Top 9 Free Online Flowchart Makers

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:09

You might think that creating a flowchart is a waste of time and a mundane thing to do. But, you cannot deny that a flowchart is a highly effective and interactive method to systematize the work. It helps us understand things better and helps create a sequence of events, just like an algorithm. As far as creating one is concerned, you can use an online flowchart maker. This allows you to leverage from the drag and drop method of adding different sorts of items and elements used in a flowchart. It can have any kind of shapes, lines, arrows, and other vectors. However, choosing the right tool will also serve to your benefit.

So, here are the top 9 online flowchart makers that you can for free.

These free online flowchart makers can help your work

1. Lucidchart

online flowchart maker

The name Lucidchart is synonymous with the best free flowchart maker as it provides the users with a multitude of tools and options. The drag and drop mechanism is exceptionally fluid, and managing your flowchart is also a breeze, irrespective of the size.

Moreover, you can also access some of the most common exercises that use a flowchart via ready-to-go templates. Just one click and you will have your flowchart ready to be edited.


  • Easy to Use
  • Limited Collaboration with the Free Version
  • Accessible from any sort of device


  • The flow lines you need to connect items is a bit tricky with Lucidchart.

2. Draw.Io

free flowchart maker

The best part about this tool is that you don't need to make an account; just open it up and start working. You can also integrate it with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and local storage. Creating a new flowchart on the platform is easy, and you can also use the pre-existing templates.

Draw.Io also supports multiple file formats allowing the user to add customized images to the flowchart as needed. This online flowchart maker is fast, tidy, and does not jumble everything.


  • Easy to use and automatically saves the work.
  • No need to enter your details or accounts


  • Can get slower with longer work hours
  • Complaints about glitches mid-work.

3. Cacoo

free online flowchart maker

Cacoo is known for its collaborative freedoms that allow multiple users to work on the platform in real-time. With this free online flowchart maker, the user can enjoy a wide array of work benefits, including the fluid drag and drop work system.

Plus, you can create Venn diagrams, wireframes, and various other types of diagrams with ease. Cacoo is also known for its wide items and elements library, which makes it a versatile tool fulfilling all the needs of a user.


  • Embedded chat features to communicate within the tool.
  • Creates a memo automatically to keep track of the users.


  • It is a bit pricey and only allows for a 14-day free trial.

4. Gliffy

flowchart maker free download

Gliffy is a bit raw when it comes to creating flowcharts, which is also good because it helps generate original ideas. Gliffy is not only a free online flowchart maker, but it also works offline, so the users can work on it without leaving the browser.

Collaboration is also possible in a way that you can share the files and the other users can add comments or notes in the design.


  • The best part about Gliffy is its easy operation.
  • Different users can also track the changes as required.


  • The collaboration is not as smooth as it is with other tools.

5. Wireflow

flowchart online maker

Well, if you are a web designer or developer, Wireflow is one of the best online flowchart makers that you can use. It is intuitive, interactive, and helps create beautiful flowcharts.

The drag and drop functionality embedded into the tool makes it easier to use and create customized flowcharts. Ultimately, this is the tool to get the job done in less time and with efficiency. After creating the flowchart, you can also export it into other formats and share it with others.


  • Allows Real-time Collaboration allowing multiple users to work at once.
  • You can also make the diagrams public or private with this flowchart online maker.


  • It takes a lot of time and scrolling to find the right template; there is no search option.

6. Textografo

flowchart maker & online diagram software

Textografo caters to professionals from almost every field and helps them create custom flowcharts with complete versatility. It boasts an excellent interface and comes pre-fitted with various flowcharts, mind maps, and decision trees, among others.

As an online flowchart maker, it is based on the cloud. This means that any user can gain access to the tool from anywhere. Furthermore, the text to language ability of the platform allows learned individuals to draw and create diagrams by inserting specific keywords and hashtags.


  • It comes pre-loaded with some amazing and creative flows and designs.
  • The charts and designs are shareable with other users.


  • Not completely free, users are required to buy a plan for better items and templates.

7. Visme

best free flowchart maker

Visme is an excellent option for every individual looking to create easy to understand and make flowcharts. This online tool can act as a flowchart maker & online diagram software. It is many shapes that you can add and link them with each other interactively.

Moreover, the users can also create custom charts by changing the backgrounds and colors to make the designs look more appealing and interactive. For the newbies, there are tutorials and walkthroughs available for learning how to use the tool.


  • It provides many infographics that you can add in the flowcharts to make them more interactive.
  • It is straightforward to edit, add text, and create follow-up sequences with it.


  • Placing the items on a specific place can get a bit tricky sometimes.

8. Smartdraw

best online flowchart maker

Smartdraw has got appreciation from a lot of professionals and working individuals because of its easy to pick and edit templates. Added to this, the Smartdraw free online flowchart has a feature that aligns the charts and process sequences automatically.

This means that if you delete or add an element in between, the rest of the design will align flawlessly. Apart from integrating with online tools like Google Docs, it can also integrate with offline tools, including MS Office.


  • Easy to save and easy to share, multiple user collaboration is allowed.
  • The SmartDraw customer support team is accessible at zero cost.


  • The lack of exporting files from the device can cause a hindrance to the work.

9. Creately

online flowchart maker

Creately is an interactive and dynamic online flowchart maker that excels at team collaboration. The best part is that users can also have video interactions on the platform for effective communication. To help you design and create the chart, Creately proffers a huge ton of templates made by experts.

This is a tool that is not only efficient but also a lot of fun to work with. From google drive to Jira, you can also work better with its integration ability.


  • Different types of templates resonating with the kind of work profile.
  • Any user can collaborate irrespective of the account type.


  • Customer support is effective but takes a lot of time to revert.

Create a simple flowchart online

Now that you have understood the capabilities and limitations of the top 9 free flowchart makers, here is another option that is the panacea for all the problems. Wondershare Mockitt not only helps you create flowcharts but also animates the process for an amazing and lively experience.

online flowchart maker

Its ability to link and add objects, shapes, items and different sorts of elements truly opens up a multitude of options for the user to create the perfect flowchart.

The right and left sidebars are included with different options that allow formatting the charts. Plus, you will get access to various types of widgets and templates that are built into the platform for better designing.

Mockitt is not just a fantastic flowchart maker, but you can also create website design and application designs for any device and platform.

Here's how to the best free flowchart maker:

Step 1: Create an account free, and then you can start adding elements and items for the flowchart by picking them up from the left sidebar.

free flowchart maker

Step 2: Once you start creating the designs, you can also save the items you have in My Widgets for future use.

Using Mockitt is as simple as it gets. You can also invite multiple users to work on the platform simultaneously and create a better flowchart understood by everyone.

free online flowchart maker

To Sum It Up

Creating an amazing flowchart depends on the user's understanding of the sequence and the key milestones that need to be highlighted in the chart. Such a task can be addressed easily with pre-existing templates, but if you want originality and innovativeness with your design, you must create everything from scratch.

The best free flowchart maker tool like Mockitt helps create the designs from scratch super easy and fun. All you need to know is what kind of flow you want, and it can help make it without fuss.