Everything You Need to Know about Game Development with Flutter

Laura Angelica updated on 2023-03-23 14:48:53

Game development has always been an interesting field since many years. Game development teams vary in sizes, ranging from a single person to an international team dispersed across the globe. The game development industry is quickly moving towards mobile game development as more and more gamers have now adopted mobile games. Further, the desktop gamers also prefer a zero installation experience in the form of games that can be played in a browser. Game developers are faced with the challenge of developing the same game for different platforms and form factors. Advanced game development technologies like Flutter game development come to the rescue.

Can You Develop Games with Flutter

Flutter enables cross-platform apps to be built using a single codebase, with modern React style features, readymade usable widgets, all while maintaining high quality standards. Flutter is bound to take the app development world by storm. It is certainly possible to develop games using Flutter. You can build your own canvas based 2-D game in Flutter. Several game developers have used Flutter game development to build really appealing and addictive games which have received immense interest from the gamer community.

flutter game development

Many game developers are of the opinion that if you want to develop only games then flutter is not the right choice. They recommend going for Unity 3D or unreal since there sole purpose is to develop games.

You can combine few libraries if Dart and flutter packages or maybe use flare(rive) for character building but you will not be able to make an advance game with flutter, if that is what you looking for.

Is Flutter Good for Game Development

Flutter game development definitely has a few benefits. The Dart language is a delight for game developers due to the ease of the language and its syntax simplicity. Flutter games are compiled into machine code using the graphics and visualization engine built into C/C++, so applications are very fast and high-performance. They are capable of stably delivering 60 frames per second on most devices and up to 120 frames per second on devices supporting Flutter. Flutter helps create great UI designs for Android and iOS mobile apps.

Flutter game development also comes with a few shortcomings. Flutter is a new cross-platform app development framework. Many Flutter functions are in alpha and beta testing and may not always work properly. In addition, you can't get the necessary functions in the current library in some cases, because the platform is still being finalized.

game development with flutter

How to Develop Games with Flutter

If you are willing to create a simple game out of graphics and some controls, then the simple controls, assets, and some animations from Flutter will probably be enough. You do not need any extra plugins and packages for this. The Flame is Flutter's top game engine and is an efficient platform with convenient APIs that helps us to avoid executing a game loop and component abstractions by ourselves, it also serves the best help by conveniently embedding itself somewhere within your widgets tree. The flame is a 2D engine for simple games in Flutter. The key principle of the engine is the game loop, is that it comprises of render as well as update. This cycle makes sure that the objects that are brought to the screen via canvas are updated and displayed. Drawing the UI with canvas is also Flutter's strength, which makes the engine with 60 FPS just as fast as a normal Flutter app.

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The Best Tool for Game Design

Certainly, Flutter game development is gaining popularity among game developers due to its cross-platform capabilities. However, game design is an often neglected but extremely important step in the process of game development. It is therefore extremely important to choose the right tool for game design.

Wondershare Mockitt is an ideal tool choice for game design. Game development involves brainstorming several flows and ideas. Mockitt can help right from this step. Mockitt is an all-in-one prototyping tool that can meet the requirements of product managers, game designers, and game developers in game design and team collaboration, no need to purchase multiple tools to switch back and forth.

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The interface of Mockitt is simple and easy to use for game designers and developers. It is quick to get started and bestows of low learning and switching cost. It is convenient for all staff to use. Mockitt is becoming increasingly relevant as it is ideal for geographically dispersed and remote teams. Game designers can collaborate remotely by sending links where others can view, edit, and comment on the games in real-time. The game prototypes can be downloaded as PNG, APK, and HTML demo package with one click, and demonstrated smoothly in offline mode. Indeed, Mockitt is a great solution for remote teams that require information synchronization and instant communication.

Flutter game development is primarily driven by the fact that the games can be easily developed in one shot for several platforms. However, the experience on each platform must adhere to the native operating system design and UI guidelines. Mockitt ensures that this capability is incorporated from the game design phase itself. Mockitt enables perfect presentation on multiple devices, and immersive experience in full-screen mode.

The rich templates and reusable widgets enable the game designer to drag and drop assets and graphic resources which provide adequate representation of the game screens and flows. This makes it extremely easy and intuitive to visualize the game idea.

Years of game development speaks that Mockitt is a great game design tool and is an ideal starting point for building a game.