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Albert Shepherd updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53
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When was the last time you found the time to sit down, get a cup of coffee, and read a book on UX designing? Yes, if you were not aware of it before, there are a plethora of books on UX designing out there. But, all we need to do is find the time to read them and understand the story.

For those who are not able to read and enjoy them, UX podcasts present a better substitute. They are the quicker version of a book. You can do other things while listening to a podcast, and every episode is like an individual lesson.

More importantly, you don't need a cordial time and place to listen to a podcast, and your noise-canceling headphones will ensure that there are no outside disturbances. So, everything about listening to a podcast is time and space-friendly. The best part is the diversity presented by these podcasts as you get the chance to listen to the latest industry news and insights shared by the experts.

However, a huge amount of podcasts present on the web will make your choice tougher. But, rest assured that we are here with a list of the top 10 UX podcasts.

Top UX Podcasts for Designers of All Levels

1. UX Podcast

ux design podcast for beginners

By far, one of the most comprehensive and best UX podcasts, this audio channel is run by James Royal-Lawson and Per Axborn. The purpose of creating the channel was to increase communication and create better mediums of communication.

This podcast goes beyond the standard content sharing and delivers more interest-building content that will interest anyone who wants to gain better insights about the digital world.

The podcast topics revolve around four types of shows; Link, Guest, Topic, and Event. With Link Show, you will learn about the next-gen technologies of UX designing. The Guest Show hosts a guest interview, the Topic Show takes you on an information journey revolving around a single topic. It is not necessary that the topic has to be from UX designing. The Event show podcast talks and provides updates about the UX-based events, shows, conferences, and summits.

2. User Defenders Podcast

user experience podcast

Jason Ogle hosts the User Defenders Podcast that mostly covers the complicated yet important topics in UX designing. The author also invites several industry experts to the show to know and share their views on a range of topics.

To give you an idea, the topics include Empathy, accessibility in design, tackling the imposter syndrome, and so on. The purpose of this user experience podcast is to help the UX designers improve personal growth by learning from the best of the industry.

Not only will you learn about complex topics, but this podcast is also focused on helping you think like a great human before you start thinking like a designer.

3. Hacking UI Podcast

best ux podcast

Sagi Schrieber and David Tintner host another innovative concept for a UX podcast, this audio channel. Sagi Schrieber also runs an online news and magazine website, wherein he shares a wide range of interesting stories from the world of UX designing.

The author-duo conducts interviews of the top experts from the UX designing industry and takes the listeners into an informative journey. You will see people like Ran Segall of Prospero, Yasmine Evjen from Google, Quincy Larson of FreeCodeCamp, among others.

These industry stalwarts come to the show and talk about storytelling, community building, connecting with curiosity, and breaking down design systems.

As you can see, the topics are not particularly related to the UX industry. They are varied, informative, and interesting things that every UX designer must know about.

4. Google Design

ux design podcast

There are two parts of this UX design podcast, Method and Design Notes. The Method podcast is all about the careers and journeys of the Google Designers, and the Design Notes shares stories about the lives of designers from across the globe.

Out of the two, Design Notes is a good UX design podcast for beginners as it helps the beginner designers understand how the experts have learned things in the industry. It talks about their experiences, growth stories, and how they started working in this domain.

The Method podcast is an amazing resource for those who want to build or start their career in UX designing with Google. It is all about the growth of the designer community at Google and how a new designer can learn and grow to be a part of this community.

5. UI Breakfast

user experience podcast

The UI Breakfast is an extension of UX podcasts as it talks about a great mix of concepts from the UI and UX industry. Here you will find conversations and talks about UI/UX designing, product, marketing, and so on.

The podcast shares some thought-provoking stories, concepts, and insights with the listeners. Along with the podcast, you will also find a blog section that shares guides, toolkits, and similar types of content with the viewers and listeners.

UI Breakfast is hosted by Jane Portman, sharing 45 minutes podcasts wherein the author also gets in a conversation with the industry experts. On this podcast, you can also promote your brand, product, or service to gain access to a better and more qualified audience.

6. Design Matters

design podcast

Design Matters is the world's first and most probably the longest-running podcast sharing everything and anything about Designing. As a premium UX podcast, you will find a colossal amount of content on the platform, including UX and UI.

Since it is a Design based platform, this podcast will also have information and conversations with authors, writers, curators, and musicians apart from designers.

Since there is a huge amount of content available on the platform, you won't find it difficult to find what you want to hear or listen to. Since it is a long-standing platform, you will surely find yourself listening to the experts from every industry and some fantastic stories.

7. Wireframe

design matters podcast

This UX podcast is all about sharing stories, insights, and actionable tips on UX designing. Right from experience-based designing to graphic designing, it includes everything an amateur or professional designer should and desires to know about the process.

Khoi Vinh, the principal designer at Adobe, hosts this . Here you will find tips and tricks to leverage the design experience into creating better and technologically fit products that are ready for a global appeal.

Apart from the niche UX designing concepts, Wireframe also has talks and conversations about associated concepts of designing. It explores thought-provoking questions that can help a designer open up to a new way of thinking and understanding UX.

8. Design MBA

ux design podcast for beginners

Quite a unique name, don't you think? As different as the name, the concepts talked about in this design podcast is also equally different. Design MBA is hosted by Jayneil Dalal, and very beautifully, the author talks about the combination of design and the business world.

Herein, you will find talks surrounding different business concepts that are fused with designing. The podcast is casually called a no-cost MBA course sharing insights and information about product designing.

The basic motive of the podcast is to help the designers build their ventures in the domain of designing. To further the cause, the host also interviews, Design hustlers from all over the globe to understand their version of growing a business.

The topics include but are not limited to finance, dealing with colleagues, starting a podcast, building your course, selling your product, and so on.

9. Shop Talk

design matters

Shop Talk runs on Apple Podcast, and its hosts, Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert have given it a humorous characterization while keeping everything simple and easy to understand. The hosts invite a guest to their show, or they answer the user-submitted questions.

The talks and questions relate to UX designing and its associated fields. But primarily, Shop Talk is a UX podcast that will keep you updated about the industry's latest news and insights.

Apart from UX designing, another main topic covered by the hosts is front-end development. So, you can only imagine that this one is an integrated podcast that combines different fields and brings out the best insights for the listeners.

10. 99% Visible

ux podcast

A UX podcast should only be hosted by a designer, said no one ever. 99% Visible is an amazing podcast run by a former population geneticist. The best thing about this podcast is that the host shares some unique and interesting things about the world he has seen and lived in all these years.

It is evident that coming from a different background, Roman Mars (no, he is not an inhabitant of Mars) has some exciting things to share. Taking your away from the bookish approach, Roman teaches the listeners to start thinking about the things that go unnoticed and to look at the designs that have made this world as we see it.

These are the aspects that a designer must know, understand, and look into to become successful at what they do.


Even though you may not feel like it, start listening to one of these UX podcasts today. Rest assured that all of these will share some amazing facts, insights, and stories about designing with you. These podcasts present information in an interactive to keep the listeners hooked to the audio.

More importantly, you will hear insider stories from the experienced designers themselves. Podcasts are a great way to learn while listening, not to mention it also allows you to multitask.