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Since its launch in 2012, Medium has attracted an enormous readership and story writers sharing their perspectives, opinions, and work with a global audience. Even Hillary Clinton is one of the regular contributors on Medium. You will find a vast amount of topics spanning across every industry and vertical on the content-sharing platform.

One of those verticals is UX designing. Being a UX designer, it is highly likely that you are keen on learning new things and concepts on a daily basis. The medium can help you gain extensive knowledge via the content shared by UX writers contributing regularly.

Before we dive into know the best 10 UX writers on Medium, let's know a bit about the UX writers Collective. UX collective is a dedicated publication sharing content and insights for user experience, visual, and product design. Almost all the topmost UX writers on Medium are a part of the UX Collective.

Top 10 UX writers on Medium

1.Julie Zhuo

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Julie Zhuo is the former VP of Product Design at Facebook, and she has made an outstanding reputation in the industry for her short-form pieces sharing the ins and outs of UX designing. The designer-author has more than 210,000 followers on Medium.

Via her Medium account, Julie shares short stories, most of which answer the questions submitted by the community. All here content pieces are easy to read; they have a short length.

Apart from answering the questions, she also shares informative pieces about the product cycle, her experience and learning from working in the Facebook product team, and how she navigates through her daily life as a designer.

There are a number of reasons why you should follow the former VP of Facebook Product Design. For one, she brings her expertise to the platform and shares authentic stories stemming from her years of experience.

2.Nick Babich

design writer

Nick Babich is primarily a software developer, but his passion for UX designing got him working with the creative field and led him to take the position of Editor-in-Chief at UX Planet. This UX writer's Medium blog has a varied type of content-sharing almost everything about interface design and the best practices in UX designing.

There are simple topics like "mapping the user journey" to covering some complex subjects like "Interesting concepts about AR experiences." Nick's Medium account has articles that the author has written as an individual, and other stories are shared via the company account, UX Planet.

Nick became a UX Medium writer in 2017, and in a few years, he has gathered a fan following of 67,000 followers. There are stories about the best tools for designing, individual product reviews, and tips and tricks to improve a UX designer's skills and methods.

3.Jared M. Spool

ux writer medium

Jared is an individual contributor as well as writes for the UX Collective. As a regular UX writer, you will find a ton of valuable and actionable information in his pieces. Jared has developed an audience of more than 52000 followers on Medium. You will find that Jared's content majorly talks about the design, strategies, and principles of user experience.

This UX Medium writer has also created the UIE firm, which is a leader in conducting user experience research, consultations and provides training to fellow designers. Because of his practical work experience and expertise in the field, the follower community of Jared awaits his pieces.

Apart from the technical prowess, Jared also includes highly relevant and thought-provoking anecdotes in his pieces that simplify everything a user needs to understand about the topic.

4.Fabricio Teixeira

 design author

This is the guy who has created the most famous UX designing content-sharing platform on Medium, UX Collective. Apart from establishing the popular channel, Fabricio also works as a Designer at Work & Co. So, you will be hearing from a guy who has founded a popular channel and is working with a company that has created designs for the likes of Apple, IKEA, Google, Epic Games, Gatorade, etc.

As a prominent UX content writer, Fabricio's articles explore a diverse field of UX designing, starting with sharing the best resources pertinent for a UX designer. He also takes time to write some tips and tricks that can become the building blocks of less experienced writers.

The best part is that he frequently posts via his official channel that is connected to UX Collective. You will also find articles about the new technologies and tools that have made an impact in the market. Most importantly, this UX writer also takes time to post weekly roundups of the UX industry via his stories.

5.Erika Hall

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Erika Hall is not only a proficient designer, but her writing will also leave the best writers inspired by her way of sharing information about UX strategy, planning, and processes. As the founder of Mule Design Studio, we can only expect to get the best content from here, and she delivers that kind of engaging content beautifully.

As a prominent UX writer, Erika has a followers base of 18.9K on Medium. Besides operating her design studio, Erika has also penned down Just Enough Research.

Erika's content will help all levels of designers and creatives understand the nuances of planning the designs, understand the users, and use different elements to create the perfect design. Her blogs will always leave with more knowledge and bring satisfaction with the extent of information.

6.John Saito

design medium

John has more than 25,000 followers on Medium, and it is always a joy to read his stories and experiences on the platform. John was a UX writer at DropBox, and he writes about the terminologies and jargon that must be used in UX writing.

Authors like John have proven that UX designing is not only about the graphics, images, and illustrations. But UX writing is as much a part of finding success with UX designing. With this UX medium account, he answers some of the most asked questions like "Should UX writers code" or "how do you design a design doc."

These might be some trivial questions for which you will find a ton of information elsewhere, but when it comes from John's pen, things seem different, more interesting, and everything that you read will most probably stick with you.

7.Tomer Sharon

ux writers collective

Tomer Sharon is working as the head of User Research and Metrics at Goldman Sachs. From this job description, we can figure out that he is mostly writing about the importance of using metrics and measurements in user research.

While building a substantial presence as a UX Writer Medium, Tomer has bagged almost 10,000 followers. Having written two books named, Validating Product Ideas and It's Our Research, the author has shared his concepts, ideas, and opinions about his favorite topics, user research metrics.

If you are thinking that his pieces are only about measuring the technical aspects of user research, then you need to take a look at his existing articles on Medium. Tomer has written blogs like "A Plan for Measuring happiness" or "How do you measure the success of a rock concert."

Quite unique, right? Well, Tomer uses the ideas behind research and correlates it with user experience designing in some of his pieces.

8.Irene Au

author website design

What type of content can you expect from a person who has been the head of design at Google, Yahoo, and Udacity? Some tips and tricks as to how she landed these prominent roles and how things work out at a massive scale, isn't it?

Well, Irene has read your mind here. She shares openly about her experiences of working at some of the biggest companies in the world. As a former head of these companies, Irene has many stories to share, which is why she became a UX writer on Medium to share her amazing experiences.

At present, Irene Au is a design partner at Khosla Ventures, where she is heading another amazing team of designers. Her content is meant for all levels of designers, from beginners to higher-level designers and managers heading design teams.

9.Pablo Stanley

ux content writer

Pablo Stanley is a designer by profession working at InVision, and he is also a co-founder of Carbon Health. Pablo's designing expertise has helped him grab a substantial amount of followership at Medium, making him a fantastic UX writer with more than 35,000 followers.

Since he is working with a company that has made software for UX designing, Pablo accumulated some exciting concepts, knowledge, and insights through these years and shares them on the Medium UX design blog.

This Medium UX design writer shares his personal development as a designer and talks about some additional design-related concepts that are not too technical or too simple. Albeit, his articles have a quirky nature, and they share the ideas behind designing rather uniquely.

10.Christina Wodtke

designer writing

Christina has more than 16.5K followers on her Medium UX design page, where she shares stories and concepts about product management with a designing perspective. She has been sharing her ideas for three long years and in this time has garnered fantastic popularity as a designer.

You will find a varied type of content shared by Christina on her account. This includes the complex concept of UX design like Behavior Change, OKR approach, game design to some simpler and history-related topics like the History and Ethics of Design.


Being a UX writer on Medium is not something that everyone can pull off. Although there are many UX content writers that you must follow, we could only share the top 10 UX Medium writers in this list.

Since Medium is an ever-growing content-sharing platform, it attracts all kinds of readers. As a designer looking to grow their knowledge and understand more about the industry, you must follow and go through the articles shared by these topmost contributors.

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