5 Good UX Design Examples You Should Not Miss

Stephen Mwangi updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

If you are into designing, you must know how to design the best UX design. It is good to come up with a website or app that offers value to the intended users. When you visit the net, you come across a wide range of UX design examples that make it easy for you to do meet your needs online. At its core, a good UX design focuses on people's needs. The end-user is at the center during the designing process. This article offers you some of the best UX design examples you need to know.

5 Good UX Design Examples

There are some apps, websites and software design that offer the best experience to the users. This means the design do not make the users have a good experience as they do the navigation but solve their issues fast and in an easier way. Here are the five good UX design examples.

1. Gmail

Gmail is one of the good UX examples that offer users the best experience. It alerts you that you are supposed to offer permission as you email a Google Drive file. Gmail allows you to email Google drive files as links or attachments. This makes it possible that you might end up sending a file to people who are not permitted to view. This is obviously something that is not good for your business. To avoid such issues from arising, Gmail only pops up an alert, to allow you to make the rectification of the problem instantly at the alert window. One of the great things is that the user interface and microcopy are clear. Gmail UX design is created based on principles that people make mistakes, the efficiency of the user, error prevention and the fact that people do not like working more than they should.

2. Stan app

Stan app is also at the top of the great user experience design examples. It always alerts users when their connection changes from Wi-Fi to cellular. One of the things you might have noted is that streaming videos have tendencies to use a lot of data despite the high-level entertainment you get from the videos. It can be disappointing if you are watching one of your most favorite movies on your cellphone data plan instead of your broadband connection. Stan is a great app since it allows you to know any time your Wi-Fi goes to your 4G or 3G. This ensures that you do not incur a lot of cost in terms of your mobile data charges. The best thing about this is that in case you do not worry about the wireless charges and you do not need interruptions by these alerts; it is possible to turn the feature off. It is designed following the principles of system status visibility, complete and helping users determine, diagnose and recover from errors.

3. FreeFileSync

FreeFileSync is also another top UX design sample that offers great experience to users. As you do the installation of the app, you are not bombarded by ads as it happens with most of the other apps you find on the web. Instead of the ads, you get pictures of animals. Note that some of the ads that come as you install apps might require you to take actions, thus distracting your user experience. It is just a minor distinction from others but makes huge difference to the users. The fewer distractions from the third parties make your digital life much easier. It is designed with the knowledge that users do not have a lot of time when using the app, so distractions with pop up ads are not necessary. This UX design focuses more on elegance and aesthetics, which makes it appealing and valuable to users.

4. Siri

Among the good UX design examples, Siri is unique in that it makes users feel like they are interacting with a human. It ensures you clarify what you mean by tomorrow before you schedule. When using it, you might think that you are dealing with someone with the brain. For instance, if you request Siri to schedule something for tomorrow when it is already past midnight, but before morning, the app asks you to clarify what you really mean, i.e. it is the calendar day or is after you wake up. It is designed in a way that it helps users to avoid making errors that might cause a lot of inconveniences. Siri is designed with error prevention, standards and consistency in mind.

5. SmoothScroll

SmoothScroll sends users an email before the subscription is renewed and also offers a chance to cancel. One of the issues that most people face when using different websites that require renewals of subscription is being charged after the renewal of certain subscription is over without knowing. SmoothScroll stands out to be one of the best user experience design examples because you get an email well in advance regarding your renewal to know that it is almost coming up. The other great thing is that the email message sent to you has a link that you can use to cancel the subscription. Users are instructed on the steps to follow to cancel the subscription. This is the kind of user experience that anyone will love to have when visiting any website. Some of the top principles applied in its designing include anticipation, visibility of system status, complete, error prevention and based on the knowledge that human memory is complex.

The Best Tool for Good UX Design

As you create a UX design, there are many tools you find online. Not all of them can help you good with a good UX design. Wondershare Mockitt is the best among all with its ample features and their ease of use. This is a perfect online tool that allows you to design mobile prototypes and wireframes. The workspace is clean and well organised, so it does not take you long to understand how to work on it as you do the designing. What even makes it a choice for both experts and starters is you do not have to write codes as you do the designing. It allows you to design a clickable prototype for mobile app and even work with other people during the designing process. You do not have to send screenshots or apply other tools to add members or share your work with them. Unlike most other tools where designers are limited to the number of screens to create, this tool has no limits. In addition to this, you can choose screen transitions, gestures, color themes and test your app on the device.

This tool has a myriad of built-in templates that help in the creation of the prototypes and wireframes. There are predefined widgets, object templates and combos that can be integrated into your project by simply dragging and dropping. The tool also generates URL that makes it possible for you to view your prototype in a web browser. For testing your app design, the tool generates a QRcode that you can scan by using your device camera. This makes it possible for you to share your UX design sample with others and get comments. It also allows you to add your favorite interactive animations with the state transition of the same screen. Besides, you also get an icon library with plenty of icons you can apply as you do your future UX designing projects.