7 Best Graphic Design Magazines You Should Read

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Graphic design magazines are one of the most significant sources of knowledge you can ever take advantage of. With the help of such magazines, you can have a look at new ideas for generating your own design, along with that they always keep you updated regarding the latest trends and designs under the graphics designing section. 

But you are facing another problem too, which is being unaware of some of the best graphic design magazines that you should read. In case if this is your current situation then do follow this post till the end, as here we are going to have a look at the 7 best graphic design magazines you should read.

With the help of this post you can enhance your graphic designing skills and get to know about a lot of new things, along with that we will also have a look at one of the best graphics designing tools that offer amazing reliability and support.

7 Great Graphic Design Magazines

Here is the list of the 7 best graphic design magazines that are going to help you in gathering a lot of information about the latest trends in the graphics designing industry. Along with that you also get a lot of knowledge about new elements and features.

Let us get started with our list of best graphic design magazines:

1. Graphic design magazine-Wallpaper

If you are trying to fetch some more knowledge about the latest updates in the visual arts section, then Wallpaper is the best graphic design magazine for you to have a look at. Moreover, this magazine is not all about the looks that their designers add to it, but along with that, you would be able to take advantage of impressive writings and quotations in this package. 

graphic design magazine

Moreover, their visual arts and writings have a special connection with each other. Hence this is the reason the viewers of this magazine can make a strong connection and understand everything efficiently.

2. Graphic design magazine-The Magazine of Contemporary Illustrations

Here we have our second option from the list of best graphic design magazines you should know and in case if you are into the illustration section of graphics designing, then The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration is the most appropriate option for you. 

graphic design magazine

By having a look at their artworks, you would be able to fetch a lot of inspiration with the help of which you can give the best in your graphics designing work. There are different types of illustrations that you will find in such magazines, but the ones that you get from here are a lot different and are related to reality. Whenever you have a look at their illustrations, you would be able to relate them to your life or things happening around you.

Moreover, their way of relating things is really different too; you will learn a lot of new things about it. Their designers create some illustrations, but along with that, they also pick the best illustrations from all over the world every year and keep them in their latest magazines.

3. Graphic design magazine-Communication Arts

Communication arts is the next option from the list of best graphic design magazines within which you would be able to find such designs that will not have anything written on them. However, still, you would be able to understand them directly. 

graphic design magazine

Moreover, if you are trying to fetch new ideas for developing something under the creative designing field, then this graphic design magazine is everything you need. With the help of thorough research over this magazine, you would be able to learn skills that can let you develop and think in a new way. 

Hence after that, you would not have to work much on your designs as your thinking will always stay in the right direction.

4. Graphic design magazine-Digital Arts

The next option from the list of best graphic design magazines is Digital Arts, in which you would be able to notice a lot of high-end creative works. Moreover, everything you find here will be meaningful and attractive. 

graphic design magazine

Every single graphic design that you will notice here would be well-built and professionally handled by their designers. Moreover, it's just been five years that this magazine has been started, but within this short time, it can develop an amazing readership and fetch a lot of subscribers.

Once you have a look at Digital Arts graphic design magazine, you will become a fan of their work and a long-term reader too.

5. Graphic design magazine-Computer Arts

As you all have noticed the name of this graphic design magazine, you all must be aware that this magazine is going to provide you graphic arts-related to computers and its hardware.

graphic design magazine

But with this magazine, you will not only get graphics design ideas related to computer hardware or softwares. At the same time, along with that, it also shares good information related to the products or designs they create. Most of the time they are introducing some new product related to the computers and IT world.

6. Graphic design magazine-Eye

The next option in the list of Eye graphic design magazines is a computer art magazine, and you would be able to notice a lot of things related to computers, technology, and the world. 

graphic design magazine

Although this magazine is not at all limited to one single niche, their designers have an approach to every area, and that is the reason graphic designers and viewers from every work sector keep an eye on this magazine.

7. Graphic design magazine-Slanted

graphic design magazine

If you are a graphic designer in the automobile sector, then Slanted is the most appropriate graphic design magazine for you to have a look at. With the help of this magazine, you can fetch information about news, events, guides, and many more. 

Graphic Design Tool You Need to Know

Although there are plenty of graphic design tools with the help of which you can develop contemporary graphic designs for yourself. But here we are going to have a look at one of the best such tool is Wondershare Mockitt.

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Mockitt is a highly-efficient graphics designing tool with the help of which you can create unique web designs, poster designs, and other types of graphic designs too. Let us have a look at the steps to develop a contemporary design:

  1. Firstly you need to visit the official website of Mockitt tool and create your account for free.
  2. Right after creating an account, you need to move to the designing section from the top menu.
  3. After visiting the designing section, click on create new.

With the help of these steps, you would be able to create a new graphic design using Mockitt.

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