What is Motion Graphics and 5 Best Motion Graphics Examples

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:33

If you want the short answer to what is motion graphics, here it is: Motion Graphics are animated graphic design. Don't worry, in this article, we will have a detailed discussion about the concept of motion graphics, where they are used, and why they are used.

We will also be going through some websites that provide ready-to-go motion graphics for your web or application design. Before we move to the central part, note that motion graphics are different from the full-scale animation that you see in the movies, advertisements, or other forms of media content.

Even though motion graphics have evolved today, the original form of these visualizations was heavily practiced in the 60s movies. Case in point, the opening scene of the cult-favorite thriller movie psycho.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics combine video, sound, designing, and animation or real graphics to create a story. Stories shared by motion graphics online have depth and create a transition from the first to the last.

This type of content shares a message with a different story and an engaging angle. It is used in ads, movies, music videos, and any other media content that is meant to stimulate the viewer's interest.

More importantly, motion graphics rely on the visual effects and cues that are created, ideated, and improved with technology. Yes, technology has a significant role to play in the gradual increase in the usage of motion graphics in small-length content.

So much so that creating motion graphics online has become a daily routine for designers. Before we move forward to discussing the best motion graphic websites, let's clear one thing, animation and motion graphics are not cut from the same cloth.

Motion graphics may be a subset of animation, but motion graphics are more precise with the elements used for designing, and they focus less on storytelling than animation.

Motion graphics are capitalized to convey complex ideas in a visually appealing and understandable way. They appeal to the masses as they are used to emphasize the facts and minute details of the product.

In other words, when the narrative is less about storytelling and more about giving the details, we can use motion graphics.

An easy tool to create motion graphics

Getting to know what is motion graphics and how to get ideas for the same from the internet is not enough. You may also need to create one, and doing that is easier said than done, unless you are working on Wondershare Mockitt.

what is motion graphics

Yes, Mockitt is a smart, fast, innovative, and convenient tool that can be used to make superlative motion graphics. If you want to match and outdo the examples that you see on the motion graphics websites, then you have to work with Mockitt.

Mockitt is added with a multitude of tools and integrations that are required to build motion graphics from scratch. You will also get a dedicated platform and device-specific artboard and a ton of items plus elements to work with.

Motion graphics is all about creating transitions that are overlapped with a subtle story and gives a strong message. Well, Mockitt can help you with it as you will find tools that redefine the concepts of typography, logo graphics, information sharing, and send across a powerful message.

You can add videos, images, audio files, animations, transitions, and much more to curate the perfect visual content for your client or brand. The best part is that Mockitt is a web-based tool that works on the cloud.

So, you can expect features like auto-save, multiple user access, seamless collaboration, and preview options to identify how your design runs before publishing it on the website.

5 Best Motion Graphics Websites for inspiration

It is possible to create motion graphics online from web-based tools and websites. Here we have listed the top 5 websites that infuse a creative flair and supply interest-generating motion graphic ideas to propel your creativity and ingenuity.

1. Stash

what is motion graphics

Stash was created in 2004 with a goal to keep motion graphic designers inspired and informed. This website single-handedly has changed the answer to what is motion graphics.

The content shared on Stash is creative, innovative, and undoubtedly fabulous. Anybody will be awestruck once they see the versatility in the designs present on the platform.

They boast a permanent collection brimming with interactive and impactful motion designs, animations, and other forms of visual effects. Added to this, Stash also keeps you updated with the latest trends, events, jobs, and news about the industry.

2. Inspiration Grid

motion graphics online

This motion graphics online station has a mix of still images and motion graphics content developed by the industry stalwarts. Their content is unique, different, and strikes a different chord with the viewers.

Any user, designer, or not will certainly exclaim, "I didn't know that designs can be created this way too." Yes, that is the influence power ordained by Inspiration Grid on the users.

Inspiration Grid celebrates creativity with a lot of enthusiasm and inclusivity. It is indeed one of the best motion graphics websites that you will ever come across.

3. Art of the Title

motion graphics website

This motion graphics website delivers hand-picked motion graphics masterpieces from the TV and film industry. It houses the works of some of the best all-time designers and explains the designing process that helps get a better idea of the design and its creation.

This is also a motion graphics portfolio website for motion graphic designers and artists. Not only this, but you will also find design and graphics from the games and advertisement industry.

Being an online publication, Art of the Title also honors the creators and the designers when it is due. They also hold discussions, interviews, and forums to bring new ideas to the world.

4. From Up North

best motion graphics websites

From Up North is another one of the great motion graphics websites that share and publish highly curated content with their industry. Their website is filled with many other types of animated content, and everything is divided into different categories that make it easy to navigate.

From Up North or FUN also shares case studies and detailed content about the trend-setting designs present on the platform. Added to this, every month, the in-house editorial team creates a separate post for the new designs. This is like a roundup post that provides insights into the new designs and talks about their uniqueness and innovative meter.

5. Behance

motion graphics portfolio website

Behance is the ultimate destination for a designer and motion graphics creator. The fact that Behance is owned and operated by Adobe is enough to recognize its affinity with the designs that share a powerful message.

This website has designed by the best designers in the world, making it the best motion graphics website on the web. Behance also gives the option to search for the required content and get precise search results. There are a ton of videos to explore and also a job board section to help the users try out different employment opportunities.