8 Awesome Product Page Design Inspiration

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:46:58

A perfect product page design increases the value of your featured product. Like website design, product page design plays a crucial role in the customer perspective. An excellent product page design has the power to turn your visitor into a customer. That’s how important it is to design a perfect product page.

Most designers don't care about the product page layout, which they pay the price for not getting engagements with the customers. These are all factors that everyone needs to focus on. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and drowning your company’s investment with it. So be smart and creative while designing the product layout.

If you haven’t a clue how to design a perfect product page, we listed some best websites that have an excellent visual presentation of product page design. So be with us.

Let’s first discuss which tool is best to design a perfect product page!

Good product page design tool helps you design better

As we discussed above, excellent product page design is essential to generate leads to your featured product. Designing the right product page can be tricky for the new designers because they haven’t tried to design for the market perspective. Similarly, choosing the best software to design a product page or a web page is design is also very important for beginners.

We have already selected the best software for prototyping, so you don't have to wander anywhere.

Wondershare Mockitt

Wondershare Mockitt is the only easy to use tool to create impressive product page designs and web layouts. Why we select this too to design our layouts? There are several reasons for it. We’ll briefly discuss them in this article. Firstly, this tool is very easy and straightforward to use. New designers have higher chance to polish their skills by using this tool. They’ll be able to design professional product page designs and web layouts easily.

product page design

Now, let us tell you about this tool's features.

Features of Mockitt

There are hundreds of new features that you’ll only find in Mockitt.

  • Assets: Mockitt has hundreds of new widgets or elements that you find in Mockitt only. No other tool has such kinds of items. Plus, there are many default pre-designed templates available in Mockitt you can save your time by using them.

    You can edit or customize the widget according to your desired design. Or you can even use them for the future.

  • Design: Mockitt gives you the freedom to create product page design freely. Mockitt gives you a choice to drag and drop facility. You can easily drag any elements from the asset library and drop them on to the canvas without knowing the code. Now you don’t have to remember the code, Mockitt will take care of it.
  • Cloud/Collaboration: Mockitt gives you the cloud facility to work anywhere you want in the world where you have internet availability. Mockitt lets you manage your project and members with its collaboration feature. Now you can co-edit, preview, and review your project and keep every member of the project updated through this tool.

Now it's time introduced to see our best product page design examples; you should get inspiration from them.

Top 8 Best Product Design Page of 2020

Almost half of your website traffic depends on your product design page. If you have an excellent designed product page, you can get leads from customers. Some product landing page examples we have collected for new designers to get inspiration.

1. Bellroy

Here’s we have first in our list the Bellroy, an eCommerce Website. This website as a good product page design; that’s why it stands top on our list. Everything that a customer wants for satisfaction is right the product landing page. Most eCommerce websites put featured/product images on product landing pages, but this site has a featured product video for their customers. That’s an excellent choice of product landing page design.

2. Sun of a Beach

Sun of a Beach! What a name for a beach products selling website. The product page’s design is effortless, not much of the fancy design used to create a landing page. The fonts style and size is very readable and clear. Everything related to the product is right at the front of the page, either it is description, specifications, and featured images. If you scroll down to the page, you’ll find product-related items, and the most elements are product reviews. Product review is the must thing element on the product landing page.

3. Forever 21

Forever 21 has a fresh-looking product page design. Everything present on their landing page the product rating, price, size, and product information on the left side makes the design more attractive for the customers. Like Sun of a Beach, this website didn’t use any complex structure or element on the page.

What we most liked about the Forever 21 is their user interface. This user interface will help their customers to browse and shop faster with the mobile app-like interface. Everything is right on point and perfectly placed.

4. Johnny Cupcakes

Well, that’s the user-friendly interface design we were talking about. Johnny Cupcakes has a beautiful product landing page design for its eCommerce website. Fancy font styles and a superb color choice makes the page more engageable. You’ll see about the product description, price, quantity, and product images all at once. There are some animation uses during loading the page.

From our point of this product, the design page is much better from others.

5. Insta360 Store

Insta360 looks very friendly for the customer perspective. There is a scrollable product information view, so users don’t scroll the whole layout. Everything is clear as a crystal in this website design. There’s a customer support service right at the center of the right-sided area. This floating widget is essential or a must thing for a product page design.

Most new designers don’t bother to place a floating button (Customer Service Support) on the product landing page. If you scroll down a bit, you’ll see the product’s overview where the product is explained in detail. If any information goes from the above, you’ll find it here in the overview section.


Made is a furniture selling website and has a similar way of presenting its product like Sun of a Beach we discussed above. The page navigation looks comfortable with clear buttons and a beautiful visual presentation of products.

Below down, you’ll see a complete look of the product, and if you are not satisfied with the pictures, you can also watch the product video below.


BRATLEBORO looks as simple as you like. This website design has an Instagram friendly layout. The color schemes used in product page design look shaky, but they did a fantastic work on user experience. They made the look so pleasing and comfortable for the customers. Also, they added high-quality images of their product so that they feel the real experience through photographs.

Deep down, you'll see the detailed prescription of the product with related products.

8. 69|Sixty-Nine

Personally, this website is something special. This website design is so realistic that it will force you to say wow! Pictures are flying everywhere. Sixty-Nine’s product page design has everything only that is necessary for the product. No unnecessary things related to products included in product landing page design.

Well, this website deserving an Award! No doubt about that.

These were the best product page designs you should get inspired by and take advantage of them.