10 Best Iphone Wireframe Templates Free Download

Laura Angelica updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:37

Effective wireframing and planning always play a very significant role in the success of your product whether you create them using a pencil and paper or a whiteboard or any web-based tool or graphic application.

Although there are many wireframing tools that are available for free (pen, paper, markers...), you might also come across a few paid web based-tools, and if you know where to look and you get lucky, you can even get a hold of some free templates for iPhone wireframes templates or graphic applications like Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch.

Top 10 iPhone Wireframe Templates

1. iPhone Wireframe templates and widgets from Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is an online prototyping and wireframing tool which means you don't need to download anything, everything you design will save on the Cloud. Just simply sign up with your email and login, then you can create a project for free. You can create different types of wireframes like webpage size of wireframes, iPhone 12, iPhone 11 app wireframes template using Wondershare Mockitt.

iphone wireframe template

There are plenty of widgets, icons, and templates in Mockitt community like IOS 14, Icofont, Personal profile wireframe template. Just click your desired templates or icons and click "Save to Library", then you will find them in your own "Library". All these wireframe templates are free, and really convenient to use.

2. Turbo iOS Wireframe Kit

iphone wireframe template printable

Image Source: Designer-JustUi

Turbo iPhone wireframe template printable can help you in creating sketches for your application if you are developing or designing a mobile app. It is absolutely brilliant wireframe template that gives you over 100 app screens and categories which include sign in, sign up, profile, and much more. The Turbo iOS is bundled with more than 70 icons and this template allows the designers to create unique prototypes of their applications.

3. Molo Mobile Wireframe Template

printable iphone wireframe template

Image Source: Designer-Nader amer

Molo is a free iPhone wireframe template that also has a bundle of features that help you design and create innovative projects. This free wireframe template has well-organized layers that are very easy to customize and edit as per the requirement of the designer. It has been precisely created for developing wireframes of mobile apps so that the users of the final product have an excellent experience. It comprises nine categories and more than 160 screens for user experience prototypes and wireframes. The main categories consist of login or sign up, profile, walkthrough, eCommerce, and blog. People are loving this mobile wireframe kit as it does not have any issues related to broken fonts and typefaces.

4. Liberty Mobile Wireframe

template iphone wireframe

Liberty Wireframe Kit a simple tool for drawing your mobile apps. You can draw mobile apps at top speed by dragging and dropping custom elements. Liberty Wireframe Kit is a printable iPhone wireframe template that includes 125 screens and a wide range of elements to work. All elements are fully customizable and easily editable.

5. Low Fidelity Wireframe

iphone wireframe template low fidelity

A low-fidelity wireframe provides a basic look at a website or app that is currently being planned. As an early sketch, it doesn't provide much detail, since the layout is still a work in progress.

You can edit this low-fidelity wireframe template to suit your own needs with a free Lucidchart account.

6. Base Frame Wireframe

iphone wireframe template printable

Baseframe - Wireframe UI KIT 130++ Sketch - XD - PSD Template – Wireframe Kit is a well-crafted wireframe kit for effortless prototyping and mobile app design. With our new Wireframe Kit, you will create your prototype without any difficulties. Wireframe – Wireframe Kit consists of more than 130+ ready-to-use screens in 6 popular categories that can help you save time and energy in designing your next app. All screens and elements are fully customizable, well-organized, and come in Photoshop, XD and Sketch app format.

7. WZ Wireframe Kit Sketch Resource

iphone wireframe template printable

The next amazing and powerful template in the list of free wireframe templates for websites and mobile apps is the WZ wireframe kit. Packed with incredible design layouts, links, buttons, and placeholders, it can assist mobile app developers to create wireframes easily as well as quickly. Believe me, by using this template, you will be able to develop a user-centered website or a mobile app.

8. iPhone X VECTOR Isometric Matte/clay Mockup

Designer: lazymau

Format: PSD


Photoshop Vector (resizable to any size)

Fully layered

Smart Object screen

Little and simple, this powerful free iPhone X vector mockup in matte/clay style with an isometric view. It has a one-click color change. There is also an option to set fill it to 0% so that the iPhone can blend with the background.

9. iPhone X design dark — Portfolio Screen for Cryptocurrency app

iphone wireframe template

Designer: Juless Design

Format: Sketch


The interesting thing about this iPhone wireframe template is that it has dark colors. It is also quite useful for the beginners who design for the iPhone X.

10. iPhone X Mockup Freebie for Sketch

Designer: Greg Dlubacz

Format: Sketch


This free iPhone X mockup has three available colors including white, dark, and blue. It is also perfect for wireframes, minimalistic presentations, or diagrams.