10 Creative 404 Page Design Ideas Inspire You

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:59

You are searching for something on the browser, and suddenly the page shows you something like that “Error-404 Page not found.” These are also known as broken links. This type of error occurs when you try to access a removed page, content gets deleted, or any changes in the permalink. 404 error can misguide your customer, which can lead them to leave your site for good. So, it’s better to develop an impressive 404 page design and redirects the users where you want them to land on a particular page.

In this article, we will show you the different 404 page design examples so you can make use of them. Plus, it also affects your rankings on search engines. So, always be creative while creating 404 page design.

There’s another thing you should do it right is to find a useful prototyping tool that helps you to create the best 404 page designs.

Don't worry; we have a perfect tool for you so you can take benefit from it.

Good 404 page design prototyping tool for your design

Design an impressive and attractive 404 page design can be tricky for the designers, especially for the new ones. You have to be very creative while creating a 404 page design, choosing the right tool that helps you to increase your creativity. There are hundreds of prototyping tools in the market to create 404 designs.

But we find Wondershare Mockitt a perfect and easy tool to develop the best 404 page design.

Brief Intro of Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is a prototyping tool or software that helps you design incredible user interfaces, layout designs, or smartphone layout designs without difficulty. A simple tool for those who have zero knowledge of coding. We choose this tool because we know many new designers just started their profession as web designers or application designers; it will be easy for them to begin their professional life with Mockitt.

Well, that’s a brief intro with some spice to it. Now move forward to its features that will help you to create beautiful 404 page designs.

404 page design

Features & Advantages

  • Assets

    Mockitt offers many widgets and default built-in templates for the users. The templates and widgets are placed in the “Asset Library.” Usually, 404 page designs don’t require any complex structure to design. All you have to do is to create a useful, visually presented page design.

  • Designing

    Mockitt helps to create the best 404 page designs for your website. All you need is to drag the elements and drop them accordingly onto the canvas. Get designing ideas and implement your thoughts onto your website by using Mockitt. Where to get 404 not found page design ideas? We’ll discuss this below, so stay with us to the end.

  • Cloud | Collaboration

Mockitt gives you online access to your project so you can easily save, edit, preview, and share your plan with other members of the project.

So, this was a brief intro & some features of Mockitt. If you have any queries about Mockitt, feel free to contact us or visit their site for more exciting features.

10 Best 404 pages design websites as a perfect example

As we discussed above, designing a perfect and exciting 404 page design is very crucial for designers. A good 404 design helps your site to maintain customer trust level.

So, we have collected some creative 404 page designs from different websites for you.

1. Lego

Just look at the design of Lego’s 404 page design. How user-friendly the design of the 404 page looks? This looks fun to us, creating the best 404 page designs. There’s no technical wording use on that design but still comfortable for customers to understand easily. A big-branded website always respects its visitors. They don’t want to see their customers leave their site for good.

Here’s a great example in this 404 page design that redirects their visitors to their main landing page. See, that’s how they turn the lost visitors into customers.

2. List25

This is an incredible 404 page design from a listing website. List25 offers 25 different explanations on different topics. So, this website has a large number of users daily. Also, they have massive interactions on social media platforms. We are going to tell you why this design is so fantastic? List25’s 404 page acts as a portal between the customer and the content on their website. If any user somehow manages to access 404 pages, then how this page redirects them back to their site.

There are three pages that they want to redirect their users. They provided a “Search for Website,” “Report a Problem,” and “Back to the Homepage,” so the user should not leave their site for a minute.

Plus, there’s another thing that amazed us, if you scroll down a bit, you’ll see an advertisement banner on a 404 page. Seriously!  Who’d place ads on a 404 page? Well, they did.

3. BrettTerpstra

A simple 404-page design of BrettTerpstra that forces the visitors to stay on their site. Well, this design is different from what we have seen in List25. List25 was using advertisements on their 404 pages and BrettTerpstra promoting their content in the 404 page error. How remarkable people use error pages to promote their products and force visitors to stay on their sites.

4. Steve Madden

Here’s another shopping store that is promoting its product even on an error page. Steve Madden is an eCommerce website that supports shopping for men and women footwear. Steve Madden has an excellent and straightforward 404 design for their site. They present their trending footwear for men and women on 404 not found page.

5. 9GAG

9GAG, the most popular social media website that allows users to upload and share the content of users and other social media platforms/websites. Now, let’s back to 404 page design of 9gag. There’s nothing so special or intriguing about their error page. So, why we put this website page on our list? The only purpose of their 404 page is to download their application, and they don’t even want anything else from you. That’s a great way to promote their product.

It’s funny that the users have two options either to leave the site or just download the 9gag’s app.

6. OptinMonster

Here’s another example of self-promotion on a 404 page. OptinMonster has a cool looking 404 page design, and they also included a lead magnet to it. This page is offering a download on “How to convert abandoning visitors into revenue.” It’s an excellent strategy of promoting the business by placing a lead magnet on the 404 page design.

7. Marvel

Are you a big fan of Marvel Studios? After visiting their website, you’ll also become a fan of their website. Marvel has an amazing user-friendly website layout design, and the same goes for the 404 page design. Creativity at its best. Marvel does a fantastic thing in designing the 404 page as they have done in their movies.

There’s nothing special or technical wording used in Marvel’s 404 design. They just added a phrase “HYDRA has stolen this page from the S.H.E.I.L.D. database! This page design will save the frustration of the lost visitor from leaving the website.

8. Mantra Labs

You have seen advertisements, self-promotions, and lead magnets on 404 pages, but you haven’t seen this type of 404 page design before. Mantra Labs has done a spectacular thing of designing an error page like that. If you yet haven’t seen this page, you must check this page.

Their design has an astronaut who lost in the space, vanishes in the zero digit. Plus, there’s a timer ticking on the page for 10 sec; after 10 sec, the page automatically redirects to the home page.

9. Carwow

We have another brilliant 404 not found page design. And this time, we have the Carwow website page. A car comparison website for buying, lets you find a perfect car for you. Their 404 page provides a smart way to keep their visitors on track. They presented an 8-bit car game for the visitors on the error page. All you have to do is to click on the start text and enjoy the game.

10. Pixar

Like Marvel Studios, here we have another 404 page design, now this time its Pixar Animation Studios. They have the most adorable and good looking page not found design. Pixar featuring sad image is from 2015’s most famous movie named “Inside Out.” The design of the page is simple and straightforward for the visitors. It represents our emotional reaction after landing on a 404 page.

So, these were the best 404 page design ideas you can get inspiration from them.