Adobe XD vs InVision, Which is More Suitable for You?

Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

Adobe InVision is a tool that is utilized to implement UX/UI designs. Typically, User Experience (UX) points out all interactions that a user has with either a product or service while User Interface (UI) examines any element that fashions the experience. For instance, how interactive is the product to the user, how does the product appears to the user, and how easy it is for the user to utilize the process and achieve desired results. Adobe XD InVision are two different tools that are used in prototyping. To determine which is better between the two tools, keep reading this piece.

Adobe XD vs. InVision, What’re the differences

If you are up for brainstorming, wireframing, creating mockups, and professional user interface designs, then go for Adobe XD. Adobe XD comes with a robust feature, Adobe Creative Cloud, which ensures you perform all your prototyping processes using a single platform. Accordingly, Adobe XD creates interactive prototypes and facilitates the sharing of work between team members; thus, one can quickly receive feedback.

Another essential aspect of Adobe XD is that it works across Windows and Mac. Therefore, new features come up daily to improve and quicken the design process. As a result, Adobe XD is among the best prototyping tools and is commonly compared to a number of them. Typically, the comparison is as follows, Adobe vs Sketch, Adobe vs Figma, and Adobe XD vs InVision.

When it comes to InVision, you are referring to a prototyping tool that has been created by a designer. InVision is intended to be used by other designers to allow them to form interactive mockups for various projects quickly. InVision is an online prototyping tool that enables users to upload prototype screens that are basic to their projects. The prototype screens naturally come in various software, namely, Sketch and Adobe.

To establish the one which is better in InVision XD, we will compare their features as well as their aspects.

Aspects that differentiate Adobe XD and InVision

1.Price range

Both Adobe and InVision offer free packages. However, free packages come with limited features. Therefore, designers have to purchase the Adobe InVision packages that come with various unlimited features. When you compare the price range of Adobe XD vs InVision, it is enormous. For instance, Adobe XD, which has superior features to InVision, offers different packages with different pricing rates, which generally range from $9.99 to $79.99. The starter package of Adobe XD goes for $9.99, and it gives the users unlimited designing and prototyping tools as well as complete shared documents, links, and editors. On the contrary, the InVision starter package goes for about $15.00 per month, and it provides complete prototyping tools.

2.Ease of use

Although superior features accompany Adobe XD, it is straightforward to utilize once you have familiarized yourself with its components. Equally, there are several tutorials to get you started once you acquire a package from Adobe XD. The very reason that makes it easier to work with Adobe XD is that it does not require apps collaboration; it functions on its own. As a result, one can easily maneuver the Adobe XD tools for wireframing, sharing work, and receiving feedback. Conversely, with InVision, the user has to use multiple UI design alongside other prototyping tools such as Sketch and InVision Studio.

3.Support System

InVision vs XD provides in-person support to business enterprises, but Adobe goes the extra mile by facilitating an online support system that is lacking in InVision. When it comes to the training system, Adobe XD vs InVision provides training in the form of webinars, documentation, and video tutorials.


InVision studio vs Adobe XD features facilitate web designers during prototyping sessions. In the case of Adobe XD, the features hasten the speed of prototyping and permit the user to improve both mobile apps and website design. On the other hand, most users prefer to use InVision as a presentation tool though it constitutes features that are powerful enough to wireframe.

Here is a comparison table for adobe InVision features

Features Adobe XD InVision
Animation Yes Yes
Collaboration Yes Yes
UX Prototyping Yes Yes
Software Prototyping Yes No
Templates Yes No
Prototype Drag Gestures Yes No
Usability Testing Yes No
UI Prototyping Yes No

5.Number of Users

A team or an organization can use the Adobe XD prototyping tool so it supports 10-1000 users. However, the InVision tool can be utilized by an individual or a team, so its user ranges from 1 to 1000.

The Best Adobe XD and InVision Alternative in 2020

Wondershare Mockitt Wireframe Tool

Wondershare Mockitt a web-based tool that functions to build mobile applications and other prototypes. It permits the creation of prototypes for various platforms, for instance, Android and iOS devices. When it comes to utilization, you don’t need to download the Wondershare Mockitt software. All you have to do is log-in to the software and click on “Create Project” then start prototyping.

adobe xd vs invision

Main Features of Wondershare Mockitt:

The following are Wondershare Mockitt features

  • Simple to utilize
  • Independent software
  • Permits Real-time collaboration
  • Default Templates
  • Cloud Editing
  • Allows personal customization
  • Asset Library consists of 100 plus Icons

Why go for Wondershare Mockitt instead of Adobe InVision

  • Wondershare Mockitt comes with several built-in widgets and icons; hence one can utilize them to design beautiful interfaces easily.
  • The mobile apps that are created by Wondershare Mockitt become interactive very fast. Similarly, the user can share designed mobile apps efficiently with other devices such as laptops.
  • Wondershare Mockitt, as a prototyping tool, comes with predefined templates that make it simpler for users to work on their mobile and web projects. On the other hand, the default templates help the user to produce consistent and clear projects. Thus, Wondershare Mockitt software promotes efficiency in projects.
  • Wondershare Mockitt comes with predefined codes that facilitate quick and easy coding. Therefore, the user doesn’t require further coding to set up variables when prototyping.
  • When it comes to project development, Wondershare Mockitt has a Handoff feature that allows the users to inspect and discuss ways to improve their project. Furthermore, Wondershare Mockitt Software has cloud storage, which permits users to sync every other project they have worked on.

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