How to Add Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling in Figma

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Figma is a web-based prototyping tool and vector graphics editor with an emphasis on real-time collaboration. Figma has various features and it is very user friendly. In this article, we shall learn how to add horizontal and vertical Figma scrolling using the Figma scrolling prototype and overlay Figma scroll.

Steps to Add Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling in Figma Prototypes

Figma has additional features for an offline mode which is enabled by desktop applications for the Windows operating system and mac operating system. It mainly focuses on user interface and user experience design. You can view the Figma prototypes on mobile devices with the help of Figma Mirror companion apps for Android and iOS platforms.

Overflow behaviors could be tricky until the user learns the details of prototyping in Figma. Overflow behaviors can be applying to Frames though it is only applicable to Frames that are on the top level or present on the canvas and at the same time can be applied on frames that are nested within other layers or frames. It is important for frames to have the content that can be extended beyond its bound to apply overflow behavior and regular Figma prototype scrolling can be applied if the user decides to change the bounds of the layer or frame. Figma offers three types of overflow behaviors which are Horizontal, Vertical, and Horizontal & Vertical. To add horizontal and vertical scrolling in Figma prototypes, the user needs to follow these steps:

figma scrolling

Image source: Figma

Step 1. Open a new project and select your frame on the canvas.

Step 2. Create your design using templates, drag-and-drop, etc.

Step 3. Select the part you want to scroll Figma and then press "CTRL+G" to group them together which is outside the frame.

Step 4. Open the design panel on the right side and select the option of clip content which will hide the contents outside the frame.

Step 5. After that, once the design is complete, select the portion you want to Figma overlay scroll.

Step 6. Go to the prototype panel on the right side and change the overflow behavior to horizontal scrolling Figma or vertical scrolling.

The Best Figma Alternative

When it comes to competition Figma surely has various other prototyping tools in the field. However, they can vary in terms of quality, some of those can even be fairly ruinous. Things can go wrong on design projects with more than one collaborator. This is when Wondershare comes in with Mockitt.

Wondershare Mockitt is a prototyping tool that helps in building interactive and clickable prototypes very quickly. Some of its main features are as follows:

scroll figma
  • It is a cloud-based tool and entirely online which makes it easier to get the work done easily and faster. It makes sure that the work can be done from anywhere and any device without facing any troubles of app updates, file download, etc. You can even work on a project with a whole team and it allows you to make changes even during presentations.
  • It is a super intuitive prototype tool. It helps in faster workflow and collaboration with the help of a super easy-to-use web interface across various platforms. You can never get lost in its menus as it makes it very easy for you to look for certain functions, may it be a drag-and-drop operation, clear layouts, adjusting design templates, etc.
  • It also has a rich library to call on. On various occasions, prototypes are made from scratch and it might be worthwhile while sometimes you might want to save some time and come up with something in minutes. In such cases, Mockitt offers you a large library of templates and countless media assets to add on some flavor which can stun the audience with great turnouts.
  • It is a platform where you can easily collaborate and share information while working on a project, even during presentations. It is really important to get the best platforms when it comes to working in a team on prototypes or pages. Mockitt provides you with the feature where you can work on the same project at the same time as others and see each other's updates in real-time. It helps in super responsive group calls and it prevents the work from repeating. You can also share bits and parts of your work if you want to.
  • It as impressive as it sounds. It is also very low in cost. You can try out Mockitt for free without any expiration. It can let you work on prototypes without spending any penny. If you want to work on a team then you can upgrade to paid memberships which would still cost you very little.

Wondershare Mockitt is extremely user friendly for UX beginners. The drag and drop widgets make it very seamless for users to make a prototype and it is believed that with the help of Mokitt a beginner can finish a prototype in about 10 minutes as it very simple yet efficient tool. Not only the functionality of this tool is impressive but also the price makes it irresistible for users to choose Wondershare Mokitt as it much cheaper as compared to Sketch or Figma when it comes to all the application and features it provides.

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