Guide:I cannot connect to the server

There are four main possibilities for the failure to connect to the server:

1. The local connection with the server is unstable. Please use the browser (chrome) to open Wondershare Mockitt. If it can be opened normally, this should be the case. Please temporarily use the browser to operate, and then open the client after 20 minutes.

2. The network proxy causes an abnormal connection with the server. If you have opened a network proxy (VPN), please close it completely and then reopen Wondershare Mockitt

3. There are problems with network settings. You can try to modify the DNS to , please refer to the modification operation:

Windows system:

Mac system:

4. Windows Client shows white screen, the connection is not on the server. This may be due to Windows SmartScreen. Once you turn off this feature and restart the client, everything should be able to run normally.

The operation method to disable SmartScreen is as follows:

Shortcut key Win+X- Control Panel - Operation Center - Change Windows SmartScreen filter settings - Do not perform any operation - OK

Specific operation document guide: