How to Create a Yes-No Flowchart

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The yes no flowchart shows acknowledgments between different types of categories for an issue. It is helpful if you want to present the results of a survey. The Yes No flowchart is also known as two-fold or butterfly charts. The butterfly charts display the percentage values of the two sections on the same page. It is also called a tornado chart. This flowchart can be helpful if you want to explain the percentage of contrasting views for different questions in survey responses. Wondershare Mockitt can be a great option for you to create a yes-no flowchart easily.

What Is a Yes-no Flowchart

A yes-no flowchart template is widespread in many fields and includes a number of types. They are dedicated to representing the processes, algorithms, and workflows of any complexity in an intuitive and sleek format. Yes and no flowchart is basically used in the software development field as a visualization tool for illustration algorithms, in business for illustration of various business scenarios, in education, in the logic of computer programs, and so on. For creating the yes-no flowchart special object blocks are used, each block has its own way to represent an activity. A rectangle or box block used to represent an activity or a step, a rounded box or an oval box to depict Start / End, a diamond-shaped box to represent the yes-no decision point, a circle is used to represent the point of connection, a parallelogram is used to represent the Input / Output. With SmartDraw flowcharts solution and steps, it is simple to create professional-looking flowcharts yes no-decision diagrams of any complexity degree of detailing. You can succeed in drawing the various flowcharts with predesigned samples, quick-start templates, and long libraries of ready flowchart symbols, shape blocks, and icons. We will discuss the procedure further in steps.

How to Create a Yes-No Flowchart with the Easiest Tool

Mockitt is an online design, prototype, and flowchart tool. Here are the detailed steps for creating a yes-no flowchart.

Step 1. Create a Flowchart Project

After you sign in Mockitt. You need to click the "+ Create" button and then choose "Flowchart".

yes no flowchart

Step 2. Drag Shapes into Your Canvas

Then you can drag the shapes into the canvas. Enter the texts you need. When you click the shape, you will see there are four red arrows in four directions. You can it to anywhere you like, no matter a straight line or a polyline.

Then you will find there is a blue symbol on the center of the line. Double-click it.

yes no flowchart

Step 3. Create a yes-no Flowchart

Then you will see there is a default "Text". Simply type "Yes" or "No" there.

yes no flowchart
yes no flowchart
yes no flowchart

Step 4. Finish the yes-no Flowchart

You can create the yes no flowchart as your requirements. Below is the flowchart I create.

yes no flowchart

How to Create a Yes-No Flowchart in Smartdraw

You can find many online platforms to create a yes-no flowchart but here we will discuss one of them which is SmartDraw. The benefits of using this platform are limitless. It is easy to grasp with a user-friendly interface. It also has templates that will make your work easy.

1. Determine What Process You Would Consider in A Flowchart

yes no flowchart

1. Determine What Process You Would Consider in A Flowchart

It is an obvious step but deciding what process you want to visualize is crucial. In this scenario, we will make a yes-no process flow chart. If you make your flowchart subject too broad, it will become difficult and complicated to understand. It is important to define a good start and endpoint.

It is essential to make a box that surrounds a key process that you are looking forward to examining that's why you should gather critical points in a timely fashion manner. For example, a flowchart for making a hamburger could start with cows raised by farmers, tomatoes, and wheat, or you can just assume these are not the relevant steps you want to illustrate and focus on to make any flowchart.

2. Began with A Suitable Flowchart Template

Just Like the yes-no flowchart template word, SmartDraw also provides flowchart templates. It consists of all the relevant flowcharts symbols and tools at your fingertips to create a productive flowchart instantly. These templates can be beneficial to add shapes and symbols, join or split paths, and more.

There are more dozens of flowcharts examples are available for your inspiration and customization. You can create as many yes/no flowcharts, decision flows, and process models.

3. Create Your Desired Flowchart in Just a Few Clicks

You will just have to click some simple commands and leave the rest to SmartDraw's flowchart creator. Remove or add boxes, SmartDraw automatically arranges and realigns all the elements.

4. Professional Theme for A Special Touch

Flowcharts created in SmartDraw creator will always be ready for presentation. Before your share, export, or print, don't forget to apply a design theme according to the color scheme to give your work a professional touch.

5. Finally Add Your Flowchart to Excel, Word, And Google Docs

SmartDraw's flowchart maker easily integrated with other tools you use. Once you are done creating a flowchart, you can directly insert it into Microsoft Excel, Word, And Google Docs, and Google Sheets. SmartDraw also has similar apps to integrate with Jira and Trello.

More Introduction about the Best Yes-No Flowchart Creator

This process of creating decision yes-no flowcharts takes an amount of hard work and may cost a chunk of money to see results. We are here to give you the best alternative solution so you can save both time and money. Most of the time a company doesn't have a department to handle such a flowchart process, you may want to outsource your circle.

Wondershare Mockitt can be a great option to organize all the parts of a yes-no flowchart process with the assistance of a third-party platform. It is a prototyping tool utilized by many professionals in the field. Users can create flowcharts and execute graphic designing tasks. One of the main advantages of this tool is that any user can create interactive prototyping without any experience. You can create a yes-no process flowchart online without writing a single line of code.

yes no flowchart template

Mockitt is a platform trusted widely by all kinds of people. Users can operate this tool efficiently and get your assignments done quickly and cost-effectively.

You can design models faster with Mockitt's pre-defined library stocked with built-in templates and UI assets.

Timeless collaboration and real-time changes made by team members are included in the features of Mockitt. Mockitt is providing users a list of custom-sized layouts with manageable drag and drop features. Users can easily blend object templates, add combos, and predefined widgets and icons into your graphic design projects. This tool allows you to generate a QR code or URL and share your plan details with stakeholders and clients to receive feedback.

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