Top 10 Most Popular Apple Widgets

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Though iPhone widgets have existed ever since iOS 8, they were never so useful earlier. With the launch of iOS 14, Apple unlocked the door to fun modification; the home screen was even more animated and engaging. If you are interested in converting your home screen into an easy info window or putting your favorite widgets to your lock screen, we are here for you to guide you thoroughly. Also, you can customize the look of your home screen.

We have selected a range of best Apple widgets to consider diverse uses. The summary provides the opportunity to pick the necessary widgets, from sticky notes to favorite contacts to music exploration.

The Best 10 Apple Widgets

1. Launcher

Although the widget concept was first added in iOS 10, the Launcher app was present. The application helps you to personalize launcher widgets as per your needs. The widget interface is relatively clean and offers all the requisite resources for making your life simpler. You can add apps, contacts, open a certain number of web pages, get ETA, receive memory information and much more. The app allows you to set up 6 widgets at a time, which can be tailored to your specifications.

2. Evernote

Evernote, among the most prominent note-taking applications, tends to have a widget that can be helpful if you note down a lot of notes during the day. After clicking the 'Show More' button, the widget will expand a few more notes along with recently written notes. Besides, there are some more handy actions. You will find the activities right at the bottom and take a short note, snap them up quickly and save them as reminders, set a warning or even scan a note.

3. Fantastical

Right now, Fantastical is that comprehensive collection of widgets available for any Smartphone. To display the latest date in a date or symbol format. You can use Fantastical Widgets to display the Up Next column, the Day Event List, or a monthly calendar. Or you can add combined widgets that include an event log, weekly schedules, and more. We recommend installing the little "Icon" Fantastical Widget if you want to jazz up your iPhone home screen's visual style.

4. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is one of the best Apple widgets with a simple and easy-to-do list and a task manager app. To never miss the deadline, it allows you to set reminders and to-dos so that you will always be available for your next event or work. E.g. under the heading 'Today' you can add all your today's to-do list, so that you will not forget anything. Unfortunately, if you want to alter or configure the folder, the app doesn't allow this choice yet.

5. xCurrency

xCurrency is the currency translator, an exchange rate device for over 210 legitimate currencies, digital currencies, useful metal, and more which can be demanded in real-time. If you study overseas or fly very much to other countries, this is a must widget. The widget given takes a simplified and tidy methodology to cover all the critical information, with exchange rates modified in real-time. So, setting your currency, including all the currencies you use sometimes, is the main thing you must do.

6. Widgetsmith

During the first few days of iOS 14 launch, the Widgetsmith became viral and for an excellent purpose: Widgetsmith enables you to build your own individual widgets. The Widgets that represent everything from the forecast to your calendar to astronomical activities can be personalized. You can also configure an individual widget to adjust during the day to show you the weather and the schedule of activities all across your daytime. Widgetsmith also can aesthetically jazz up your home screen with exclusive fonts and colors to reflect your style.

7. Shazam

Shazam, one of the most popular App Store applications, helps users to learn the song they just played by using music found, song lyrics or music discovered, all in one app. Shazam is the only app available who have introduced a widget for easy access to the various resources to make it much more manageable. The Shazam widget includes 'Press to Shazam,' which will take you to the app immediately and will start acquiring the background sound of the music player.

8. Wrap up

In the next months and weeks, we shall dig into widgets more, as the latest functionality of iOS 14 shows us an improvement in our usability on the iPhone and the iPad. Particularly for the iPhone, it was an incredible time saver to display data and information without an app's start easily. In a widget world, specific styles of apps often excel. The total widget adaptation of items helps you to follow the progress from the widget in a project.

9. Flightstats

If you're a frequent flyer and much of your lives go from one country to another, so this pleasant widget Flightstats is a rescuer. If you are uncertain, the airport and flight status can be tracked in real-time by Flightstats. It will also include a profound overview of all your flight events in the app. The Flightstats widget also simplifies matters as it eliminates the need to launch the app immediately you can have a look at Flightstats widget.

10. Shortcuts

Shortcuts widget options occur at first basic, but they can be modified to deliver the next level of iPhone productivity. The little shortening widget gives fast one-touch access to every desired shortcut on your home screen, and you will find a listing of widgets from the selected folder in the Shortcuts app in the medium and big widgets. As a consequence, from one click on your home screen, you can quickly access complex workflows.

The Best Prototyping Tool for Apple App Design

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If you are an iPhone user, you will know the update of iOS-14 and all the functions it contains. One of the major updates to iOS 14 is that widgets are inserted on the home device display.

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