Guide:Project is missing

There are several possibilities when the project is missing

1. It was deleted by mistake by yourself or a co-operative member. You can check the project recycle bin in the lower right corner of the project.

2. The viewing location or space is wrong. You can switch spaces in the upper left corner of the project management page and search for keywords in the top bar.

3. The wrong account is logged on. This is most likely the case especially if there are no projects in your account or all the projects have not been edited for a long time.

If it is the third situation or none of the above situations, please send an Email to our official mailbox and we will help you find your project(s) as soon as possible.

Email subject: Project is missing

Email address:

Email content:

1) Wondershare Mockitt account corresponding to the project

2) Previous sharing link of the project

3) The exact name of the project