Most Amazing UX YouTube Channels Every Designer Must Follow and Subscribe

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:32
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The world of designing has evolved from following the tenets of design focus to use focus. Today, the products and designs that are not made for the people do not get used, period. So, it is imperative to create a better user experience on all accounts. Learning to become a better UX designer can take many forms and shapes with YouTube leading the way to help new designers learn and explore.

With YouTube becoming the go-to station for learning, entertainment, everything else, it is imminent to find the top channels for learning UX Design YouTube especially when there are thousands of channels dedicated to this motive. So, here the top 10 YouTube UX design channels for you.

Top 10 UX Design YouTube Channels for Every Designer

1. The Futur

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With more than 1.5 million subscribers and more than 53 million total views on its videos, Futur is on a mission to teach more than 1 billion people about how to make a living with what they love to do. This UX YouTube channel is packed with all sorts of advisory tutorials, reviews, and guidance for up-and-coming UX designers.

There are a lot of videos that will let your creative juices flow through the roof after watching their content. The main reason for the channel's popularity is that it provides real and practical knowledge provided by the channel via its videos.

They provide information for UX designers to increase their business, build stronger relationships, get more clients, land their first job, and build soft skills for getting new jobs. It is a whole classroom setting that The Futur creates for the UX designers and lets them become better designers, thinkers, and businessmen.

2. Flux

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When it comes to a one-man team helping a global audience learn the ins and outs of UX designing, Ran Segall's Flux is your UX YouTube channel to look at. Ran Segall is a designer and an entrepreneur who makes and shares his videos on his YouTube channel, Flux.

His videos have got more than 12 million views collectively. One unique thing about his vlogs that we have observed is that they are pretty addictive. When you start to watch his videos, you cannot leave them before finishing. He shares his take on digital designing techniques and mantras.

Along with this, you will find videos about his career, freelancing, building sustainable client relationships, reviewing the products related to UX designing, and much more. As one of the best UX YouTube channels, Flux is your go-to channel if you are looking for a mix of entertainment and knowledge.

3. High Resolution

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This is a different kind of UX Design YouTube channel. High Resolution is run by two guys, Jared Erondu and Bobby Ghoshal. The workings of the duo designers revolve around holding interviews with the who and who of the designing world.

With more than 54,000 subscribers these guys have got close to 1 million views on their hour-long interviews pertaining to the design world and its nuances as explained by the industry stalwarts.

Basically, they are running a video-series kind of operation where they get in touch with the major players of the Design world who are either self-made successful businessmen or are working for the big companies across the globe.

In addition to this, you will also find videos of the conferences related to the designing world on their YouTube UX design channel.

4. Mike Locke

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Mike Locke started sharing his expertise about UX designing on this UX YouTube channel back in 2019. His bio on YouTube reads "Highly innovative, passionate, and successful senior UI/UX designer." There are a lot of other aspects that he has mentioned, but let's stick to this much for now.

Mike, with his YouTube channel ML UX Academy, has seen great success because the content he makes and shares resonates with the aspiring designers. His ability to share practical advice by sharing concrete designing ideas and suggestions makes his channel an ideal place to start if you have to understand the ebbs and flows of the UX designing industry.

He shares videos to help designers become better in their field of expertise as well in running a successful online business. So, if you want to get a mix of business knowledge and practical UX Design advice on YouTube for free, Mike is your man.

5. AJ&Smart

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157,000 subscribers in just four years, AJ&Smart has been growing with an amazing speed for the last four years with many more to come. This channel is the representative of a design and innovation studio working out of Berlin, Germany. The entire team of designers comes in front of the camera to share their views of different aspects of designing.

A unique thing about this UX Design YouTube channel is that it helps build design thinking and helps learn its processes so that any person looking at their videos becomes a better thinker and creator.

By sharing the core tenets of designing about product design, reviews, books, tips, tools, and much more, AJ&Smart more than 5 million views on their videos and upload a new video every week to keep the user base entertained and delighting with new knowledge regularly.

6. Dansky

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Dansky's YouTube channel has 646,000 subscribers and his videos have been seen more than 50 million times. As a designer, Dansly loves to share his experiences and perspectives on everything about UX designing. As a part of his teachings and tutoring, Dansky covers everything to know about the major designing software.

He talks about their effects, how to use them, shares walk-throughs, unique aspects, and much more. Users who want to learn about different software and designing tools must have a visit to his UI UX YouTube channel.

The designer shares two types of videos, either they are short 5 minute tutorials or they are long-form videos with detailed content and impressive graphical aspects.

7. Sketch Together

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Looking at the metrics, one can believe that Sketch Together is not a great UX YouTube channel for designers. But, this channel is best suited to MacOS users as the tutorials and video guides are created with the Mac users in mind.

More than this, the type of videos you will see on the channel vary across the spectrum in terms of length and content. You will find 15-second tutorials to 2-hour long videos about designing.

Started in 2016, Sketch Together has a user base of 937,000 grabbing a total of 4 million views. Also, the majority of the videos present on the platform are for Sketch, the designing software. For this purpose, you will find videos for almost all the topics like creating a better user experience, how-to's, new things to cover, and so on.

8. CharlieMarieTV

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Charlie Marie is running her amazing YouTube UX design channel with a purpose and that is to help the up-and-coming designers improve their craft and designing processes. As an experienced web and graphic designer, you will find that here videos are more about how to navigate through being a designer.

There are videos about tips and guidance for freelancers and solopreneurs that help them increase their client base. After the pandemic, she has started posting more videos about working remotely. Another thing that we have observed on her channel is that Charlie gives her advice to her 189,000 subscribers for topics like how to switch between different design tools and software.

After joining the platform to share her UX design narratives on YouTube, Charlie has bagged 11 million views on her videos.

9. Jesse Showalter

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The videos shared by this digital and web designer span around tutorials and guides focussing on tools, techniques, and all sorts of designing projects. Jesse started his YouTube channel in 2009 and until this day, he has curated a family of 165,000 subscribers.

Jesse posts one video every week that is relevant for web designers, UI designers, front-end developers, and any other person who wants to create something via design and learn to code.

These are mostly training videos that take the user on a learning journey and help them learn everything from basics to the complex subjects related to HTML, CSS, UX, and so on. You will also find videos like "Build an App with Bravo." So, Jesse takes a new initiative in helping designers and developers complete the product design lifecycle.

10. TutVid

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We have saved the best UX YouTube channel for the last, Tutvid. This channel run by Nathaniel Dodson has more than 1.3 million subscribers (really) with more than 100 million views on those videos.

Nathaniel has been sharing his expertise in Design, Photography and Creativity for the last 15 years and most of his videos are about Adobe. With a ton of great tutorials and guides, Tutvid shares everything about designing that includes UX and UI.

There are long and lengthy tutorials about Adobe, Photoshop, After Effects, and XD. Because all these software serves a different purpose Tutvid videos show and teach everything about these tools in detail.


It is true that YouTube has become one of the most important things that anyone with access to the internet can use. As a medium of learning and training, you need to know the right UX design YouTube channels to learn from the best.

Listed above are the top 10 UX YouTube channels that we found were great and imperative for every designer. If you have some other channels in mind let us know about them and tell us why you feel they are unique.