10 Registration Page Design Examples That Would Make You Sign-up

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

A registration or login page is an integral part of web design, especially for e-commerce or online websites. An attractive and creative registration page design can help you attract users, sign up for your staying tuned to your content, and ultimately increase your client base. A registration page generally includes a call-to-action along with the username and password elements. Designers are trying to include key brand elements in the registration page design but keeping it simple and secure at the same time. For this article, we have shortlisted 10 of the best registration page design templates on the web.

Design your registration page online

By looking at the registration pages, one might believe the designing to be time-consuming and tricky. You can ensure the best usability when designing a registration page with a leading design platform like Wondershare Mockitt.

Here are few of the practices carried out to deliver a great user experience:

  • Use the right terminology- Terms like 'sign up,' 'login,' and 'sign in' should not be used interchangeably as it's confusing for non-native speakers.
  • Provide options for usernames- Usernames are hard to remember. Hence, it's always a plus to provide an email address or phone number as a login option.
  • Social media login- An easy to use registration page UI design enables social media login
  • View Password- Giving the user a choice or hide or view the password is beneficial in gaining user's loyalty.
  • Others- Forgot password links, remembering your old customers, and easily recognizable are some other features of a good login register page design.

Mockitt makes your designing process efficient because of the following provided features:

  • Asset- There are plenty of widgets and templates offered. You can customize your asset library and also share the team's widget library.
  • Design- The platform allows you to drag and drop widgets and icons to build the interface. There are various animation and gesture options to allow smooth animation.
  • Presentation- There are multiple preview modes. You can compare drafts, share them with other developers, and offer comments in real-time.
  • Handoff- MockinBot supports multi-platform codes. You can easily import sketch files and automatically inspect or slice them.
  • Cloud- This feature allows you and your team to work in collaboration from any time and anywhere. The design is browser-based, and the files don't need repetitive downloading.
  • Collaboration- With Mockitt, you can manage any number of members and projects. Every member stays updated, can preview, review, and co-edit.

Register page design examples we recommend

#1: Medium

Medium takes the award for the quickest and easiest registration page home. The dominant colors are the same as for the whole website. There are sleek graphics on the side with the page titled 'Welcome back'. The CTA is simple. The best part is the first option to sign in is via popular platforms. There is the traditional sign-in method also available. The bottom of the page covers legal elements such as Privacy Policy.

#2: Mailchimp

Mailchimp's registration page design is quirky. The page is divided into a 60:40 ratio. The left part covers 40 % of the space and has a registration form with the forgot password and show password features. The other part has weird illustrations and fittings related to marketing. Thus, the page manages to be clear and consistent, along with having a personal touch.

#3: Netflix

Netflix needs no introduction, and so doesn't its registration page. The design of the page speaks for the brand. The dominant colors are black, white, and Netflix's red. There are several movies and show posters in the faded background. It is a basic sign-up page that just asks for your email address. The call-to-action is bolded and serves the purpose.

#4: Canva

Canva lets you design posters online. As visual editing tools, they had to reflect their creativity on their registration page, and they don't disappoint. The page has a relaxed and simple feel. The left side has multiple signs up options, just like Medium, and there is an image depicting their interface on the right. The page is primarily in the Canva shade of blue.

#5: Facebook

Facebook's homepage is a classic example of a registration page. The header lets you log in. The major part of the page is the sign-up form. The first half includes a catchy call to action and a networking illustration. The other half includes the form with four significant fields and legal elements. Flexibility is provided in terms of signing up using the email address and phone number.

#6: Uber

Uber has some uber-cool illustration on their registration page. The page is simple with the logo on top, registration form in the center, and the bottom's illustration. The form just asks for your email address or phone number and provides the option to sign up using Google or Facebook. The page is easy to use and just has the needed information, making it to the list.

#7: Squarespace

The register page design of Squarespace is minimalistic, simple, and serves the purpose appropriately. The left side of the page has a registration form. There are multiple social media login options on the right. The division is very symmetric. White space has been well blended in the design. The logo is present on top of the division and a 'CAN'T LOG IN' feature at the bottom.

#8: VSCO

Like Squarespace, VSCO has a black and white registration page. The design is more aesthetic and classy. Only the logo, a call-to-action, and sign up form. The page has a lot of white space, but the form takes full attention. This kind of easy to understand and the simplistic page is sure to get many sign-ups.

#9: Realme

The registration page balances simplicity and extra elements smoothly. The background has a grey pattern going on. The buttons are highlighted in yellow. The login page has two options- via verification code or using email/phone number. There is nothing else present that can spoil the purpose.

#10: Pinterest

Pinterest has a pop-up registration. In the background, numerous pictures keep on transitioning. The pictures hold the essence of the brand. The form is simple, using only the primary colors. There are both traditional signs up the method and via other platforms. The white background completes the design.

You have all the inspiration you need to start creating your registration page. Head over to MockinBot for a faster and hassle-free experience!

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