Guide:Problem with color picker

1. If you have a Windows computer, the color picker will display black.

This may be caused by the setting of the NVDIA graphics card. You can select the "Automatic selection" option in the 3D settings - global settings - preferred graphics processor selection of the NVDIA graphics card.

Setup tutorial link:

2. If you have a Mac computer, the color picker displays abnormally

It may be that the related permissions of Wondershare Mockitt client are not granted, so the color picked up by the color picker becomes the color of your desktop wallpaper.

You can use the following path settings to restore:

System Preferences - Security and Privacy - Privacy - Screen Recording, just add Wondershare Mockitt

3. If your computer is connected to an external monitor, it may also cause the color picker to be abnormal. You can try to unplug the external monitor first

4. If it is other abnormal situations, we suggest you send an Email to our official mailbox, and we will further help you troubleshoot the problem.

Email address:

Email subject: Problem with color picker

Email content:

1) Abnormal performance (screenshot + text description)

2) The version number of the operating system

3) The version number of the client