How to Create Slider in Adobe XD

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Creating Adobe XD slider is more accessible owing to the many features and tools offered to carry out the process. You can create sliders that make your design or interface more user-friendly. You do not have to create complicated sliders, but you create simple ones that act as a great inspiration to your projects in the future. With Adobe XD you enjoy various features and tools that make it easy to create the slider. Here is a guide on how to create Adobe XD slider by use of Adobe XD and Wondershare Mockitt, which is the best Adobe XD alternative.

How to Create Slider Animation in Adobe XD

The latest Adobe XD has an auto-animate feature that makes it easy to create adobe XD slider animation. With this feature, it becomes easy for you to design prototypes that have immersive animations. It is an easy-to-use feature because you just need to duplicate an artboard, change object properties like rotation, size, and position. After this, you can now apply the auto-animate action to create adobe XD slider prototype between artboards. Here are some of the simple steps to follow as you create adobe XD carousel slider.

adobe xd slider


Step 1: Begin with artboards for each state of your form

View the prototype for these states by pressing play at the top of Adobe XD.

Step 2: Make prototypes interactive

  • Go to prototype mode
  • Tap on the element you want to be interactive. You see a blue arrow at the right of the element.
  • Click and drag the arrow to point at the artboard.

Step 3: Customise transitions

  • Create richer interactions using the auto animate feature of adobe XD
  • With auto animate, you find that the artboards are more reflective of how you want it to look on the web. The artboards do not fade between transitions, but the form resizes automatically and the elements will now shift up and down like they do in the browser.

Step 4: Toggle between radio buttons using auto-animate

  • Click deselected radio button.
  • Drag prototyping arrow to the artboard that shows how it looks when selected.

When you preview your prototype again, you will be able to see the auto-animate feature here. You will note how the active state indicator slides between the two buttons. This is a cool effect, and one that you can set up even if this is your first time doing it.

Step 5: Setting all other form fields to be interactive

  • To set the other form fields to make them interactive, you should repeat the same steps between the other artboards. You just need to keep on dragging arrows from all the clickable elements to the artboards that showcase their related state. It is that simple.

When you preview the auto-animations in your prototype, you will be able to see the effects. You find that the active state slide between these radio buttons in an easy and smooth way. The good thing is that you do not require any kind of Adobe XD interactive slider animation software or skills. All you need is fast point and tap actions in Adobe XD.

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How to Create Slider Animation with Adobe XD Alternative

There are many other Adobe XD alternatives you can use to create slider animation. The best you can use is Wondershare Mockitt. This is a tool that has gained a lot of popularity among many designers because of its efficiency when it comes to the creation of slider animation. The tool does not limit you to the platform you can use to create prototypes or apps. Besides, it also works perfectly in different systems such as Web browsers, Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

adobe xd slider

If you are working as a group, the tool also works perfectly as it allows several people to work on the same project at the same time. It also allows you to create slider animation with screen states. This is a great feature that gives you an opportunity to create animation by using state transition of the same screen.

The tool has an icon library that makes the entire process easy because it has more than one hundred icons that you can also use as you create your next slider animation. You can also have all the screens in a single place. This is a top feature the tool offers that makes it possible for you to view the entire workflow, do the required changes and also share the flows URL. There is also a rich text editor that helps you select italic, bold, change the color of your text, and set other styles.

Here is how you can build slider animation using this Adobe XD alternative:

Step 1: Create a blank prototype or from templates

Go to workspace, and click the "+ Create" > "Prototype", then you will see there are multiple devices you can choose to create a blank prototype. You can also see there are many templates that you can use to create a prototype.

adobe xd slider

Step 2: Add widget

You can simply add widgets to the canvas. On the top-left quick toolbar, you can see there are rectangles, oval, etc. If you want to find more built-in widgets, you can choose from the right toolbar. You can double-click the widgets into the canvas or you can drag and drop them into the canvas.

adobe xd slider

Step 3: Connect screens

After you finish all your screens, you can now create page transition, advanced page state, and animations. If you just want to connect screens, you can drag the lightning bulb into the target screen.

adobe xd slider

Step 4: Preview, share, and handover to the developer

You can preview the prototype you make like it is real. And then you can share the prototype with your clients and they can preview the prototype through a link you share. Finally, this tool allows the developer to check the download the code.

adobe xd slider

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