5 Outstanding Motion Graphics Apps Web Designers Must Know About

Albert Shepherd updated on 2020-10-12 20:12:58

A motion graphics app is necessary in the web development field, especially when you are working on a multimedia web project. To create the illusion of rotation of motion in web design, a motion graphics app is required.

Web developers are always in search of possibilities to infuse creativity in their projects. Finding a platform or app with every tool needed is a blessing for web designers. Already available samples of motion graphics will be beneficial to replicate and create prototypes. You can find several motion graphic sample content online to get an overview and stay ahead. We have gathered some information about apps for motion graphics.

Let's go through them so you can select the one that suits you the most according to your projects.

Must-Have Motion Graphics Apps

1.Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is recognized as the best app for motion graphics. Even without motion graphics knowledge, any user can create simple motion graphics with Mockitt. You can create web designs and integrate motion graphics endlessly without writing a single line of code.

Mockitt is a platform you can rely on. You can work quickly and efficiently by minimizing your effort with this app. There are many advantages to selecting this tool as a perfect motion graphic companion as it provides a sleek and organized workplace. You can perform web development projects without worrying about any obstructions.

If we go in detail with the advantages of Mockitt, it includes round-the-clock collaboration with the project members. This tool is capable of creating motion graphics that will be smoothly displayed on any Android and iOS projects or devices. Many custom-sized layouts with manageable drag and drop features are offered by Mockitt. You can blend object templates , add combos, and predefined widgets and motion graphics into your web design projects.

If you are thinking about graphics testing and feedback, Mockitt will assist you to generate a QRcode so your prototype can be tested on any iOS or Android supported devices. This code can be simply scanned by a camera of any device. Your current project details can be shared with clients and colleagues.

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2. Adobe Photoshop

If you are a website designer or a video editor, you must be looking for the best motion graphics app. Even if you are not a polymath, Adobe Photoshop can be used with only a few basic motion graphics tutorials. You can add motion graphics when you are hired to give a special touch to web design or a video. You can use Photoshop if you are looking forward to taking the plunge.

This app is not only proficient with photo editing but also motion graphics for web designs and videos. If you want to create limited rotation or linear animation including 3D objects, Adobe Photoshop can be proved as a valuable app. You will be shocked to know how often Photoshop is used in all kind of effects compositing. This app mainly specialized in masking out items emerging in a frame. As a UI/UX designer, you can depend on this app.

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3. Adobe Premiere

This might be one of the most common apps to create motion graphics. In fact, if you are deciding to add simple light motion graphics to your project, then this app can help you with non-linear editing as it comes with many important built-in features. If you are thinking about which graphics motion app you should choose, that depends on your experience and skills. If you have a mac, which comes with pre-installed iMovie, then that's all you need. But if you are looking to do some more expert work, you should consider Final Cut Pro 7 and X, or Adobe Premiere.

Adobe Premiere is very widely and often used by many web developers for editing of motion graphics and much more. You can easily share files with clients. On the other hand, Final Cut Pro 7 might not be updated as the X version but it is still debatable in 2020 while Premier has been getting improved day by day with updates.

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4. Adobe Illustrator

Even if you can find many apps and programs promising satisfying motion graphics results, Adobe Illustrator is one of the illustration applications you can trust. Why? First of all, it is an Adobe product, it is compatible with any software available on CC subscription. We cannot deny the fact that to utilize the features of the illustrator, you need a vision of a graphic designer, and this app have the ability to create vector art. Everything created in illustrator can be motion tween, so you can manipulate the start and end of animations of an object.

You can create motion graphics by simply keyframing an object from one position of the frame to another. If you are creating vector art, you can easily change a square into a hexagram by just selecting a line and adjusting its position. This way you can alter and reshape objects without worrying about creating a series of different frames.

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5. Adobe After Effects

After Effects is an advanced app for motion graphics work. It is an ideal compositing application that allows you to add many layers of objects and emerge them into one. Mocha is also bundled with this app which is a highly intuitive motion graphics software. That is not the only feature and it is an extraordinary animation tool with an organized all in one workspace.

Adobe After Effects is mostly known in the market as “Photoshop of motion" as this is where work is formed into art by magic. There are also many rival compositing applications in a budget, but still, AE is the most widely and routinely used tool for motion graphic designs and it also belongs to the Adobe CC network. The color correction plugins are the main key feature of this app and it competes with other non-linear editing systems.

We tried our best to present some of the best motion graphics apps to utilize and enhance your web or video projects. We know that working as a UI/UX designer is not an easy task especially when you have to think out of the box. These 5 motion graphics apps will surely assist you to achieve maximum satisfying results with clients. Everyone is familiar with Adobe apps in the editing and development field but Mockitt is also trending now. Now it is time to introduce this feature-packed tool globally. We have discussed each app with its specialties. Try and find your favourite one!

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