Top 10 Free Mockup Apps You Should Know

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:21
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A mockup app can elevate the design of your mobile app within minutes! A mockup application will serve as your personal and free design agency. That's right! You can get professional-looking designs for your mobile apps using free mockup apps. Say bye-bye to time-consuming and expensive design professionals.

Trust a good app design to skyrocket your business. Make business effortless and attract clients like a magnet! That is why the layout of your app and service is of utmost importance. Great app design for iPad, iPhones, Android devices, smartwatches, TV, etc. makes your brand shine!

We've shortlisted 10 free mockup apps! These can help you make your mobile mockup like an app design magician. We're mentioning the features for each of these mockup apps. Before we spill the secrets on the best free mockup apps, let's understand what a mockup app really does!

What's A Mockup App and Why Should You Bother Using One?

With a mockup app, you can design professional app prototypes and wireframes. You can make eye-catching designs without knowing how to code.

Mockup apps allow you to design layouts for clients to get the app's final look and feel. Designers often use it to display the layout and functionality of a website or app.

Sometimes prototyping is as easy as a drag and drop interface. In addition to it, you can link pages and layouts and share them with your team for collaboration. And that too, for free!

Free mockup apps like Wondershare Mockitt empower their users with thousands of design elements.

Long story short: If you are sick of shredding money on complicated app designs, stop. Mockup apps are going to save both your time and money.

Get ready to be free from the burden of hiring app designers for life!

10 Best App Mockup Tools

Now that we've learned about the wonders of a mobile apps mockup tool let's rank the best ones available.

1. Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is an industry-leading design prototype and wireframe tool. With this free mockup app, you can make designs easier and faster. It has an exhaustive library of widgets and icons and more.

Empower your UI/UX design journey

Wondershare Mockitt

Phone Mockup Tool >>
• Design interactive prototypes with drag and drop
• Make mockups for iPhone, iPad, Android, and more
• Supported Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Web

In addition to it, there are thousands of templates at your fingertips. You can also synchronize your design across devices. It is hence, easier to collaborate across teams, projects, and the overall enterprise.

A drag and drop interface makes designing a cakewalk. And you don't even have to write a single line of code. Just select your device type for building a prototype (e.g., iPhone) and experiment with designs.

mockup app

Add buttons, create interactive links, get previews, and more with just a few swipes. Once done, you can download your to-be best-selling app design and hand it off to the developer. Easy right? You can be stress-free when it comes to app designing with Mockitt. It also offers many enterprise solutions, project, and team management authorization levels with access controls.


Inspect codes and "hand-off mode."

Build-in widget/icon library and templates.

Multiple wireframes and a massive visual interface library.

Real-time co-editing facility across teams.


Currently only compatible with Sketch.

2. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is also a helpful mobile app mockup tool. Adobe is also a reliable free app mockup tool after Wondershare Mockitt. You can create websites, apps, video games, and voice-controlled mobile app mockups.

There are a lot of free icons in the library. However, to find the cream of the crop, you might have to shed more than 10 dollars monthly.

app mockup free

A few free sets of services.

Create visual interfaces and wireframes.

Multiple levels of detailing can be achieved.


A limited 2 GB cloud storage.

Access to every feature is not free.

Difficult for users who aren't familiar with the Adobe ecosystem.

3. Mockplus

With Mockplus, designers can get access to more than 300 icons. Moreover, one can check their app mockup for free.

mockup apps free

Create visual mockups quickly.

Real-time co-editing features.

Interactive prototypes.


Enterprise solutions are expensive compared to other mockup apps free for use.

Remote collaboration features lag occasionally.

4. Fluid UI

Fluid UI is one of the many available mobile apps mockup tools. You can get access to create interactive prototypes.

mobile app mockup

Multiple device previews.

Cloud access.

Prototype in high and low fidelity.


Navigation is not user-friendly.

Pricing is expensive compared to other available options.

5. Marvel App

Marvel is a free mockup app for mobile devices. It comes with intuitive design elements that also offer user testing features.

mobile apps mockup

Create prototypes without code.

Feedback is centralized across teams.

Create scalable designs.


Confusing screen-navigation.

No animation support.

No comment feedback option.

6. HotGloo

HotGloo offers multiple tutorials to create free mockups app design. The user interface is easy and is mobile-friendly.

mockup app mobile

A full-stack tool.

Interactive wireframing tool.

Freelancer friendly.

Relatively affordable and cheaper than others.


Limited elements library.

7. InVision

InVision is on our list of mobile app mockup tools for its social platform. Brainstorming with other creators and exchanging ideas is easy here.

app mockup

Strong community

Fine detailing options.


Sharing design with clients is difficult.

No advanced features like animation in the free version.

8. lets users create high-fidelity prototypes. It allows users to create only mobile apps mockup.

mockup app

Free for 15 days.

Advanced animations support.

Developer and programmer collaboration support.


All features are unavailable on a free trial.

It's a web-based tool only.

Project navigation absent.

9. Origami Studio

Facebook built this prototyping tool, with a full-screen presentation view. It supports sketch integration in the project.


Import photoshop elements.

Comment features.

Free to use.


Can't build anything beyond micro-designs.

The functional view of the page unavailable.

10. Mockup Builder

It is a free and easy-to-use wireframe and prototype builder. Users can create prototypes for Surface, iOS, and Android. If you need a prototyping tool that does the job over a few bits and pieces, you can consider Mockup Builder.


Ideal for freelancers.

In-built validation tools.

Good to build simplistic interfaces.


Only .png and .pdf export options.

Lack of mobile interactive indexing.

Up to 3 reviewers and 15 screens in the paid version, which is less on average.

How to Create a Mobile App Mockup [Free to Design]

We have introduced the top 10 mobile app mockup tools to make a free app, you might want to know the exact operations of these apps. Here are the steps on how to mockup a mobile app with Wondershare Mockitt as an example, you can use multiple free app mockup templates with ease. Keep reading!

Wondershare Mockitt Widge Designer

Gives you a hand in developing and designing various widgets with your unique and original ideas. You will give life to your design principles by validating and implementing the theory using this process.

Step 1: Create a New Project

Sign up a Mockitt account or sign in your account. Then you will go to the dashboard and click the "+ Create" button and choose "Prototype". Select the type of device you want to build a prototype for from the options-Eg iPhone, Web, TV, and so on.

mockup app

Step 2: Add Widgets to Your Mobile App Mockup

Add widgets or use templates for icons, etc., from the Wondershare Mockitt library. There are basic widgets and you can also explore to find more resources, such as components, screens, icons, etc.

app mockup

Step 3: Make Interactions for Your App Mockup

You can now make screen interactions by dragging the lightning bulb to the target screen. And you can set the interactive gestures, such as tap, swipe, etc.

mockup app mobile

Step 4: Share Your Mockup App

After finishing the mobile phone mockup creation, download it or share your app mockup with your team.

mobile apps mockup

Additional Steps to Save Time and Make Your Design Project Shine

Teams can even collaborate simultaneously with dedicated access controls. Project managers can make a seamless working experience for client & guest teams too!

You can set up your enterprise or switch to a pre-created enterprise. You can also edit your enterprise information. In turn, it will help you give or take access to the level of design according to your role in the team.

Sum Up: Ways to Choose the Right Mockup App to Make Free App

Mobile apps mockup can help you design professional-looking apps without spending heavily on professional designers.

To choose the best mockup apps, consider certain factors like:

  • Ease of collaboration.
  • The extensiveness of the template library.
  • Ease of linking screens and layouts.
  • In-built collaboration tools for teams, projects, and enterprise as a whole.
  • Intuitive designing tools for fast and responsive mobile app design.
  • Some advanced design features support animation, sketch, photoshop integration.
  • Suitable Google Suite, or another team collaborative software support.
  • Ease of downloading creative app mockups in multiple file formats.
  • Consider fidelity.
  • Prioritize ease of use.

Luckily our list covers all mockup app mobile apps and web apps. You can use any of these to create your next million-dollar application.

However, the editor's choice and the final verdict is to choose Wondershare Mockitt. You get all the features that other mockup apps don't offer. The support provided is the best in the industry. Moreover, the blazing design speeds will have your learning curve grow without any external help. Try Wondershare Mockitt (Windows | Mac) for free today!