Top 10 UX Design Portfolio Examples

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53
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A UX design portfolio is one of the most important things for a UX designer. Whenever clients approach you or you approach the clients, there should be something that proves your skills. And this is what a UX design portfolio does.

A UX design portfolio displays your creativity to your potential client. It can decide whether or not he'll hire you. In this blog, we'll be talking about the 10 best UX design portfolio examples. We'll also learn what makes them special and what points they focus on.

Top 10 UX design portfolio examples & What makes them special

Let's look at some great UX design portfolio examples below: 

1. Sophie Brittain

Sophie Brittain is a branding and digital designer. Her UX portfolio looks inviting and is clutter-free. You can see brightly colored building blocks that attract attention. There's a brief intro on the top, and as you move down, you can see the projects she's worked on.

Also, when you scroll down, you'll see the menu stays fixed. It helps the visitor walk through the portfolio with ease. If you go to the about page, it's pretty brief, crisp, and informative. In a nutshell, everything displays what the person does perfectly.


Clarity & Explicit nature: If you're unfamiliar with designing, you'll still know what Sophie does. It's because everything is so clear and explicit. One should always introduce themselves. And this is what Sophie has done. You can find large typography, enough white space in the introduction. This helps in keeping her UX design portfolio simple yet creative.

2. Lital Karni

Lital Karni is another UX designer with an impressive portfolio. There's a beautiful blend of vibrant colors that attract the user. The layout of this UX design portfolio is subtle and has well-organized projects for you to refer to.

Each portfolio item has a custom background which shows the effort of the designer. Other features include a black-colored logo on the left. It always stays there above the background and looks classy. Also, the menu stays fixed, which allows easy browsing through.


Call To Action: Every portfolio's motive is to impress the client and get in touch. There should be a brief intro with projects and a nice little contact button. And this is what's visible on Lital's website. When you scroll, you'll see a fixed "Let's Talk" button. When you click on this button, it'll take you to the "Contact Me" page.

This helps the client get in touch with ease. And if you visit the "About" page, it has a phone number and an email. Little has endorsed her projects and has created a clear Call to Action. And you should do the same.

3. Saloni Joshi

Saloni Joshi's portfolio is rather straightforward. The top portion has her intro, and as you move forward, you'll find her projects. Each project has a case study that displays her skills pretty well. Now, it's easy for a client to gauge the skills of a designer through a case study.

There are small social media icons, including Linked in, Instagram, Gmail, and Medium. This makes it far easier for the client to reach out to the designer.


Present Employment Status: If your client is not clear about your present employment status, he may not come to you. You should indicate your present position or designation. And this is what Saloni has done.

When you visit the portfolio, you can see a brief intro. It tells us all about the current designation and her work experience. It becomes quite easy for the client.

4. Priyanka Goyal

Priyanka's portfolio is yet another piece of attraction. It has a bright orange-colored background and a white border. This vivid border makes the placement of Social media icons more dominant. There are a simple logo and a hamburger menu that eases the browsing experience. Also, there's a "Powder Puff" girl on top, making it a little playful.

There's an overall asymmetrical design all over the website. If you scroll, you can find beautifully placed projects with attractive backgrounds. You can read the description and learn about the experience.


Reflect your personality: The designer shows her personality in this portfolio. The cartoon image and the fun "Make yourself at home, there's some lemonade in the fridge" depicts her personality. It makes the client feel at home.

5. Evie Cheng

Evie Cheng has also followed the famous white space pattern all over her website. And this is what makes her brief intro stand out. On scrolling, you'll find the projects she's worked on. The projects are aligned symmetrically and are very colorful.

Most projects have a case study which makes it easy to gauge her skills. As you move towards the bottom, you can find her email, resume, and other social media links.


Include explanatory images in your case studies: You'll always want your portfolio to be self-explanatory. And this is possible if you add images to support your case study. And this is what this designer has done. Bright images are depicting the project and its results. The designer has also attached a link that showcases her writing skills. All in all, you need to make it self-explanatory.

6. Brittney Johnson

This designer is an expert in design and illustration. And is evident from the portfolio, which is divided into two parts. You can gauge her skills right when you view the home page. There are menus both on the top and bottom bar of the portfolio. You can click on the "Work" button to visit her projects and check out the bottom bar's resume.


Clear DistinctionIf you have more than one skill to showcase, make sure it stands out. Otherwise, you'll come out as a newbie in both. Brittney has managed it well. You can find the designs on the left and illustrations on the right.

7. Omar Alamanni

Omar has left ample whitespace on the top of his portfolio. There are his name and a brief intro after the whitespace. The case studies are organized and presented decently. All of his projects display his skills quite well.

Once you scroll down, there's detailed info about Omar. Also, there's a resume attached for clients to refer to. The bottom part is detailed and shows how serious he is towards his career.


Clear Microcopy: Although images say it all, the text still plays an important role. And Omar takes good care of this in his portfolio. There's a brief description of what he enjoys or does in crisp words. And your portfolio should be something similar. You can add some sentences about what you do, and it'll help you explain better.

8. Pondsuda June Saelim

When you visit the portfolio, there's a cool animation with the designer's name. This is pretty unique and creative. There's a cool menu with the letters H, R C, and W on the corners. When you hover on these letters, you can see the menu. It separates this portfolio from others on the list.

When you hover on the letter R, you can play an interactive game. It allows you to move the letters in different directions. These features make the portfolio stand out and quite interesting too.


Consider adding your CV: Adding a CV can help your employers know you better. Rather than placing all the info on the website, you can attach a link or a downloadable file for clients to view. This is something, Pondsuda has done. She has linked her CV in the navigation menu. So, you can follow a similar pattern for better clarity.

9. Michaella Twersky

This product designer has a beautiful portfolio and has conveyed her message well. The design, like most portfolios, is large and spacious. You can find different fonts merged and a reworded saying. This is going to definitely make you reread it.

This helps clients understand the personality of the designer. When you see the project images, they're black and white. However, when you hover on the project, the colors jump in. It helps in maintaining attention at one point.


Intriguing: The reworded phrase amuses the reader. It compels the reader to take a second look. This engages the visitor and helps in holding them to your website.

10. Christina Vanessa

This graphics designer takes creativity to the next level. When you visit the portfolio, there's a full-screen looped video displaying her creative personality. The video shows her name and disciplines that make it easy to understand what she does.

When you visit the "Explore" page, the experience is even more amazing. The page has layered blocks where she attractively showcases her projects. There's a cohesive and neutral color scheme. The portfolio, in a nutshell, has smooth animations and a light theme.


Video Says it all: None of the above examples except this one had a video. And a video of what you do or how you do it can say it all. This is what Christina has done. The full-screen looper video communicates everything to the prospect perfectly.


A UX portfolio can decide whether or not your client will hire you. It is like your digital resume. So, make sure it's simple, interactive, creative, subtle, and engaging. If you have just started, then you could make some sample wireframes to building credibility. Use a UI/UX platform and start creating content for your portfolio.

If you have no experience, then you could use a simple UX tool like Mockitt. It is very easy to understand and can help you make professional wireframes. The above UX design portfolio examples are unique in their own way. You can take inspiration and create a unique one for yourself.