How to Export Figma to Adobe XD

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Figma is one of the top UI/UX design tool with vast features that improve its overall functionality. One of the things that make it popular among many designers is that it allows for team collaboration. It also works on any type of operating system running on a web browser. Windows, Linux, Macs and Chrome books can be used with it. Designers need to export Figma to XD. You can do this as you do the design to create interfaces that are user friendly and valuable to end user. This article offers you some tips on how to export Figma to XD and also gives detail on the best Adobe XD and Figma Alternative - Wondershare Mockitt.

Steps for Exporting Figma to Adobe XD

It is easy to export Figma to Adobe XD following these methods.

SVG Method to Export Figma to XD

This method makes use of SVG files that are already converted from the Figma artboards. Then, the files get imported into Adobe XD. There are two ways to do it.

import figma to xd

Source: Figma

Method one

  • Choose artboard in Figma
  • Select artboard and then right click.
  • Choose copy/paste
  • Copy as SVG, now the artboard is ready to be pasted into Adobe XD

Method Two

  • Select artboard in Figma
  • Export it from the right hand toolbar under the export area.
  • Copy and paste or drag the file to Adobe XD.

SVG method makes the text be converted into a path, meaning you cannot edit. So if you are planning to do edits later, this is not the right method to use. It works well with simple files that do not have complex elements.

Recreational Method to Convert Figma to Adobe XD

This export Figma to Adobe XD method involves recreating your files from scratch in Adobe XD using the older files as your reference. It is a process that takes a lot of time and is not scalable.

Use of Figma to Adobe XD Converter Method

The Figma to Adobe XD converter does not do export directly. It helps in converting Figma files to sketch that you then import into Adobe XD. Here are steps to follow.

  • Enter link to the Figma file into the converter. Ensure the file is public.
  • Enter your email and clock upload now. You get to see the download as it happens with a progress bar and see the preview of the file.
  • If you are satisfied with what you see in the preview, click convert now.
  • Choose the plan and finish the checkout allowing the file to convert.
  • Download your file.
  • Open your file in Adobe XD and that is all.

One of the things you note is that the layers are preserved well and it is easy for you to edit. This is the best option to export Figma to adobe XD.

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The Best Adobe XD and Figma Alternative

Wondershare Mockitt is the best Adobe XD and Figma Alternative. It is good to switch to using it because of its many features that makes it easy to work with. It combines vector graphic design tool, prototyping tool and flowchart tool together. There are many built-in widgets, components, ready-to-use templates. It allows for easy preview and share to find out how the files or design looks. Through the shareable URL or QR code, you can share your work with others. This helps them to preview and interact immediately with no need to login to the platform.

figma to xd

If you are doing the work on behalf of a company or any other client, Wondershare Mockitt allows for collaboration. As a team, you can add other members into your mockup project and also customize the roles they should play. Besides, you can also enjoy getting comments from others so that you can improve your mockup. This also ensures that you enjoy a smooth mockup design workflow. There is a handoff feature that helps in measuring conversion of color and resolution between various platforms. The other thing is that once Sketch files get uploaded to Wondershare Mockitt, it becomes easy to automatically export images of several resolutions. If you are using iOS or android, you can opt to select the right resolutions and be able to export global images with a single click. You do not waste time as you export the files.

Wondershare Mockitt is an all device or platform adaptive. You can work on it from any kind of platform you use be it Mac, Linux, Ubuntu or windows. With the sketch plugin, it helps you create high fidelity prototypes that are almost the same as real app. You enjoy using it since it also covers the entire post sketch workflow on your behalf. You can use it for all tasks including designing, testing, getting feedback and handing over assets to developers after you are done with the designing process.

Tips for Converting Figma to XD

Converting Figma to XD is easy if you follow the right tips. One of the tips to use is applying the SVG method. From Adobe XD, you copy artboards and paste to Figma directly. You can also export it as an SVG and paste to Figma. One of the advantages of using SVG method to export Figma to Adobe XD is that it is fast to paste the vector elements into Figma.

The other tip to do the conversion is use of XD 2 sketch tool. This is a tool that helps export the whole file. To make use of the tool, you should first of all convert your Adobe XD file to sketch. Then, download the file as a Sketch file, import it into sigma and do the conversion. Everything will look good and the files are clean when you preview them in Figma. This method helps you save time, convert everything except symbol and very little rework on the file is required.

convert figma to xd

Source: XD2sketch

Why Converting Figma to XD

There are many reasons that import Figma to Adobe XD. One of the reasons is that this allows for easy collaboration since it becomes easy to work on the different files at the same time. This also makes the work easy since you can use the converted files on any type of operating system. You also get several pages in a single file that encourage consistency in colour, symbol design and allow for easy editing. Besides, you can also use it in several operating systems and devices.

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