Steps to Build a Prototype

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:45:34

Prototypes are essential for doing projects in today's developmental environment. Prototypes test the different aspects of the project you're trying to complete, and that is why knowing how to build a Prototype is important if you want your idea or business to flourish in the long run. People ask how to build a prototype, but in hindsight, it's very easy to do.

Knowing how to build a prototype for a startup is essential in today's market, and if a developer is well versed in making prototypes, they'll be able to dodge a lot of problems in the long run. Prototypes are tools that test the waters before implementing something and generally act as a safety net for developers and business startups.

The Best Tool to Build a Prototype:

When it comes to the best tool to build prototypes, then you have yourself Wondershare Mockitt It is a prototype building tool that helps in developing websites, wireframes, and even mobile applications. The variety of features within the application are numerous, and they all help to add to the appeal to the application.

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Wondershare Mockitt was developed to keep team editing in mind. As it is an online prototype developing tool, you can work with other developers to make the best prototypes. Once you've built your prototype, other developers can log on and make changes to it without hindrance. This allows the whole development team to be involved in the project and promotes supervision as well.

And this application has numerous widgets, transitions, and graphics involved, as well. They all add to making the prototypes as appealing, and functionally viable as much as they can. With the sheer number of widgets present in the application, you can virtually add anything within the prototype's confines.

Wondershare Mockitt was developed to give the user the ease of use, and an appealing user interface. The drag and drop feature within the application is phenomenal. Someone that hasn't even developed a single prototype in their life can easily use the features of the application. This is one of the reasons why this tool reigns supreme in the prototype building community, and its reign isn't coming down anytime soon.

How to Build a Prototype

Prototype building in the past was much harder than you can imagine. First, people had to make a rough sketch and then some calculations on paper; they would manually start making a prototype. You can say goodbye to that, with today's technology has given people the ability to make prototypes digitally.

Prototyping digitally is the way to go, and with apps like Wondershare Mockitt, it's a cinch. Making prototypes digitally is useful because you can collaborate with other developers over the internet and rectify mistakes. Talking about rectifying mistakes, you can do over your prototypes hundreds of times, and keep adding changes to it.

When people talk about making prototypes, they think its pretty complex; they couldn't' be further from the truth. When apps like Wondershare Mockitt exist, they are easier than you give them credit for. With so many features present within the application, you can blaze through the developmental cycle's prototyping stage. As a new beginner, you can follow these steps:

Step1: Create a Project

  • Before starting your prototyping adventures, you'll first have to sign in into Wondershare Mockitt of prototype builder. The signup button is located right on the first page of the website, and you have to give your basic information to get started. Once you've signed up, you can start developing prototypes to your heart's content.
  • Upon opening the websites, you'll be greeted with two options. If you already have some experience making prototypes in other prototyping tools, you can click on the building prototype from demos. That's a great option for people with experience, otherwise, click on "create a blank project." With this, you've made the first step to making prototypes.
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Step 2: Choose Device for Your Prototype Building

  • You'll have the option of picking which platform you want to develop on. The options are varied, and whatever options you choose, you'll also be able to choose which version of the platform you want to develop on. Websites, mobile applications, wireframes, etc. you can choose any of them.
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Step 3: Add Widgets

  • On the right side, you have widgets and information. On the left side, you have the screen and the screen number that you're working on. Go to the widget section, and drag the widget you want to do work on.
  • If you can't find any widget, you can search it in the widget search bar. If there are any final touches you want to make within the widgets, then the rightmost menu will help you change the widgets' specifications.
  • And with that, you've successfully made your prototype. You can add transitions, graphics, interactable widgets, and much more. The only advice from here on out is to keep practicing and to have a vision of what your prototype aims to do.
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Step 4. Preview Your Prototype Project

To Preview your prototype on your PC, just click on "Preview" and then interact with your prototype. To preview on mobile, click the "Share" button to get both the project link and QR code. Visit this link using your mobile's browser or scan the QR code to preview your prototype.

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