screen. And Mockitt can organize the interactions in states within the same screen to make things more organized.

The application helps in wireframing and prototyping. The application has won the confidence of many designers for designing fully user-friendly & attractive applications. The following are some of the points that defined how this tool can help more beginners.


The application has removed the usage of coding to add animation to the design. To create easiness for the designers Mockitt provides the opportunity to have look for both Phone and Desktop view.

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The one-click transfer has improved the importance of Mockitt in the market. No need to share any link with the customers or instructors. The direct transfer option allows the designer to deliver a real-time view to instructors or clients and get feedback.

Handoff to Developer

This feature is known as handoff to the developer. The benefit of this option is it allows the team of designers to work on a single page at the same time.

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