How to Create Wireframes in InVision

Peter Martinez updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:15

Creating an invision wireframe is an easy task that you can even perform in just a couple of minutes and even without designing skills. However, to do this you will need to employ the best tool for creating wireframes in your device. Mobile App, a desktop program as well as web-based programs can be used to create wireframes, but you will need to know the best tool to use by checking out their pros and cons. In this guide, we will introduce the best tools, InVision, and Wondershare Mockitt that you can effortlessly use in designing your wireframe.

How to Create Wireframe with InVision

Below is how to create wireframes in invision

Step 1: Creating a Invision Wireframe Project

Visit the InVision official websites from your browsing tool. Click on the 3 menu bars located at the top left corner of the screen and enter your email and password to log in into your account.

Once in the program, click on the + Create button and select the Freehand option to begin drawing your wireframe with the invision wireframe tool.

Step 2: Setting the Name for Your Invision Wireframe

Type the name of your project in the text box that appears in the next window. Click on the pencil tool in the right-side toolbar and starting drawing your wireframe sketches. Alternatively, you can use the shape tool to draw rectangle, circle, and lines perfectly.

Step 3: Design the Text Box

Once done, drawing the shapes, click on the Text tool, draw the text box where you need it to be, and type the information that you need to be included in the text box. More so, you use the Bold, Italic, and even align the text as you wish.

Step 4: Export the Invision Wireframe Project

When done designing your invision wireframe examples or the ones you've created, click on the three periods on the top right end of the window to export the project as an image.

InVision doesn't have the widgets and icons that can be used in creating wireframes hence you will have to use the mouse to draw the frames yourself. InVision does not the wireframe tools however, it is the best tool in creating Prototypes.

The Pros and Cons of Using InVision to create Wireframes


  • An efficient tool in creating clickable prototypes and with multiple screens in your project.
  • InVision can be integrated with special software and plugin such as Sketch and they simply the uploading of sketches and wireframes into the program.
  • InVision makes it easy to add interactive elements like drop-down menu, buttons, and also simulates the hover states.
  • Wireframing in invision allows the addition of teams in the design project and they can easily add comments, insights, and feedback about the project.
  • The interface of the program is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly.


  • InVision doesn't support the saving of reusable and favorites styles.
  • The free account allows only one project per account.

How to Create Wireframe with InVision Alternative

Besides InVision, there are much more Applications, desktop as well as web-based programs that you use to create a smooth and seamless wireframe. However, you take note that each of the software has its strength and weakness hence you will need to choose the best tool for the task that you will be undertaking. Wondershare Mockitt is a special and amazing tool that you would not regret using it in creating wireframes design. The program has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy to use even by newbies to designing.

 invision wireframe

Check the main features of this tool below as you get to know what you will be found in the program;

  • The library of the program is rich and abundant in icons, widgets, and templates that you can use in designing your wireframe project.
  • It allows you to add team and members to your project hence facilitating collaboration of the team in your project.
  • Enjoy the cloud services in the program that makes the project accessible to you anytime and anywhere.
  • The program is highly secured by a 128-bit SSL protocol and has a multi-level disaster recovery backup.
  • You can also easily share your project using a link or a scan code in the program.

Here are steps to create wireframe with wondershare mockitt

Step 1: Creating a New Project

Visit the official website on your browser and enter your credential, username, and password to login to the program.

Click on the "Create Project" tab on the program's homepage. From the next window that appears, you can either click on the Blank Project option or the Create Project from Demos alternative. Select the First option if you desire to create your wireframe from scratch. Specify the title of your project in the blank text box just below the Blank option.

invision wireframe tool

Step 2: Designing Your Wireframe

Begin by designing the page layout of the wireframe project before you start adding widgets and icons.

Once done, you can effortlessly insert widgets and icons into the Canvas by dragging and dropping them from the "Fast Widgets" on the left side of the screen. One of the amazing features of Wondershare Mockitt is the ability to save favorites and customized widgets and icons. This is simply done by dragging and dropping them in "My Widget" panel.

invision wireframe examples

Step 3: Preview Your Wireframe

When your wireframe is done, you need to preview and test your Wireframe. You can either preview it on PC, mobile, or offline. To preview on PC, click the "Preview" and interact with your wireframe. Click the "Share" button to get the project link and QR code. Then you can scan the code on your mobile device or use the link to view your wireframe.

how to create wireframes in invision

Tips on How to Create Wireframe with InVision

Tips and tricks are very helpful and essential especially if you need to create amazing wireframes effortlessly.

  • Only start creating your wireframes once you have a clear and similar objective with your boss or client on the wireframe object.
  • Sketching wireframes may seem outdated, however, it is very helpful and comes in handy in deciding the layout of the program.
  • Colors are known to add beauty but in a wireframe design, it can be somewhat distracting. If the color has to be used, then it should be done sparingly.
  • Maintain consistency in fonts, spacing, type, buttons, widgets, and icons across the program.
  • Share your project or simply add team members in your project to get insight, comments, and recommendations regarding your wireframe project.