The Best AI Apps to Chat with Bots Online

Stephen Mwangi updated on 2024-06-06 13:49:57
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Chatting with AI bots online isn't just about talking to a machine. It's about using the power of artificial intelligence to enhance productivity and bring creativity to your tasks. It's not only fun, but it can also help you big time with your work and personal tasks.

AI chatbots are handy little helpers that can assist you in many ways. They're suitable for projects, help with language learning, and even keep you company. This article will explore how to make the most out of these chatbots.

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Part 1. Best Ways To Utilize Online Chat Bots

Let's kick things off by chatting about all the nifty ways you can talk with a chatbot. Whether for work or play, these AI pals can do some seriously cool things.

Personal Assistant

First, imagine having your own assistant for your projects right at your fingertips. Well, that's a chatbot for you. They can manage your schedule, remind you about deadlines, and even help you brainstorm ideas. Say you're working on a new marketing campaign; you could ask your chatbot to pull up the latest market trends or find some inspiration. It's like having your secretary but without the coffee runs.

Personal Advice and Planning

Next, let's talk about planning. Do you ever wish you had a personal adviser to help you figure out your daily tasks or manage your to-do list? Look no further; chatbots have got you covered. They can help you organize your day, remind you about important events, and even suggest relaxing activities if you're stressed out. And the best part? They're available 24/7.

Language Learning and Practice

Now, how about learning a new language? Chatbots can make that journey a lot more exciting. You can practice conversations in different languages, learn new words and phrases, and get instant feedback. It's like having your very own language tutor ready whenever you are.

Virtual Companionship

Last but not least, chatbots can provide virtual companionship. Feeling a little lonely or need someone to chat with? These AI buddies can converse on different topics, share stories, and even crack a joke.

All in all, chatbots can wear many hats. From being your project assistant to your language tutor, they are versatile tools that can adapt to your needs. The possibilities are endless.

Part 2. The Best AI Apps To Chat With Bots Online

Now, let's step into the exciting world of AI chatbot apps. These are some top-notch AI bots out there, so you can start chatting with bots online.

Mockitt AI of Wondershare Mockitt

As you may know, Wondershare's Mockitt is a fantastic prototyping tool. You can use it to design websites and many more. Recently, Mockitt released a cool new feature called Mockitt AI. You can chat with your AI assistant while making your prototypes. It provides on-demand suggestions and many more, such as:

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  • AI Widgets Generator: Effortlessly create diverse components like flowcharts, mind maps, tables and charts.
  • Prototype Generator: Quickly generate prototypes tailored to your needs, reducing production time.
  • Magic Fill: Seamlessly fill in copywriting in multiple languages, saving valuable time and increasing efficiency.
  • AI Chat: Get instant inspiration and guidance through interactive dialogue. AI Chat is integrated with ChatGPT.

mockitt ai sidebar


Mockitt is available for free. You can select a subscription for:

  • Professional (US $8/editor/mo)
  • Enterprise (US $12/editor/mo)

OS Compatibility

Mockitt is available for macOS, Linux, Windows, and Ubuntu. It's also accessible on supported browsers.

ChatGPT by OpenAI

ChatGPT by OpenAI is one of the best online chatbots out there. It's what revolutionized chatting with bots online. It's been trained on various internet texts and can generate human-like responses. It has the following features:

  • Conversational Assistance
  • Language Comprehension
  • Creative Writing
  • Knowledge Repository
  • GPT 3.5 & GPT-4 Capabilities
  • Internet Search (ChatGPT Plus)

chatgpt by openai interface


ChatGPT is available for free. You can unlock ChatGPT Plus for more features at US $20 monthly.

OS Compatibility

ChatGPT is available on supported browsers on computers and mobile devices.


Cleverbot is a full-fledged chatbot with which you can talk about anything and everything. It's not designed to help you with projects. However, this fits the bill for virtual companionship. It has the following features:

  • AI Learning
  • Context Learning
  • Human imitation

cleverbot interface


Cleverbot is free.

OS Compatibility

You can access the website on any supported browser on mobile and computer devices.

Google Bard

Google Bard is Google's shiny new AI. It's a pro at holding conversations and giving you the necessary information. Check out its features:

  • Google LaMDA AI Model
  • AI-Writing Capabilities
  • Internet Search
  • Prompt-responsiveness

bard by google interface


Google Bard is available for free.

OS Compatibility

You can access Google Bard on any supported browser.


Feeling down? Replika is a chatbot that's all about emotional health. It provides a safe and private space to discuss your thoughts and feelings. It features the following:

  • Augmented Reality Capabilities
  • Chat about anything
  • Interactive AI characters
  • Video calling with AI
  • Coaching

replika chat interface


Replika is available for free. You can unlock PRO Features at:

  • US $19.99 per month (billed monthly)
  • US $5.83 per month (billed annually)
  • US $299.99 one-time payment.

OS Compatibility

Replika is accessible on all supported computer and mobile browsers. It's also available as an app on Oculus, iOS, and Android.

In a nutshell, each of these chatbot apps provides a unique experience. Whether you need help with a project, want to learn something new, or simply desire companionship, a chatbot out there is just right for you. Give them a try and see what amazing things they can do!

Part 3. Bonus: Designing Websites With Mockitt AI

Moving onto a bonus section, let's discuss how engaging with Mockitt AI can elevate your website designing process. Designing a website involves making hundreds of decisions, and having an intelligent AI chatbot by your side can make a difference.

Mockitt AI is like having a design expert in your pocket, ready to offer suggestions and solutions anytime needed. Talking to Mockitt AI while designing websites helps you generate creative ideas, troubleshoot issues, and explore multiple design possibilities. Mockitt AI can answer all your queries in real time, making your designing process smoother and faster.

Chatting with Mockitt AI during your design journey ensures a high-quality output and makes the whole process much more enjoyable and efficient.

How To Chat With Mockitt AI for Your Design Needs

Follow the steps in this section to learn how to chat with this handy AI bot while creating your website design.

Step 1: Install and download Mockitt from the official website.

Step 2: On the app's homepage, click +New. Then, on the popup menu, click Prototype.

mockitt homepage

Step 3: Choose the device sizing template you want to use.

mockitt device size templates

Step 4: Find the AI button on the sidebar. You can now begin asking the AI for your design needs.

mokcitt ai tools and artboard


Simply chatting with bots online brings convenience and innovation to our interactions and project-related tasks. Their ability to assist, advise, and accompany us in various aspects of our lives, from project management to personal planning, is fascinating.

And for those involved in website design, we highly recommend trying out the AI chatbot from Mockitt. Chatting with Mockitt AI while working on your plans will offer you a seamless and efficient design journey, saving you time while ensuring top-notch output.

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