Top 5 macOS 11 Big Sur Issues and How to Fix Them

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Anyone that is new to MacBooks and iMacs may wonder, what is macOS Big Sur? It is the newest operating system that Apple computers can use to function. You may consider this latest update of macOS as a complete package with great features that will enable you to enjoy applications in your Mac. However, every operating system comes with both pros and cons and so you may find macOS Big Sur issues as you begin using it. This articles explains some of the most common macOS Big Sur issues for you to understand their occurrence. You will then learn how to fix them.

Top 5 Issues and Fixes of macOS Big Sur

Issue 1. Failure of Mac with macOS Big Sur to turn on

One of the most common macOS Big Sur issues that Mac users are facing is failure to turn on after the macOS Big Sur has been downloaded. This could be due to a range of problems, but the solutions are quite simple. If your macOS Big Sur Mac fails to turn on severally even after restarting it, consider the following solutions before contacting your MacBook operator.

Solution: Reboot your Mac in Safe Mode

If your power cable is functioning properly you can always boot your Mac in a safe mode. This is doable by first shutting down the Mac and then restarting it while holding down the Shift key. This process might take some time and requires patience but it will most probably turn your MacBook on safely.

Issue 2. macOS Big Sur Keeps Restarting

In most cases, an unexpected restart might be due to malfunctioning software that you have installed on your Mac, along with hardware glitches that might affect the functionality of the CPU or the hard drive. Therefore, this is one of the most recurring macOS Big Sur issues, and fixes include the following if the issue persists.

Solution: Check all malfunctioning apps

If you locate the malfunctioning apps, safely remove them and shift to Trash to avoid any further inconvenience.

The process becomes easier if you run an Apple Hardware Test to allow Apple to diagnose and remove malfunctioning software and glitches. Simply run the test upon turning on your mac; Press Option + D keys to launch the Apple Diagnostic Test.

macos big sur beta big problems

Issue 3. Apps not Working on macOS Big Sur

One of the macOS Big Sur beta big problems that users experienced that is still occurring in the public version is non-workability of applications such as Zoom, Safari, Mail, Photoshop, and even Music. These apps reportedly either stop working and unexpectedly crash or blank out on the screen. Here is how to fix these macOS Big Sur issues.

Solution: Reinstall the affected apps

If you are sure that the applications that are affected are compatible with macOS Big Sur, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling them. By reinstalling, the application will update to the latest version and will hopefully start working.

Issue 4. Battery Drain Issue

After installing the macOS Big Sur latest update, you may find your Mac showing a battery service warning, which is unusual a brand new Mac or one that has not suffered many Battery cycles. If you experience such macOS Big Sur issues shortly after upgrading your macOS, use the following fixes to bring your Mac batteries into good shape again.

Solution: Reset PRAM on Mac

Try to reset PRAM (Parameter Random Access Memory) since it controls settings and configurations of the keyboards, desktop, volume, and battery settings. Below is about how to reset the PRAM.

  • Shut down your Mac.
  • Press the Power button and press and hold Command-Option-P-R keys immediately.
  • Hold the keys until you hear a startup sound or until the Apple logo appears and then disappears and then release the keys.
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Issue 5. Touch ID Disabling Unexpectedly

Your touch ID may stop working once you download the macOS Big Sur. To avoid any inconveniences and invasion of privacy, fix such macOS Big Sur issues through these simple steps.

Solution 1: Reset the SMC

Reset the SMC of your Mac by holding down the left Shift+Control+Option keys, then pressing and holding the Power button.

Solution 2: Re-establish your fingerprint registration

Alternatively, you can remove and re-add your fingerprint registration to re-establish the Touch ID security.

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