10 Contact Us Page Design We Suggest Bookmarking

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:43

A contact us page is one of your website's essential pages, as it is a way for anyone to get hold of you. If someone clicks on the Contact us page, it indicates that they are interested in connecting with you and your business. Thus, It is a parameter of getting higher conversions. The contact us page design should be interesting enough to keep the visitor engaged till the last minute. This article showcases ten best contact us page designs that can inspire a visitor to get in touch with the company and the tool that can help you with it.

Good contact us page design tool helps you design better

Here are some aspects of Contact us page UI:

  1. Easily locatable
  2. Phone number and email address
  3. A short-form whose title tells why someone should contact you
  4. Active social media links
  5. Call to action
  6. Memorable and creative design
  7. Your brand's best practices

Now, as you know, what constitutes an excellent contact us page, using a design tool like Wondershare Mockitt, can help you design better and make your contact page design inspiration worthy.

Mockitt is an online handy and professional design tool that can lead to building interactive mockups. The user-friendly design interface makes designing fast, leaving more time to think and add creativity to your project. The following collaborative features offered by the Mockitt platform gives life to your website:

  • The design feature lets you create prototypes and wireframes freely with the help of many built-in icons and widgets. Using drag and drop widgets, you can create a beautiful interface in minutes.
  • The platform is interaction friendly and can prototype or animate apps and websites fast. The static screens can be made interactive with links and transitions.
  • Inspection and Discussion allows one to communicate seamlessly and design accurately and automatically. The platform has code inspection and commenting features.
  • There are plenty of templates that can be used for practical design. The design process is fuelled by precious UI assets and different templates across industries. You can also create an asset library of your own for later perusal.
  • Everything is synced at all times due to Cloud service. There is no time and space limitation. Real-time co-editing and collaboration across devices keep everyone in sync and reduces the burden of downloading and uploading files.
  • The entire enterprise can work together from product managers to developers with Mockitt smoothly.

The 10 Best Contact Us Page Designs

#1: Stripe

Stripe's layout is one of the contact us design that checks all the elements of a successful contact us page. The content has a friendly tone, and the design is clear. The brand doesn't forget to highlight their work and sharp points on the right side, a subtle marketing technique. The contact form has a catchy heading that will make visitors reach out to you. The background is simple but not plain, and the font is professional. Below the form, there is a Call-to-action, and email address also provided. All in all, it's a contact us page that offers significant inspiration.

#2: Basecamp

Basecamp's website contact page design is super personal. The design represents the type of customer service they offer. They inform you about the wait time and boast themselves as the best support service in the business. They have a very contact form that asks specific questions. The variation in the text lifts the design. There is a call to action on the top and social media and other vital links in the bottom. The minimalistic illustrations and patterns are unique and put their achievements in focus. The brand's contact page has a face and personality like no other.

#3: Blue Bottle Coffee

The contact us page of Blue Bottle Coffee is profoundly aesthetic and straightforward. There is a short contact form in the bottom right section. On the bottom left, there are addresses and support e-mail addresses serving the purpose of a Contact us page. There is a signup section on top, which is a great marketing tactic. Instead of a catchy title, there is an image that captures the essence of the brand. The text is in theme colors, i.e., blue and white. The page doesn't stuff much information, but the essential elements make it brilliant and one of our favorites.

#4: Yeti

Yeti's is one of the best contact us page design in HTML code. It sells drinkware and cooler built for outdoors. The background image of the header maintains the outdoorsy and relaxed vibe. The tag line is super creative, and so are the illustrations used for the links. The seven links summarize the services. They have included a ‘send us an email' option and linked the email at the bottom of the page along with significant contact numbers and addresses. Social media links? Check. A unique part of the page is a Thank You for the patience section holding vistor's attention.

#5: ban.do

Find us a cuter contact us page design; we will wait. ban.do sells creative and whimsical notebooks, planners, and accessories. You can tell this by their page's style, bright colors, and fun fonts. On top, there is an animation depicting ringing phones in various colors. The title is cleverly done. The contact us form is in pink and reflects the brand end-to-end. There is a toll-free number at the bottom, which is always a plus. There is a live chat option also. The page does a great job keeping things fun and fulfilling the purpose at the same time.

#6: Let's travel somewhere

As the name suggests, Let's Travel Somewhere is a travel blog. The postcard-themed contact us page captures the essence of the contributors who travel globally. Contact us is an essential component of the page as the goal of the page is to have something from every country. The page is easily accessible, and the ‘Write Nisa' serves to submit pieces online. The message is very personal and offers an insight into the wait time. As a part of call-to-action, the page provides many communication options- Social media links and a pop-up form with very few but essential words.

#7: SquareSpace

Squarespace's contact us page design is outstanding and one of its kind. The design is synonymous with the website's aesthetics. There are six pop-ups on the page; each one is a different customer service department. The page offers easy access to visitors looking for something particular. The symbols on each tab depict the type of department. On moving the mouse over the tab, we see the description of what all it includes. This is not a traditional contact page design but is very detailed. The sub-heading lists why you should contact them—the design is very symmetrical, holding everything together.

#8: Wendy's

Wendy's contact us page is as amazing as the brand. The page gives out the message to contact as per convenience. There is a live chat option, a contact form, and a customer service section. The page has three sections, all designed nicely. The header asks for feedback with an image of burgers in the background. The middle part gives the contact number, and on the left has a snapshot of the conversation. The third section is a ‘leave a message' one completing the motive of the page. The page is made fun and breezy by the pop of colors, smart one-liners, and the use of emojis.

#9: Urban Influence

Urban Influence's contact us page has to be the most space-efficient design on the list. The three sections have been appropriately used. On the top, there is a title and why to contact. The middle section is further divided into two parts. On the right, there is a short contact form, and on the left, the complete address, e-mail address, and phone number are visible. There is a call-to-action between the second and third sections. The last section is unique and has a google map. Urban influence handles creative work, and this reflects in their contact us design also.

#10: Brandaffair

Brandaffair's contact us page's information is very similar to the previous one but doesn't involve scrolling. It's all in one place. The top section is a beautiful picture with the title done in an exciting font. This section speaks for the brand. The bottom part is divided into three frames. The first frame is a Google map. The email address, address, and contact number are included in the second frame. The last frame is unique contact us form wherein you can enter details in a fill in the blanks form. The colors are soothing, and the design is edgy.

Finally, you have all the inspiration and details you need to make an outstanding contact us page. Get started on the project with Mockitt!