Top 10 Examples of Graphic Design to Inspire You

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-04-25 14:27:06
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Everybody knows how crucial it is to design fantastic graphic designs. Not anyone can design attractive graphics. It’s a tremendous skill that only available in creative minds. If you are not a creative one, don’t consider yourself a creative graphic designer. The Internet is loaded with graphic design examples. All you have to do is choose one graphic design example and get some inspiration from it.

Leave this to us, because in this article, we bring the best of the best graphic design examples that will bring revolution in your thinking. With that, we’ll also help to find the perfect easy tool that will help you create beautiful graphic designs on it. All you have to do is stay with us and prepare yourself for some practice to create incredible graphic designs.

10 Great Graphic Design Examples

Sometimes, new graphic designers needed some kind of push or inspiration to spark their thinking. Consider these graphic design examples as inspiration for the new designers. Examples spark the reflection of contemporary designers, but it can also be helpful for professional designers. Most often, professional also uses graphic design examples for assistance.

So, we've collected the following graphic design examples from popular places and listed them according to their popularity or reviews from top-rated graphic designers.

1. Graphic Illustration

graphic design example

Look what have we here, a striking graphic design example with some excellent inspiration. This design image doesn’t need any kind of rating or reviews from any professional. The quality of the design speaks for itself. That’s why we put this graphic design example at the top of our list. The new designers would see this design first and get motivated for their graphic design career.

2.Illustration for App Graphic Design

graphic design examples

We’ve already known that the use of illustration has become widespread these days. Every graphic designer uses illustrations most often. If you’re a UI designer for apps, then this graphic design example is perfect for you to gain some inspiration. Every component in this image example is perfectly placed. Every organization prefers to hire those designers who can create responsive and user-friendly designs.

3. Website Graphic Design

graphic examples

Previously, we saw a graphic design example for the app; now, we’ve got a website example for web designers. Nowadays, web apps are the most popular thing on the internet. And the designs of these apps are always tremendous. Always attractive to watch and highly responsive and user-friendly. If we talk about this design, many components and illustration work are used in this website design.

4. Realistic 3D

good graphic design examples

We’ve already seen beautiful graphic design examples. Now, it's time to talk about some realistic designs. We see 3D graphic design very often. The 3D graphic design started the rise. It is rapidly gaining more popularity than any other. Well, 3D graphic designing need to adapt some extra skills for designers. Without the extra gifts, you won’t be able to create a 3D graphic design. If you’re too keen to design realistic graphic designs, the above graphic design example is enough for a decent start.

5. 3D in Web Design

great 3d graphic design example

We’ve another realistic 3D graphic design example. This time it’s an adequately implemented website design. How incredible the 3D design looks, isn't it? It seems a whole new world presents inside the structure. It’s an excellent example for new learners to learn something different.

6. Gold Art

best graphic design examples

Another new graphic design example is steadily gaining its popularity in the world of graphic design. As the name suggests, it uses shiny metallic effects. Everything in this art is just the domination of gold. Some other colors are also used in this design.

7. Typography

graphic design example

Typography has been so popular in the field of graphic design. There are so many ideas and graphic design examples of typography design available to get some inspiration. Above is the excellent standard of typography designing used in Elias Aktr’s portfolio website. Typography graphic design is mostly used for marketing aspects. Many well-known organizations and companies use typography designing for marketing strategy.

8. Linear Graphic Design

graphic design examples

Have you ever saw a linear design before? If not, above is the perfect graphic design example of linear design. We didn’t know before that linear design considers a graphic design. It’s ridiculous, isn’t it?

9. Classic Designs

graphic examples

This graphic theme will take you back to the ’80s. Everything you feel classic in this graphic design example is all about its colors. Hues that make this design looks vintage.

10. Liquid Design

good graphic design examples

So far, on which we’ve discussed, this one is different from all of them. Water splash design is scarce to see due to its need. It’s not famous so far, among other designs, but the liquid design looks tremendous. If you want to design anything related to water splash or liquid above the image, it is the perfect graphic design example for you to give it a start.

An Easy-to-use Tool to Create a Graphic Design

So far, we’ve discussed the different graphic design examples for designers to get some inspiration from them. But what if we tell you that there is a tool on which you can create all these designs—a highly recommended tool for graphic designing, especially for website design.

Wondershare Mockitt is a graphic designing tool, more like a prototyping tool that helps designers design beautiful website layouts. Wondershare Mockitt countless features that can be very beneficial for graphic designing.

graphic design brief example

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt has many features, but we’ll discuss only those which will be needed in graphic design:

  • Design

Wondershare Mockitt allows its users to design freely by just dragging things around. It gives you the facility to drag and drop. All you have to do is just drag any element and drop it to the canvas.

  • Assets

Mocking has many pre-installed widgets and elements for your assistance. All the widgets and components are available in the asset library.

The fantastic thing is Wondershare Mockitt gives its users the facility of cloud storage for free. With cloud support, designers can share their designs with different online platforms and communicate with other team members.