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Peter Martinez updated on 2020-09-25 17:19:49

UX/UI design is a term used to enhance the user’s experience of a product for instance how the product feels. Various tools are available nowadays for implementation of UX/UI designs out of which the best two tools are Axure and InVision. To determine which is the best prototyping tool we compare them Axure and InVision. In other words, a newbie is forced to compare Axure with InVision (Axure vs InVision). It could get hectic for a newbie person to decide which is best for his/her team or organization as many aspects have to be kept in mind before choosing a tool for prototyping.

Axure RP vs. InVision, What’re the differences

To create web-based as well as application-based prototypes with amusing animations, ironic details, and countless transitions. One of the best wireframing and rapid prototyping tools is Axure. Axure is a very reliable, powerful, and tremendous tool that is used by teams.The Axure RP team has been around for a long time making this powerful tool and updating it frequently with a lot of features that professionals would require.

As Axure is among the best prototyping tool, it is often compared with a lot of similar prototyping tools. The comparison includes Axure vs Sketch, Uxpin, and Axure, Axure vs Figma, and MockPlus but the most usual comparison is between Axure and InVision.

A prototyping tool created by the designer which is intended to use by designers that allows them to swiftly build interactive and astounding mockups for their projects is known as “InVision”. InVision is mainly an online web-based wireframing tool that permits designers to upload basic prototype screens. These screens are usually designed in various software, for instance, Sketch and Adobe. InVision is great when it comes to collaboration. We can find which one is better by comparing their feature as well as aspects of Axure and InVision.

Aspects which differentiate Axure and Invision

1.Price range

The difference between the pricing range of Axure and Invision is huge. As Axure offers a lot more features than InVision however, the price range of Axure is also very high. Axure provides different packages with several features in different price ranges. The starter package of Axure is about $29 providing users with features including unlimited prototypes, reviewers, 1000 projects in the cloud, and more. However, InVision’s starter package is free but it provides limited features with limited resources. Envision also provides a pro package which costs $7.95. This package provides more features than a free package.


Axure has a vast variety of features but these features make it hard for newbies understand the complete functionality of this professional prototyping tool. Whereas, despite all the features that InVision provides, instead of being used as a wireframing tool user use InVision for a presentation tool.

Features Axure RP InVision
Drag and Drop
Software Prototyping
UI Prototyping
Usability Testing
UX Prototyping
Version Control

3.Ease of use

Axure has many complex features and functionality which makes it challenging for users to properly understand the tool.

There are many tutorials on Axure features, but regardless of all the tutorials, it is very hard for newbies to get used to it. Although Axure makes it easier for users to use the prototypes as the prototypes in Axure are perfectly working and free of any bugs. InVision provides us with great ease of sharing all projects to any client you want. Comparing Axure and Invision, the InVision tool is very easy to use and smooth in providing users with a flawless interface. The presentation of the InVision tool is astounding and makes it perfectly understandable.

4.Support System

Axure and InVision provide support in business hours, but Axure also provides an online support system while on the other hand InVision is lacking this feature. The training system of Axure offers webinars and documentation only however, InVision is offering webinars, documentation, and live online training sessions as well.

5.The ideal number of users

Axure tool is used by the team and organizations so it’s ideal number of users ranges from 10-1000 plus users, whereas the InVision tool is can be used by a single individual or a team/organization so it’s ideal number of users ranges from 1-1000 plus users.

The Best Axure and InVision Alternative in 2020

Wondershare Mockitt provides you with predefined templates for your mobile and web projects. With the Wondershare Mockitt tool, it does not matter that you are a newbie or a professional because it provides predefined codes, templates, and designs. It also provides cloud storage in which you can sync your every project. Users can create prototypes in any mobile firmware they desire. This tool can be in comparison with Axure and InVision, for instance, Axure vs InVision vs Wondershare Mockitt.

In other words

Why Wondershare Mockitt and not Axure and InVision?

Wondershare Mockitt is better than any other prototyping tool because of the following major reasons:

  • Wondershare Mockitt, with its simple, clear and handy product design interface, makes it easier for designers to work. A person with a lot less technical knowledge can also use Wondershare Mockitt for prototyping.
  • Axure is way more difficult to use then InVision and Wondershare Mockitt but also compared to InVision, Wondershare Mockitt is a lot simpler to handle and use. If you are a freshie or want to work on your own, Wondershare Mockitt is the best tool to start.
  • As a professional, you have to keep different factors in mind before choosing a tool and pricing is one of that factors. When it comes to pricing, Wondershare Mockitt, no doubt is the best prototyping tool providing very economic packages with a numerous number of features.
  • Wondershare Mockitt is platform independent, both IOS and Android users can use the product designed in it.
  • Real-time collaboration is supported by Wondershare Mockitt. This feature lacks in both Axure and InVision which gives Wondershare Mockitt more preference.
  • Wondershare Mockitt is altogether a powerful and handy 3 in 1 tool which allows prototyping for IOS and android mobile applications and web applications as well.


Wondershare Mockitt has the following features which makes it exclusive.

  • Easy to use and is handy.
  • Real-time collaboration.
  • Economic pricing.
  • Predefined Templates
  • Cloud Editing.
  • Platform independency.
  • Support System.

Quick guide to get started with Wondershare Mockitt

Step 1: Create a new project.

The first step is to create a new project. You will sign up and after you will be in for creating your first project. Choose the platform you want to create the project for, for instance like here we are creating a project for a mobile. After you select mobile, there will be an option below to choose the device for which you are creating it and that is going to be iPhone X for us. Selecting here “Mobiles” will take you to the next section which is the next step.

Step 2: Design the project.

Now, after choosing the device for your project, you have to design your project. Several options are available like you can adjust size of your icon, splash, home screen and more. A complete interface will open for you to design according to your needs.

Step 3: Preview and sharing the app/prototype/animation

There are only 2 methods to preview a prototype for mobile.

  • To preview the prototype on mobile, you can click “share” button to get the sharing link to open link on your mobile. You can also share your prototype to others using this method.
  • An app named “Wondershare Mockitt Player” can be downloaded from App/Play store to log in and preview your prototype.

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