Top 8 “Meet The Team” page design examples

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:06

“Meet the Team” page highlights the strongest asset of your business: The team. There can be a whole dedicated page or an extension of ‘About us’ that introduces your employees to your visitors. The team page design is all about transparency and personal touches. Long gone are the days of impersonal sales. Today, it’s essential to provide an intimate and personalized experience, putting faces to position titles and names is a great way to do so. In this article, we list the top 8 team page design templates and how you can create your own!

Design your team page online

Before we look at the best team page web design, it’s essential to know what are the characteristics that make it the best:

  • Personality- The page is human and speaks to the reader.
  • Graphics- A good meet the team page design includes real images, quality graphics, and headshots
  • Access- The page should include email addresses and ways to connect with your people.
  • Story- The content should highlight the people in the best way possible, and the team page web design should be a reflection of who you or your brand really is.

If you are looking to create a unique “Meet The Team” page, Mockitt is an online prototyping and collaboration tool that can let you include the following in your design:

  • Employee Photos- You can add real photos or avatars for each person
  • Social Media Links- LinkedIn or Twitter links can be an excellent way for your customers to connect with the employees
  • Animations- You can animate the whole page or just particular profiles and the way they transition
  • Detailed profiles- You can either have just the necessary information or extended profile information using sliders or modal windows.

Wondering how? The following features offered by Wondershare Mockitt have made it possible:

team page design
  • Design- Quick and beautiful prototypes can be designed, and dynamic effects can be built without coding knowledge.
  • Asset Library- The platform’s asset library allows both individuals and teams to design efficiently true to their brand.
  • Efficient presentation and Review- Smooth enabling and efficient communication are pillars of good design, and this feature speaks for itself.
  • Handoff- This feature is specially built to meet the needs of the developers and free the designers.
  • Cloud editing- Mockitt lets you enjoy the efficiency and freedom of Creation in the Cloud.

Can’t visualize an idea ‘Meet The Team’ page yet? Here is some major our team page design inspiration!

Top 8 Our team page design template examples


Humaan’s team page web design is very human and relatable. The background is a full-page size quality photo of the team in yellow t-shirts and striped shorts with bananas and white socks. The colors are calming, and the text ‘We’re only humaans’ is well blended. As we scroll down, the background changes to black from yellow with a moving picture of each employee and description. The last section of the page has a lot of beautiful pictures and group pictures and a list of team qualities. The page is very well conceptualized, and the contact details are at the very end. All in all, the page is playful along with being professional.


Lateral is a development and design studio that has gone all out with its team website page design. Initially, you see a page with a lot of circular headshots in black and white. As you move the cursor over a particular headshot, the picture turns colored, and the team member’s name is displayed. The photo poses of each employee represents their unique personality. If this was not enough, the designers took it to another level by making the page interactive and making the head move in the direction of the mouse. When one headshot is highlighted, that person looks at you and others towards them—a very unique and simplistic design for a meet the team page.

#3: 6tematik

6tematik is a French agency, and like their name, their meet the team page design is un-traditional. The background is done in black and the text in French. Instead of using the usual headshots, they have used modern silhouettes with the different features of the team member such as spectacles, hair, or beard highlighted in neon pink or aqua depending on gender. This is very different from a typical team member page. There is a unique spot with a cup of coffee, inviting potential new hires. From the colors to the concept, the page stands out. With every headshot avatar, the name of the employee is in bold with their title.

#4:Globule Bleu

Another website in French which is super aesthetic and has all the feels. The central part of the page has a wall panel/honeycomb design. Each part of it consists of an image that describes the job roles of the employees. For example, there is a photo of a blow dryer used for a web Hairstyle creator. From lego man to sports shoe, each image is in black and white and has layers. This our team page design template is completely different from all other pages we found on the web. On focusing on a particular panel, the name and job title of the employee are shown. More than anything, the design is simple and puts out only what’s needed.

#5:Advantix Digital

Advantix Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency located in Dallas that is rapidly going. The services offered by them include SEM, SEO, programmatic advertising, Web Design, and SMM. The first look of the page has a faded photo in the background with the title ‘IT’S ALL ABOUT THE TEAM’. The second section includes the images of all employees clicking on, which opens up a detailed profile. The next section is quite impressive. On the left, there is a small description of the team and what they do. On the right, we can see qualities of employees such as pet owners, multilinguals, etc. This adds personal touch like nothing else.


The design is slightly similar to Advantix but more classic. Luminary is an award-winning digital experience creator in business since 1999. The Australia based company specializes in large-scale projects. Their colorful, energetic design is also reflected in their team page design. They have a big team of ‘digital warriors’. A photo of every employee on a black background and in different poses is available on the page. The pictures are of high quality and draw much attention. Each photo is a hyperlink that opens up a new page with a full detailed employee profile.

#7:Major Tom

Major Tom is a digital agency with offices in Toronto, New York, and Vancouver. They combine top-level strategy with technological capabilities and implementation. The get to know the team page is because of the parallax scrolling design. The design has character and visuality, which is a reflection of the agency. The page showcases the team and captures Major Tom’s approach. There are many pictures on the page showing the team in action, and the background is majorly white. The titles are animated, and there are other GIFs available too. The page shows both the fun and professional side of the employees, making it look genuine.

#8: Kota

Kota is another digital design agency that has made it to the list. They are London based and specialize in web development, digital marketing, branding, and web design. Their team page design template clearly tells what they specialize in. The background is basic white with a splash of fluorescent colors. The ‘team page’ is at the bottom of their ‘about us’ page. On the page, they have photos of their team members. Each photo is layered by a close up picture. The final animation is done in pink, and so is the text on the page. The detailed information of each member can be found by clicking their photographs.

You know to have the best designs in the industry, and you can bookmark these for your ‘meet the team page’. With Mockitt, you can create beautiful and purposeful pages efficiently and less because of the features like drag and drop. Get started today!