Catch up with the UX world with these UX Magazines in 2024!

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-12-19 17:46:15
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If you are a daily phone user, you must have used a plethora of apps. If someone asks you, which is your favorite shopping app? Your answer would probably be Amazon. If asked about a streaming app, it would be Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Now, there can be other answers, too, but the frequency of Amazon and Netflix would be the highest. So, why only these are on the top?

The simple answer to this is user experience. As long as an app delivers a smooth user experience and usability, the app will be preferred by almost every user. Think of Yahoo; it was a great search engine but couldn't survive the tech war. The reason was poor UX.

UX is one of the crucial factors that need to be closely analyzed if you are a designer. Statistics suggest that UX designer jobs will grow at the rate of 22% over the next ten years. Therefore, you need to be updated with all the concepts of user experience.

UX magazines are one of the prime ways to catch up with all the latest trends and news. If you are also a UX enthusiast and have a spark to learn about UX on a daily basis, do check out these best UX magazines.

1. Smashing Magazine

ux design magazine

Source: Smashing Magazine

Behold the first magazine on the list! Like its unique name, it is designed for some unique and creative developers and designers worldwide. The makers of the magazine made sure that it also delivers superior UX apart from just posting articles about it.

The online magazine ensures that you can easily find what you are looking for. That is why they have added a search bar on the top right. Moreover, the online magazine also has some other tabs like guides and books where you can explore additional material related to CSS, UX, Javascript, Figma, and many more.

To keep yourself in the loop, you can subscribe to their email newsletter!

2. UX Matters

smashing magazine ux

Source: UX Matters

Although all the magazines on the list are the best, this one is a bit unique. How? Apart from the professional UI, the magazine has content that practitioners post. So, whether you are a professional or a newbie, you can read this magazine and enhance your knowledge about UX.

The magazine offers you the choice to search for your favorite topic using the search bar. Apart from that, there are tabs like topics, authors, and top articles that make filtering and learning much easier.

The frequency of posting blogs is low on this magazine, but when they are posted, they come in multiple numbers with authentic information.

3. UX Magazine

ui ux magazine

Source: UX Magazine

You will surely be amazed by the magazine when you will visit their website. It has a community of over 515k followers. Yes, you heard that right. The clear reason behind such huge popularity is the diversity of content it offers to the readers.

Although it focuses primarily on UX, it also has articles and blogs about data visualization, accessibility, artificial intelligence, conversational design, and more. Thus, making it a one in all spot for users.

Above all of this, the website features UX jobs and an event section where you can find job opportunities. Moreover, you can also obtain a location-based listing of conferences, meetups, and workshops.

4. UXPA Magazine

user experience magazine

Source: UXPA

The UXPA is more of a professional magazine that publishes only five issues in a year. Some of you may think that it is too low for gathering knowledge. But, actually, the articles published by the UI UX magazine are based on a broad theme.

This makes all of its issues critical, and you will be surprised to know that you can contribute to it. If you are a pro UX designer and know how to present your understanding via words, you can contribute to their magazine.

Their next issue is projected for May/July, and the topic of their release is Artificial Intelligence and UX.

5. Boxes and Arrows

best ux magazines

Source: Boxes and Arrows

If you are an entry-level UX designer, then Boxes and Arrows is an ideal blog for you. It has a light and clean interface that has a plethora of content articles on multiple topics like design principles, graphic design, research, and testing.

You can easily check out their archives and popular articles on the side tab. Moreover, the category drop-down makes it even smoother to filter out the content you want to read.

Lastly, the articles are not published in the magazine on a daily basis, but they surely promise knowledgeable content.

6. Web Designer News

ux magazines

Source: Web Designer News

Among all the above-mentioned websites, the Web Designer News is a bit out of the box. The magazine offers a comprehensive list of some of the best and recent articles on various topics; UI UX is the primary one though.

The user interface is a bit cool that displays user ratings earned by the articles. Some of the key categories of the magazine are business, design, infographics, UX, Usability, and many more!

The articles are arranged in a listicle format that can be filtered based on popularity, most voted, most clicked, and user's favorites. To keep you posted with all the recent content, the magazine offers you a free subscription. You can also contribute to the magazine by submitting your stories.

7. A-List Apart

ux design magazine

Source: A List Apart

Here is one more for you. The unique thing about this magazine is the time for which you have to wait for the article. They publish articles after a comprehensive and tough reviewing process which is the reason the articles are top notch and come after a long time. However, they have published their recent two articles in the last ten days.

Their magazine is filled with articles related to UX, design, code, content, process, and basically everything related to designing and developing. So, if you want to read from this magazine, be ready to get your socks knocked off.

You can also participate in the events organized by them. Plus, if you love to write, you can also send in your entries to them!

8. UX Booth

smashing magazine ux

Source: UX Booth

Distinguished by its colorful and engaging interface, UX Booth is the ingenious online destination for designers. The online portal offers you some of the best user experience content pieces, which you can filter based on categories like Analytics, content strategy, visual design, accessibility, business strategy, and many more.

They do not publish content regularly, but their content is worth reading. Their article content quality is the reason it is trusted by over 100,000 user experience professionals. If you have that spark to be the best at UX, then this magazine is the best bet for you.

You can also contribute to the magazine by writing for it!

9. Usability Geek

ui ux magazine

Source: Usability Geek

Usability is what decides the user experience of the app. And the name of this magazine is inspired by that. Unlike other magazines on the list, this one has a bit off-the-chart UI, which clearly depicts that the website is made by UX geeks.

There are a plethora of articles on UX and various other topics that make it worth it. Moreover, if you are interested in learning more about UX, you can take up courses related to it apart from just reading.

Some of the popular topics of the magazine are usability testing, usability guidelines, user experience, etc. You can make your search a bit quick by using the search bar on the top.

10. UX Movement

user experience magazine

Source: UX Movement

The last in the list is also a bit special. How? Well, UX Movement is an online user experience magazine that focuses on UX topics on a deeper level. Most of the articles published in the magazine are based on UX elements and aspects like forms, navigation, buttons, content, and many more!

You can also learn about UX and designing tools like Figma. The best thing about the magazine is that it comes up with new articles after short intervals of time so that you can read something fresh every other week or even day.


Being a designer or developer, it is necessary for you to be updated with the latest trends and news of the UX world. As technological advancement is at its peak, it is best to keep yourself subscribed to a UI and UX design magazine. As we have highlighted some of the best ones above, it will be a walk in the park for you to shortlist one.

These will not only keep you updated with all the latest happenings but will also help you grow with time. Some of them also offer courses. If you want to learn more, you can opt for them. If you are a writer, you can also get your work published in these magazines and create a portfolio.