Top 5 Free Design Apps for Mac

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:52

When we speak about the best design apps for Mac, users will share the names of the most expensive and the best design apps for Mac; however, there are some free design apps for Macs that you can go for. The more convenient the application is, the better it is to use.

This is why we have created this article for you so that you get to choose from the best free design apps for Mac that works. We understand that since there is an ocean full of design apps available for Mac, you need assistance in choosing the best one.

5 of the Best Design Apps for Mac

Here are the top 5 design apps we found for Mac users, read and choose which one fits you most.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

Those who wish to work on an application that will let them work on their design from scratch and won't cause any convenience issues can try using Wondershare Mockitt.

This wonderful and the best design apps for macbook pro app is loaded with bespoke features and will allow you to design fast and skilfully. Not just this, the same tool can be used to collaborate with the team to get feedback and inputs.

use mockitt to design app on mac

You can do a real-time meeting, get feedback and comments, lets you handle project management with ease; you can use it as a whiteboard for your mockup app, prototyping can be done, and more. The tool comes for free, which means no user has to pay a single penny. You can develop any type of website/app fast and speedily.

There are loads of effective designing tools available that will allow you to create the best prototype and design for your client and team.


The tool comes with a drag and drops feature, making the prototyping and designing process very easy and smooth.

Lets you design without any hassle.

You can store your design on the Cloud for feedback and to share it whenever you want to.

The tool comes online with many useful templates.


It might not be good for high fidelity designing projects.

Watch a Video Tutorial to Learn More in Details

If you wonder how to design apps on Mac with ease. Try Mockitt App Designer to use pre-made templates and edit by yourself!

2. FotoJet Designer

Designers who want to work on low fidelity designing projects can try FotoJet Designer.The tool allows users to create any design swiftly. There are inbuilt samples available for the designers too. A large number of ready-made templates, personalized cards, customized invitation, YouTube banners, and more will let you elaborate your design with ease.

app design for mac

Those who wish to design social media posts can use this tool too. For any type of graphic designing need, you can rely on FotoJet Designer, which minimizes your effort and maximizes your designing freedom. This tool is considered to be one of the best design apps for mac.


More than 900 stylish templates available for designers.

The templates available are customizable.

The tool is very user-friendly.

There are background themes, clipart, graphic texts, and more.


Not ideas for Linux and mobile devices.

3. InVision

InVision is ideal for graphic designing, but the same tool can be used for team collaboration and prototyping. This tool arguably one of the best free design apps for Mac. This one is an online app that is very similar to UXPin and puts in lots of emphasis on the designing part.

design apps for mac

InVision has all the required features that you need for UI designing. If you want to collaborate with other users while designing your UI design, you can o that. With the provided tool, you will be able to make your design highly intuitive and interactive. The only disadvantage that InVision has is that it is not ideal for complex projects.

InVision is available at $15 per month; however, if you have simple designs to make, go with the free version to get instant feedback, suggestions, and likes.


You can design web pages, posts, and mobile apps easily.

The prototyping tool works seamlessly for simpler projects.

You can collaborate with your clients and team for instant feedback and comment.

InVision comes along with drawing and sketching features.


Not ideal for heavier or complex projects.

Works very slow.

4. Figma

If you are a UI designer, then you might already know about Figma. This free tool as often used to create UX-based designing apps. The features that are available with Figma will allow you to create any designs rapidly. You can use the tool for prototyping as well.

free design app for mac

What we liked about this tool is that you can try their drag and drop feature, it functions well. The interactive elements will enable you to create astonishing apps, just like the way you want. Those who wish to work alongside different contributors can think of using Figma.

This one is a web-based tool, and if you wish, you can download the Mac-based application for your Mac book as well. The tool has both paid and free versions. This tool is the best design apps for macbook pro. Choose the one depending on your requirements and needs.


Figma is very simple and easy to use.

A good and reliable tool for designing and prototyping.

You can store your design on the Cloud.

Comes with Zeplin integration.


During high-fidelity work, the app tends to freeze.

The downloadable version is very large and will hog all of your RAM.

5. Sketch

The last one that we have for you is Sketch, and this tool is the sweetheart of Nintendo, Facebook, Apple, ad Google. No matter what type of designing needs you have, Sketch will take care of most of them easily. Sketch is just the more advanced version of the renowned designing tool Figma.

best free design apps for mac

The good part about Sketch is that it is a vector-based designing tool, and is more suitable for screen designing. Many websites and mobile app developers and designers use Sketch to fulfill their designing needs. Libraries are vast; there are different plug-ins available; you can integrate it with Zeplin, Jira Cloud, etc.


You can design icons, reuse them, and more.

There are built-in grids available.

A very reliable and bespoke collaboration platform.

This design apps for mac can autosave your artboards easily.


Sketch is a heavy tool and can slow down your system.

Good for high-fidelity designing processes only.

Comparison Among the 5 Best Design Apps for Mac

Tool name Compatibility Price Fidelity Easy-to-use
Wondershare Mockitt Mac, Windows, Android Free Low to medium fidelity Yes
FotoJet Designer Mac Free trail/ $39.99 Low Yes
InVision Windows and Mac Free / $15 per month Low to high Yes
Figma Mac and Android Free / $12 per month Medium to high Not really
Sketch Mac and Windows $99 Medium to high Not really


Above are the 5 best designing apps you can use on Mac. Both has its good side and the bad side, choose the one you like. We suggest you to try Wondershare Mockitt for saving both your time and budget.