How to Create a Website Header Design?

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:54

All people state that website header design has been the prerequisite for all the modern site-building industry. Wondershare Mockitt has been one of the most revolutionary applications about the Header Design of websites that want to rank first on Google.

The website header design inspiration doesn't come naturally. Many rules and principles exist for people who want to design the most fabulous sites that attract tons of traffic and become profitable.

Let's now examine how the Mockitt application can make it easy for you to create headers and the unique characteristics of such a movement.

How to Create a Website Header Design?

Wondershare Mockitt has made it easy for beginners and experts to create their headers for the most competitive website. It is as easy as writing a text on a word file, but it would still be preferable to have some tutoring.

First, you need to register to Mockitt using your unique usernames and password. There is also a way to register using Google or social media account credentials.

The best header design for website, requires Mockitt users to choose the type of screen they want to work on. The application works exclusively on your desktop computer so it would be better to work there. Not to mention, that there is an interactivity for all the kinds of screens that access your website (either smartphone or desktop). However, when you are a website designer you need to experiment on all of them to find the ultimate calibration that makes you feel better.

The application can provide some feasible website header design ideas that rock! There are multiple patterns and designs for you to choose from. Mockitt also gives you the opportunity to integrate pictures from the web. In other words, there is an easy drag and drop menu where you can have pictures for your headers images.

website header design

Finally, you can choose the background templates, colors, and fonts for the headers you are going to create. It would be wise to say that the application can guide you through the whole creation process and it does it absolutely for free.

10 Inspirational Website Header Designs

Now it's time to check the most inspirational website header designs. Some of them attract tons of traffic and make their site owners successful and prosperous:


Baianat is the epitome of success for header design website in html, the world standards for site-building. You can find the technology of ever-changing header that acquires different colors for various regions and IPs worldwide. The website's goods and services are all incorporated to the header. It follows visitors towards their tour on the site. It would be necessary to state that the visitor tries to click on the X button every time, leave the header flashes, and give updated information and discounts.

2-Botanic Garden

Modern website header design has its fans and expands its presents on the Botanic Garden Website. Here you can find the power of large pictures that match visitors' expectations and make them spend more time on the website. People who have seen their headers say that they always get a centered position on the website's main screen following your eyes. As a result, there is always a clear flow of information from the webmasters towards their audience. That is the most successful header creation of all time.


Since you can use this application on your smartphone, you can enjoy your dreams' mobile website header design. The Dreamsoft application runs on iOS and Android operation systems and can give the ultimate application building experience. Everyone can have a catchy header that will attract more visitors to the site. On the other hand, the animation following the header is also great to watch and makes visitors happy with their experience. It seems like the Dreamsoft header creation can inspire people to purchase and give their best ego for the site creation.


This online service can provide you with header designs for websites free of charge. That is something unique among the competition since all companies and application may charge you for the constructive header creation. The Fluid is a controversial website where you can see headers to appear on the main screen randomly and then suddenly disappear. That is the pattern to use in many international sites where people don't have many chances to check the products' owners. The ambiguity created from Fluid can make them sell more and have loyal customers that will always come back for more buying sessions.


Micro-architecture and interior design have been the Interior Website's objectives that have set new trends in header creation. There is a web header design software for free within the Interior website. Visitors love to watch the initial screen of the Interior website. The headers are coming one after the other, providing vital information about the site owners and their previous successful works. The Interior remains the absolute paradigm of the animated headers that come completely constructed on the computer. For that reason, visitors and bots from Google find it easy to identify the site and rank it according to its size, information volume, and competitiveness.


If you are looking for the ultimate HLML5 template creation and the most impressive headers, then Olly is there for you. The website has expertise in advertising, and for that reason, its headers became famous for their rapidity of information and quick appearance on the main screen.

To make things even better, these headers can also rotate and exchange with any updated information site owners want to share with their customers. It seems like Olly is one site example that creates the most successful headers that can bring extra income and more traffic than ever expected.


No one would ever believe that a flooring company would accommodate such a brilliant paradigm of extraordinary header creation. The Perquetry website offers customized solutions to a worldwide audience of people who want to renovate their houses. For that reason, they need headers that are always compliant with rules and regulations of various markets. The languages are always changing and become compliant with the visitor's geolocation. On the other hand, headers are also bright and colorful to attract the younger and most economically vibrant part of the audience. Make sure you visit and check their headers before you finally decide about yours.

8-Photo Studio

There is no better way to advertise your goods and services other than having the headers that Photo Studio uses. The headers are customized for each visitors' group according to their ethnicity, age, educational background, and socioeconomic status. Photo Studio always gives essential information about weddings, events, and other gatherings where their services could be useful. All the headers come naturally close to the visitors' eyes and are more successful when they have links to advertise their services' intensity. That dedicated company can always have the headers it deserves and attracts much more traffic than it could have imagined.


Here you can see an example of a video header that becomes more and more active when you navigate the Smart website. The site owners have their house design expertise and cleaning, which can transform the way you see and rent your premises. However, they use the headers to persuade their site visitors to come and work with them. All the contact information they need are all in the video-animated headers. People from all parts of the world can have the headers translated to their native language. That is the secret making Smart headers thrive!


If you think that yellow color cannot be attractive for your headers, then think twice. The Furniture website is a dedicated creator of house furniture that has as a color base the yellow. Their headers have a clear font animation giving exceptional scripts that anyone can read. Not to mention, that according to the scrolling and the mouse-over ratio of visitors there is a repositioning of the headers to give a more vibrant view of the site. Furniture headers are a live example of how animation and color repetitiveness can become persuading factors for customers to come back and purchase.