How to Edit Widgets on iPhone Without Any Trouble

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Widgets are the small circular icon that pop-up notifications and sometimes displays information about all applications. Many times due to some good reasons, users need to edit that icon. If you are looking for the correct information to know how to edit widgets on iPhone, stay here to get updated. In this informative guide, we will give you complete information for customizing Widgets on your iPhone. The process we will share is complete and doesn't require any technical skill or any external installation on your phone. So, let's get started.

How to Edit (Add And Remove) Widgets On iPhone

In the below section learn some quick ways to edit Widgets on iPhone in some simple techniques.

#Technique1: Know How You Can Add Widgets on Your iPhone

It's easy! To get started, just press and hold the space button on the home screen until the app starts twitching. In the upper left corner, you will see a plus sign. Tap it, and you can scroll through the list of widgets available for applications on your phone. Tap the widget you are considering adding, and then you can swipe through the small, medium, and large versions. After making your selection, click Add widget.

You can return to any screen where you started, while the icon is still shaking around. IOS may have replaced your app to make room for the widget, but the press and hold it and rotate it like any normal-sized app. If you want everything to be correct, click or wait for the shaking to finally stop yourself.

#Technique2: Here's How to Edit Widgets on Your iPhone

You can also edit them by long-pressing them and clicking the edit widget. Considering how many options are available and the practicality is very limited, this is a mixed package. For example, you can change the "Weather" and "Clock" applications' drag position, but this is not recommended.

Once you start accumulating widgets, and the replaced application continues to display on the Domino screen, things become useless. For this, the fix is to use a stack to place layers of widgets with different shapes on top of each other so that you can sweep through each widget to replace its position.

#Technique3: Another Way to Edit iPhone Widget

To let Apple handle the selection process for you, continue to shake your app, click the plus sign in the upper left corner, and then click Smart Stack. You can choose from three sizes again, and iOS 14 makes the most sense to insert at any time of the day.

Before the smart stack becomes smarter, creating your custom stack may be a better approach. Fortunately, this is also easy! After you find some widgets on the home screen, you can drag them to each other when you put the app in jog mode. To edit a command, press and hold the stack and click Edit Stack. You can move them to any command you want, or turn on "Smart Rotation" to inform the iOS interface of the most useful functions at this time, or swipe to the left to delete the widget. After finishing retouching, tap X.

You can stack up to ten widgets simultaneously in the widget space of the home screen. After you do this, you can now include useful data for up to 10 applications in a widget-allowing you to get information from each application without having to browse multiple applications and screens.

How To Embed iPhone Widgets To Your Design

Changes in widgets are the newest and easiest way to customize the home screen in previously exclusive ways to Android users. They can be of different sizes and can be pinned to the home screen for easy access.

Extend your widget design with Wondershare Mockitt to fit your ideas. It is an online platform that allows you to create prototypes and wireframes for partners application. By using this method to execute the definition correctly, life can be increased.

how to edit widgets iphone

Mockitt is an important media that can be easily viewed and made possible. Create a website or application with a set of available templates or visual designs. Wondershare Mockitt can save you a lot of time, whether it is website building, application design and widgets.

  • Prototype: Features of Wondershare Mockitt include modeling, allowing users to create interactive prototypes with built-in custom UI assets.
  • Library:After adding a new item, you will get a library tab with various screen functions. These libraries come with well-known tools and models to create error-free, user-friendly UIs.
  • Interactive link:The platform has dynamic changes and movement, which can help you visualize the final design. To drag and drop links, please demonstrate how to use active links to connect different pages.
  • Quick response:With Mockitt's online response option, you can get feedback without paying. Anyone in your team or company can comment on your work at any time!

Step 1: Find iOS 14 Widgets

To find more the iOS widgets, go to the "Library" > "More Resources". In the resources center, you can find the latest iOS widgets, you can navigate to "Widgets" > "iOS" from here.

edit smart stack

After finding the widget template selection, select it, and then press the "Save to Library" button to open it in the Mockitt collection. Save the changes and enter the workspace to start project work.

edit widgets iphone

Step 2: Use iOS 14 Widgets in your Design

You need to go to "Widgets" from the sidebar and search for "iOS 14" to add some iOS 14 small windows in the project to use and customize the required small windows.

how to edit widgets on iphone

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