5 Highly Recommended Website for Creative Graphic Design Templates

Peter Martinez updated on 2023-04-06 17:41:04

Graphic templates always save time and money for graphic designers. They can be accommodating to generate creative ideas for designers, especially for newcomers, because it’s challenging for them to create a wholly new design. Therefore, they can use creative graphic design templates for their assistance.

There are lots of websites available for graphic designers offering free graphic design templates. All you need to do is search for the right website, download free graphic design templates, and customize them. Creative graphic design templates are a great blessing for graphic designers.

This article will try to cover the top highly recommended websites that are offering free graphic design templates. Plus, we’ve also got a fantastic graphic design tool that you’ll love to design your graphics on it. All you have to do is stay with us right at the bottom of this article.

5 Websites You Can Find Creative Graphic Design Templates

We dig some of the best websites where you can find creative graphic design templates. All of them are highly recommended websites.

1. Creative Graphic Design - Colorlib

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Colorlibis possibly the best website for creative graphic design templates. Not only that, you can easily find this website on google. This website appears on the first page of google. All you have to do is search for the “Best graphic design websites templates.” InColorlib, many magnificent creative templates ready for you.

This website is also offering you download free graphic design templates. But these templates are just for WordPress. You cannot customize free graphic design templates. To customize the templates, you have to buy one of their premium templates from their website.

Do you need a template that is related to a particular niche? You can easily find them onColorlib.Colorlibhas created different categories based on different niche templates. For example, you need a template that must have the background of a traveling website. You can search for a particular niche in the given search box.

2. Creative Graphic Design -Envato Market

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EnvatoMarket is another popular among creative graphic design websites for templates. It’s usually renown as the “Themeforest.” What makes this website so perfect for graphic designers is that it offers hundreds of free WordPress themes. Envatoprovides templates of WordPress and premium websites that are hosted on other platforms or private servers.

Envato is the cheapest and most efficient website for creative graphic design templates. The premium graphic templates are starting from only $2. Isn’t it amazing? Where else would you find such unique templates for $2? The templates for which you customize them according to your needs without redirecting links or 100% copyright free. In fact, they will provide you the premium licenses so no one can use or copy your templates. But it’s a little bit costly for you to buy a copyright-free license.

3. Creative Graphic Design - UICOOKIES

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UIcookiesis another website that provides creative graphic design templates for free. We may think that this website is a third-party distributor. But we’re not sure enough to claim that. Anyways back to the website, UIcookiesis also similar toEnvatoMarket. It is also providing the quality of a few graphic templates for free.

On their website, you can see a bunch of quality templates roaming on the homepage. Not many themes or templates available on this website if we compare it to Envato. InUIcookies, you can also purchase the licenses of the HTML5 graphic templates. Well, that’s a surprising one.

Well, their pricing plan isn't that bad. If you purchase a “Single Template License,” the cost you’ll have to pay is $15 for one selected template. And for “All Template License,” you’ll have to pay around $59 on all existing templates.

4. Creative Graphic Design - Fresh Design Web

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Fresh Design Web is providing many templates for WordPress, HTML, Joomla, and eCommerce templates. Not much famous, but they are providing high-quality creative graphic design templates for websites. In Fresh Design Web, you’ll find unique web designs like 3D graphics, animation, single page parallax designs, and much more. But there is one problem with this website, the template its offering is not for free. All the templates on this website are paid templates.

It shouldn't be any problem because it offers so many quality templates that it doesn't matter; they charge you $7 - $22 per year. You wouldn't get such quality and creative graphic design templates for free, that’s for sure.

5. Creative Graphic Design - Wix

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Wix is just as same as WordPress or any other SaaS (Software as a Service) application. You can create your own website templates in it, or you can customize the existing template within Wix. It also lets you host your website on their servers like WordPress. It’s more like hosting CMS websites.

Wix provides an online editor and lets you customize the templates. But one thing is that it only provides SaaS application templates. If you want the other creative graphic designs for HTLM5 or simple HTML, Wix won’t be useful.

An Easy-to-use Tool to Create a Graphic Design

So far, we’ve discussed different popular websites for graphic templates. What if we tell you that there’s a brilliant tool that is perfect to create your own creative graphic design website templates. You won’t be needing to purchase expensive templates from other sources. All you need is to visit Wondershare Mockitt and create your template.

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Wondershare Mockitt

WondershareMockittis prototyping more like an online graphic design software that allows designers to create a fantastic creative graphic design.WondershareMockitthas lots of features that assist designers in creating responsive and user-friendly layouts.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

Unlimited numbers of features are available inWondershareMockitt, but here we’ll discuss some of its important ones related to creating graphic templates.

  • Design

WondershareMockittallows its users to design freely with the help of a drag and drop facility. All you have to do is simply drag any elements or widgets and drop them on the canvas. There is one important thing aboutWondershareMockittlets design without knowing the code.

  • Assets

There are unlimited numbers of pre-installed widgets and templates available for you. You can find them in the “Asset Library.”

  • Cloud | Collaboration

There’s another thing that we liked the most, Wondershare Mockitt gives its users the Cloud service facility. Now, collaboration among other team members has become frequent with the help of Cloud support.