How to Use Figma Offline Mode

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

The world of UI/UX designing is constantly evolving and those days are gone when you needed professionals to carry out a UI designing task. Now you could easily utilize platforms like Figma and create amazing mockups/wireframes by yourself. Figma projects look highly professional and the good thing is that it doesn't take heavy time investment. This article will make you familiar with Figma functionalities and teach you how to use Figma offline mode. Here you will get a comprehensive step by step methodology, so stick to the very end.

Can You Work Offline with Figma

Many people wonder whether they can work offline with Figma. Well, yes, Figma also offers an offline version, so individuals with limited data connectivity could use it. However, you won't get the full functionality you get with the online platform. While working offline, Figma will keep a record of your modifications and will synchronize it once you get access to the internet.

If you wish to save your creation locally, then you could also do that by clicking on the file and save your work as .fig. When you want to resume your work, simply drag and drop this file and continue designing.

figma offline

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How to Use Figma Offline Mode

To use Figma offline, first, you have to get the Figma offline version. Initially, Figma was a cloud-based platform, but now it also offers a downloadable version. Simply install the Figma app in your system and then you could easily carry out professional wireframing without the need of the Internet. And once you get online again, all the changes you have made to your project will be synchronized automatically.

Though it is necessary to have internet connectivity when you open your projects for the first time. Otherwise, you will be redirected to an error page. Here are some tips that may assist you:

1 - After downloading the offline app, don't turn off your internet connection immediately. Open the Figma dashboard and add the projects that you need to change and work on. Once your files are open, then you are ready to turn your internet off and work on the Figma prototype offline.

Figma automatically saves your file when you have internet but it shows a dot mark on the file name area when you are offline.

2 - When you are on the Figma offline download version and have completed your work, you will need to save your creation manually. As mentioned above, it's a very simple process, you just have to click on the menu icon, go to file, and record your progress as a .fig file.

3 - If you decide to make other changes in your file, then simply turn on your internet and it will sync everything you did offline. In case, if the synchronizing process is not optimizing properly, then you have the .fig file recorded into your file manager. Just drag and drop that file and you are good to go.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Figma Offline

Figma is no doubt a great UI designing platform and its offline version has made a lot of things easier. So after discussing the technical information, it's time to look at the advantages and disadvantages of Figma Offline.

Advantages of Figma Offline:

  • The offline version allows you to use plugins that are not supported with web-browser APIs. Though you will need to install the plugins but it increases the functionality
  • It enables you to create layers, which include basic shapes, frames, vector networks, and Boolean operations
  • In the offline version, the layer properties could be easily modified. You could stroke, fill, layer order, dimensions, and do many more things
  • You could utilize or even create local components
  • The offline version gives you the freedom to save your progress within just a few clicks. The file gets a .fig extension and is free from any version history or comments

Disadvantages of Figma Offline:

  • While working offline in Figma, you cannot access the Figma file browser
  • You won't be able to get notifications that other collaborators have sent you
  • The offline version doesn't let you make new files and even open existing ones
  • You could not use new plugins and it's also not possible to utilize resources from libraries
  • It limits you from using multiplayer features. For example- you cannot identify if the other person is active or not. It lacks multiplayer cursors and observation modes

The Best Figma Alternative

Figma has been in the prototyping space for some time now and it is considered a good UI designing tool. But what if you needed an upgrade? Well, in that case, Wondershare Mockitt has a lot to offer. It is an all-in-one solution for all of your rapid software prototyping needs. It helps you build professional mockups that are excellent for wireframing and sketching.

figma offline mode

It also supports desktop version offline, so even if your internet connection becomes unstable, you could still develop an exceptional user experience. It is a multi-platform prototyping tool that comes with a broad spectrum of widgets, text, icons, and templates.

The in-built drag and drop features make the prototyping faster and easier. With the huge variety of animations and gestures, Mockitt makes sure that you have enough choices for design implementation.

It provides a QR code and sharable URL, which makes sharing and preview more convenient. You can even customize the pre-loaded widgets as per your preferences and reuse them for your future projects.

The advantages of Mockitt over Figma:

1 - One of the biggest advantages of Mockitt over Figma is that Mockitt is very beginner-friendly. It features a simple user interface, so even an individual with no high-end technical skills could use it effectively. One only needs to drag and drop elements, which makes the process of creating a prototype very smooth and seamless.

2 - Figma is a renowned prototyping tool but it also comes with a heavy price. Whereas Mockitt is a lot economical. It is loaded with all the advanced features that Figma offers but it doesn't feel heavy on the pocket.

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