What is Business Flow Chart And How to Create it

Laura Angelica updated on 2020-09-25 16:26:16

Every successful business back with proper planning done by the professionals. A business flowchart is the first step in the business process. More than half of the business planning is done by business flowchart. It's not difficult to understand the business plan flowchart. Anyone with a business mind can easily understand the workflow of the flowchart.

In this article, we're going to cover all about what exactly is a business flowchart, and which methodologies are used during the development of a business flowchart. Another thing we'll see in last, an online tool to make business process flowchart without any hassle.

So be with us at the end of this article to understand the business flowchart completely.

What is Business Flowchart?

Business flowchart visualizes all the steps that make the business process, and also determine who is responsible for all actions/steps. It's beneficial for analyzing the current workflow, improvements, and communications between the partakers.

In other words, a task that a business needs to carry out to accomplish some sort of business aims by repeating the task again and again.

Suppose you're mapping a business model and you need the steps to complete the business process by hiring employees or ordering or shipping a product. This procedure is also called a Business process flowchart or business flowchart.

It's not necessary to create a business flowchart for only a new business process model; you can create a model/document of an existing business model. The sole purpose of visualizing the flowchart is to gain more information and understanding of the process, inputs, outputs, people to make them more effective and improve the results.

Like any other flowcharts, a business process diagram also uses symbols like ovals, rectangles, diamonds, and arrows to determine the activities inside a business process flowchart.

How to Create A Business Flowchart?

As you already know about the business flowchart and its actual purpose. Now, it's to time to understand how to create a business process flowchart with the help of an example.

business flow chart

Example source: uplandsoftware.com

The above example of a business process flowchart is based on content marketing. We've three simple steps to draw a simple flowchart.

To be honest, everyone can draw flowcharts. But making it accurate according to the requirements isn't that simple. If it's that simple why you'd you be here? Before taking part in a business process development model or creating a business flowchart, you must use the right methodologies and tools to make a flowchart.

Without knowing the steps and methodologies, it's impossible to make a business model or flowchart. Well, it's another thing.

So, move to draw the business process flowchart, you must follow these simple three steps:

Step 1:

As we discussed above, before you start learning about the flowcharts, you should make sure that the flowchart methodology is right for your work.

If your goal is to process analysis, you might need some other tools. You can't do the process analysis from a top-level perspective.

The purpose of the business process flowchart is step by step detailing of the process. They are useless for deep understanding.

Step 2:

Gather the right information for your business process. Suppose, if you are working on a business website then you have to collect the data from the user perspective, not the one who is operating. Create polls on social media to get feedback directly from the users. Try to gain every possible information from the user. The information about the user will be beneficial for you to decide to create a business flowchart.

Step 3:

Everything you got, the information, and the need for the flowchart (right tool). Now, it's time to map all your information graphically in the form of a flowchart before creating a business process flowchart put the exact information inside the right symbol.

If you only want to keep everything simple and straight forward to the viewers, you can use the basic process symbols such as the oval, rectangle, diamond, and arrow. There are other many symbols available for larger or complex structures, but you can use basic shapes for a simple flowchart.

Create a Flowchart Online

Many online tools available to create business flowcharts but here we're going to discuss Wondershare Mockitt. We've tried so many tools for designing purposes, but we liked Mockitt mostly. The reason for using Mockitt is its outstanding and endless features.

business process flow chart

Wondershare Mockitt is just like any other prototyping tool or software that helps you to create beautiful designs and mockups not only that you can make business process flowchart on it. It's a fast, easy, and effective way to create flowcharts with the online tool.

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

Although Mockitt has many unlimited features, we haven't yet explored all of them. But we've tried some features which are as below:

1.Widgets and Icons

Wondershare Mockitt provides unique widgets and icons to enhance and bring charm to your design. These icons and widgets can also be helpful to make business flowchart quickly.


Real-time collaboration has made communication among team members has made it accessible to everyone. Now, you can design and communicate with your team members at the same time. Isn't that amazing?


All of your information and data will store on Wondershare Mockitt secured servers. Wondershare Mockitt has zero-tolerance with its security policies.

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