How to Create a Website Flowchart (with templates)

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

A flowchart is a diagram that depicts a process, system, or computer algorithm. They are widely used in multiple fields to document, study, plan, improve and communicate often complex processes in clear, easy-to-understand diagrams. Flowcharts, sometimes spelled as flow charts, use rectangles, ovals, diamonds, and potentially numerous other shapes to define the type of step, along with connecting arrows to define flow and sequence. They can range from simple, hand-drawn charts to comprehensive computer-drawn diagrams depicting multiple steps and routes. If we consider all the various forms of flowcharts, they are one of the most common diagrams on the planet, used by technical and non-technical people in numerous fields. And the Website Flowchart is one of the most common ways of use.

A website flowchart helps to understand the structure and makeup of an existing or planned website. The need to create a website flowchart is when your website has a complex structure, or your website is extensive. It's a beneficial technique for sketching out future additions. Mostly, the user flow diagram takes place while creating a website flowchart because there is only one thing that interacts with the websites all time which is the user.

In this article, we're going to create a guideline on how to create a website flowchart. Also, with that, we'll take a brief look at the top website flowchart templates for some inspiration.

So, be with us to witness some fantastic website flowchart templates.

How to Make a Website Flowchart?

As we discussed above, we use the user flow diagram approach to make a website flowchart. A user flow diagram is mostly used to figure out the flow of the website and the user experience (UX).

Website flowchart (User Flow Diagram) will help you with the following:

  • Determine the user flow with accessible communication.
  • Will help you to don't miss any important steps.
  • Help you to make proper decisions on time so that you won't waste any time in design.
  • Also, help you to get feedback from different stakeholders.

If you give time and energy while creating a website flowchart, it may solve many of your problems before implementing the website.

So, don't start making a website flowchart without having the proper knowledge of the user flow diagram. Your guesses of making a flowchart can ruin the whole structure of the website. Learn how to gather data and information to create a website flowchart.

Considering the following steps will ensure that you've collected the right information for your diagram.

1.Discover the User Objectives

You can't create a website flowchart until you discover what your user wants from your website. So, create polls on social media, ask questions, and receive feedback from the user directly.

2.Discover How User Find Your Website

If you're collecting the data or information for a new website, then skip this step. If you are improving your website, delve into the data. Use Google Analytics to collect entry point percentages.

3.Identify What Your User Want from Your Website

This is an essential step while gathering the information for your website. Now, the question is, what actions should a user have to take on your website? Always provide the right information to the users, so they visit your website again and again.

4.Shape Your Website Flowchart

You've collected and analyzed all the information you needed. Now, it's time to shape all the data into the user flow diagram.

In the next step, you'll see the example of website flowchart templates.

5 Website Flowchart Templates for Inspiration

It's time to get witnessed the top website flowchart templates for you to get some inspiration.

1. Templates for website flowcharts

website flowchart

Template Source: Lucidchart

Lucidchart has some of the incredible templates for website flowcharts. The above one is the perfect example of a simple flowchart website template. This flowchart template refers to an eCommerce store website, but you can use this template for different website structures.

As you can see, every page that presents on a website is placed on the flowchart. Now, it's easy to understand the structure of the website.

2. Website flowchart template for making a decision

website flowchart example

Template Source: Creately

Do you want to decide on your website? Here's the flowchart website template for the decision to make. This process decision flowchart is a little bit complex in structure but completely understandable. Whether you want to make a decision for your website or reach a conclusion, it's up to you.

It would help if you kept in mind that you always remember the user perspective while making a decision flowchart. Users must be your priority.

3.Website flowchart template for the decision process

flowchart website design

Template Source: Creately

Here's another template from the same source. This website flowchart template is a simple decision process model with multiple ends. With the addition of some avatars, this flowchart looks more attractive than the previous template and easily understandable.

Although it's not a complex structure, it can give you an idea of how to shape your flowchart with your needs.

4.Website flowchart template for complex structure

 flowchart website template

Template Source: Conceptdraw

Talked about the complex structure? Well, here we have got a complex structure picked from ConceptDraw. Everything defined in this website flowchart is from the backend of the website. You wouldn't be able to see these processes on the website screen.

Only experts can understand this kind of flowchart processing. If you think you're an expert, you can use this template to create a website backend flowchart.

5. Website flowchart template for the development process

website to make flow charts

Template Source: Xbsoftware

The above image is the perfect website template for the complete website development process. Every step that needs to develop an entire website is present in this flowchart.

Well, these were some simple and complex website flowchart structures for inspiration. If you think you're good enough to design these examples from scratch, use these templates for starting.

Create A Flowchart Online

In a hurry? And want to create a website flowchart quickly. Use an online tool to make a website flowchart. There are lots of tools available on the internet to help you start with a flowchart. But the question is which tool should be good enough to make a website flowchart.

Don't get depressed yourself; we already have a tool for you, Wondershare Mockitt.

A flowchart is a diagram that shows the steps of a process in sequential order. In Mockitt, you can use the Flowchart tool to sort out the logic of the process, and you can also show the interactive design.

The flowchart tool in Mockitt has a clean interface, and you can create a complete flowchart by dragging and connecting.

flowchart interface

Steps for How to Create a Flowchart

Step 1. Create a Flowchart

After you log in to Mockittapp, click the "+Create" button and then choose the "Flowchart" option.

create a flowchart

Step 2. Start Drawing the Flowchart

You can simply drag the shape into the canvas.

create flowchart

You can then drag the red arrow to anywhere you like, no matter a straight line or a polyline.

how to create a flowchart

Step 3. Change the Properties of the Flowchart

  • Change the color or the theme of the flowchart.
flowchart color
  • Change the style of the shapes.
flowchart shapes
  • Change the settings for text.
flowchart settings

Step 3. Invite Your Team Members to Co-edit

You can invite your team members to co-edit the flowchart.

flowchart collaboration

Step 4. Download, Preview and Share the Flowchart

You can download, preview and share the flowchart.

flowchart share

You should try the easiest way to create flowcharts and discover why Mockitt is the best flowchart maker.

Also, Wondershare Mockitt is a great prototyping tool use to create beautiful and responsive website designs not only that you can create a website flowchart with the help of its features.

free website flowchart template

Features of Wondershare Mockitt

1.Widgets and Icons

Mockitt provides so many widgets and icons. You can easily design a flowchart with the help of widgets and icons. All you have to do is simply drag an icon and place it onto the canvas.


Wondershare Mockitt gives the freedom to collaborate with team members. Now, you can communicate and create flowcharts at the same time.


Mockitt servers are highly protected from malware and other harmful viruses. No worries, your data and privacy stored on secure servers.

Mockitt is a platform trusted by many professionals. Users can manage this tool efficiently and get tasks done quickly and cost-effectively. This tool can be a perfect guide when it comes to providing a svelte and organized workspace. UI/UX designers can design prototypes faster with Mockitt's pre-defined library full of built-in templates and UI assets. A hiring process flowchart template is also available. Features of Mockitt include timeless collaboration and real-time changes made by team members.

Wondershare Mockitt is providing users a list of custom-sized layouts with manageable drag and drop features. Users can easily blend object templates, add combos, and predefined widgets and icons into their graphic design projects. You can start testing it now by signing up for its demo version.

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