Guide:I cannot click the link area (hot zone)

The link area cannot be clicked is usually caused by two problems:

1. The link area is set to a fixed position during runtime, so you cannot click on it during runtime. You can check whether the component is set to the runtime fixed position in the appearance setting panel on the right side of the editing area.

2. The link area is covered (or there is a problem with the layer), you can put its layer on the top bar of the editing area, and then click Run to see if it can be clicked

If the problem cannot be solved by the above methods, please send an Email to our official mailbox, and we will help you troubleshoot and solve the problem as soon as possible.

Email address:

Email subject: I cannot click the link area (hot zone)

Email content:

1) Sharing link of the project and problem page name

2) Screenshot of the problem page (mark out which area cannot be clicked)