5 Normal Hackathon Problem You Will Encounter

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

In the US, in the last couple of years, a new phenomenon "Hackathon" has been gaining momentum. Every technically advanced and self-respecting company considers it its duty to host such an event. Now hackathons are organized mainly by private companies from a practical point of view: solving certain problems of corporate software, searching for new ideas for developing and improving their own products. In this article, you can find common hackathon problem statements.

What is Hackathon?

The hackathon doesn't come together with hackers, but rather the word hack here means researching programming. Young companies with flat hierarchies in particular use hackathons to try out new things. A hackathon is a good opportunity to find creative solutions with other inventors in a short amount of time. The most important things at a glance

hackathon problem statement

Why participate in a hackathon?

So, what is a hackathon, we found out. Now let's talk about how you can benefit from participation.

Professional Development

For any specialist, participation in a hackathon is an opportunity to test your maximum. This is a challenge and an experiment for which there is not always time at work. Plus, at the hackathon, you can exchange ideas, see how others work, learn about a new way, a method of something - in general, this is definitely an investment in your development as a professional.

Career opportunities

If we are talking about a hackathon for specialists of the same profile, then they are arranged not least in order to gather cool specialists in one place and offer them a job.

Valuable prizes

Everything, of course, depends on the hackathon, but usually, the winners also receive valuable gifts from the organizers, partners, or sponsors of the hackathons.

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And also a hackathon is a lot of high-quality communication and new acquaintances. Even if you came with your team, you will still establish contacts with mentors, juries, or organizers. Each contact has the potential to turn into a benefit - a common project, a job offer, an investment, or just timely advice.

Support for your product/idea

An important part of any hackathon is to support innovative ideas. Therefore, you can win not only material prizes but also, for example, sponsorship, grant, or training.

5 normal hackathon problem

The most common problems or mistakes in organizing a hackathon

1. Hackathon Problem Statement - Lack or an insufficient number of experts and consultants

This often leads to participants coming to the hackathon in vain. Not everyone is competent in the causes of the problem. Incompetence can lead developers to a different line of thought and ultimately, they will create something completely different. By inviting a sufficient number of experts, efficiency will increase significantly

The meaning is simple but ingenious. The expert asks questions to the team, answering them, the team comes to the truth or realizes its ignorance. This type of knowledge gained will provide a solid and confident basis for understanding the root of the problem.

2. Hackathon Problem Statement - Sources and data

This topic follows from a previous error. It is important that developers have the maximum possible amount of data, documents, resources (especially if the task of the hackathon is data audit).

3. Hackathon Problem Statement - Venue and technical equipment

An important factor that determines the quality of future products, and the psychological mood of the team, and the pleasure received from work. Agree that it is more pleasant to sit in the forward-center, and not in a mossy house.

If you can still close your eyes to the venue, then not to the technical component. High-speed network access, peripherals, office equipment, presentation capabilities, ports, and adapters - everything you can't do without. Computers that have the ability to work with resource-intensive programs, files, and data will not be superfluous.

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4. Hackathon Problem Statement - Clear conditions, deadlines, chat

Providing support during the hackathon is a must. There should be cognitive and understandable information on the subject matter, types of end products, ways of accepting and sending them, time frames limiting development, chat, and consultation of participants without expectations.

5. Hackathon Problem Statement - Summary

If there is a need to select more qualified developers or specific skills, then a resume is a good opportunity to organize this. There is no doubt that the results of the hackathon are not only creating conditions for developers, but also the developers themselves.

The best tool for UI/UX designers

Wondershare Mockitt is an excellent service that we use almost all the time. It consists of three main functions: design, prototyping, CSS code viewing, and makes it possible to create clickable prototypes that can be referenced to clients and developers. Mockitt also has the ability to organize the collaboration of all specialists in real-time.

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The service works on the cloud, without an offline version, cross-platform, which qualitatively distinguishes it from its closest competitors. And most importantly, we use it to prototype large and complex projects and design systems, which is not always possible on other platforms.

This software allows you to create prototypes of various products, even an online calculator on the website. It also has additional benefits:

  • easy to use, convenient, intuitive.
  • the ability to create annotations for many interface elements;
  • the ability to create prototypes in HTML and .chm formats;
  • the ability to create projects for the simultaneous work on one prototype of several participants;
  • the ability to quickly create prototypes and quickly make changes to them, and many other benefits.