Best UX Design Courses Online on Skillshare

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Part 1: Introduction

The Skillshare environment offers you a comfortable space to improve your creativity quickly. It helps you to unlock your passion for design skills. You can find surplus collections of online classes focusing on design, animation, lifestyle, photography, and business. The professional tutors help you to understand the UX concepts well. It is a mind-blowing ambience to discover the unknown design skills within you. Apart from theory explanations, the course consists of the practical application of the concepts. You can try out with the other students in the session globally. You can feed your creativity and learn a lot in this informative space. Skillshare provides you with a comfortable platform to connect with professionals and other students worldwide. In this article, you will obtain a synopsis of the UX courses online in the Skillshare environment. It helps you to boost up your design skills to the next level effortlessly.

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Part 2: Top 10 UX courses on Skillshare

In this section, you will learn about the inspiring UX courses online at Skillshare. You can surf through the below content for a better understanding.

  • User Experience from Scratch by Klimentij Bulygin

In this UX course online, Klim focuses on the practical implementation of UX design rather than theoretical concepts. He feels that only practice helps the students to master any tool in the digital space. The tutor encourages the students to take up online projects to become UX designers quickly. He had created a new course on UX design to strengthen your practical skills. The class starts with project assignments for the students. Then, the tutor helps the students to travel through the five phases of the UX design concept. The students will get a real-time experience after attending this session. This online course is available for 2 hours and 12 mins.

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  • Streamline your Workflow: The efficient UI/UX design process in Figma by Nicole Saidy

Nicole presents this UX course online effectively for 30 minutes. The entire session talks about the optimum utilization of the UX design tool Figma. This course helps the students to speed up the workflow. It is an excellent course for beginners. After attending this online class, the students will confidently create a consistent design and overcome unnecessary repetitions. The students can build a fully interactive project flawlessly with the help of this online course.

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  • UX Process Simplified- From User Research to Usability Testing by Muhammed Ahsan.

In this online course, there are 51 lessons consuming 4hours and 42 minutes of your time. Muhammed Ahsan is a professional tutor to engage you with informative content on the UX design process. This course will assist the students to travel throughout the design process from user research to usability tests. You can get access to study materials in PDF formats and download UX templates for your needs. This course gives you a simplified view of UX design and explains concepts related to a User persona, feature matrix, and competitive analysis, etc. The tutor will help you to use unique design tools to build user flows, site maps, card sorting, personas, and user journey maps, etc.

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  • UI/UX Design Essentials by Antony Conboy

This UX design course online consists of 12 lessons, and it runs for 1 hour and 15 minutes. This course builds confidence in your design skills. He talks about the basic principles in the design field and gives you innovative ideas to rebuild your webpage. After this course, the students understand the essentials of UI/UX design. This online session helps the students to generate ideas and make wise design decisions to build a unique UI/UX design.

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  • User Experience Strategy Masterclass – Become UX Strategist by Andy Woynarowski

There are 33 lessons, and it plays for 2 hours and 44 minutes. This online course helps the students to get a complete view of the UX design. It guides the viewers to consider the entire business goals while designing a webpage for your clients. This session explains the UX strategy in a stepwise process. The tutor discusses the high-level design process and helps the students to become the ultimate UX designer after completing this course.

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  • Build Powerful UX portfolio by Joe Natoli

In this course, the tutor helps the viewers to build an exclusive portfolio for design needs. The recruiters, employers, and clients look for unique ideas while hiring UX designers for their requirements. Soon after this course, you will get a clear picture to develop an innovative portfolio displaying your design skills effectively. In this UX design course online, you can find 13 lessons consuming 1 hour 49 minutes. The tutor speaks about the requirements of UX design from the recruiter's and client's perspectives. Using this course, you will understand the role of a UX designer to achieve the business goal effectively.

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  • Learn Adobe XD Web design: Design Professional websites from scratch – UI UX Design by Rino De Boer

You can build the best websites with the help of Adobe XD tool. This online course describes all the controls embedded on this design platform. The tutor discusses the advantage of using this tool when compared to Photoshop and Illustrator tools. This Adobe XD is builds with UX designers keeping in mind. This course helps you to master the Adobe XD tool quickly. The tutor employs Adobe XD to create a new project for the client's needs. The tutor gives a clear illustration of building a responsive webpage for the client's needs. You can find 36 lessons and it plays for 3 hours and 29 minutes in this enlightening online course.

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  • Figma UI/UX – Design a budget app UI/UX – Using Figma – A Complete project by Yazdani Chowdhury

There are 18 lessons in this course and completes in 4 hours and 23 minutes. You will be able to learn one complete project using the Figma design tool. The tutor teaches you how to build a budget app managing the costs and time to build. You will get to know about the unique plugins and the built-in elements of Figma. After completing this course, you will discover the best features of Figma. You will be able to work comfortably in this design space effectively. The tutor explains the optimum utilization of Figma by discussing its features like export, inserting images, including animations, Figma pen tool, etc. It is an exclusive course on Figma and even a beginner will be able to follow this online course without any difficulties.

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  • Adobe XD Masterclass – UI/UX Design from scratch by Web Donut

Here is another UX online course on Adobe XD tool. In this course, there are 78 lessons, and it runs for 20 hours and 14 minutes. The tutor named Alex host this course and gives you a basic introduction to Adobe XD design tool. You will be able to develop a great design soon after the course completion. The tutor teaches about how to develop an effective architect using this incredible design tool. You will learn to draw a wireframe on paper and create it on Adobe XD effortlessly. Next, the tutor explains inserting images, modifying colors, adding animations in complex design projects. Finally, the tutor discusses import strategy like export, share at this Adobe XD design platform. You can create an excellent portfolio and discover unique website architecture satisfying the expectations of the client's needs.

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  • The Beginner's Guide – User Experience Strategy Foundation by Deby Joevita

It is a short online course that consists of 6 lessons, and it plays only for 24 minutes. The tutor discusses the basic five principles of user experience. She explains what is meant by user experience design and elaborates on business products and their design needs. In this video, the tutor teaches how to make the right and smart design decisions to create an effective design for the client's requirement. She also discusses the market requirements in the design field. For consistent survival, your design should satisfy the market's needs without any issues. This guide helps the students to understand the basic concepts of UX design and its related market strategy to obtain better outcomes.

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The above-discussed UX courses online are accessible after an official signup process at the Skillshare webpage. Few videos require a premium subscription to view all the lessons.

Part 3: Conclusion

Thus, you are in the last lines of this article discussing the UX courses online at the Skillshare webpage. All the above-discussed course videos are worth watching. You can find informative videos for both newbies and professionals. You can choose the perfect one which suits your needs and enroll in it without any hesitation. It is the right platform to sharpen your UX design skills and explore the design strategy to the next level. Stay tuned to this article to enlighten you with exciting facts on UX design. Connect with the right course at Skillshare to become a UX designer freelancer.