How to Create an Online Page Design

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:48:08

If you are looking for best ideas to design online page design for your website then this article will be a great guide for innovations. The front page of the website gives the first impression to the website visitors and it should be designed with utmost care. The home page must trigger excitement in the visitors and ignite them to move on to explore the products and services of your business activities. It is high time to find out effective ways to design an impressive online page to obtain desired results. Connect with your target audience through compelling webpages to boost the sales rate within a short span. Select the best tool and acquire creative ideas for an incredible home page design for your business website.

How to create an online page design with Wondershare Mockitt?

It is the perfect time to design an excellent online page design using a stunning online prototyping tool Wondershare Mockitt application. You do not have to download the design apps anymore to create a persuasive website for your needs. The Mockitt tool serves you with ample features to build a highly responsive webpage design. You can boost the business productivity by pushing your imaginations beyond limits using in-built templates and asset library in Mockitt app. It is the best program to design a constructive webpage effortlessly.


  • Customize the widgets in the asset library according to your requirements and store it for further reference in future. A simple click drags and drops action is enough to add the widgets on the working templates .
  • Save the personalized widgets and icons just by a single click.
  • Handoff to the developers after the design process effortlessly.
  • Highly reliable 128-bit SSL encryption technique implemented to protect the data during transmission.
  • The demonstration mode is available with full size for a real-time experience with this interactive webpage.

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Effective guidelines to design a page layout using Mockitt

Step 1: Sign up with Mockitt

Login to the Mockitt account using the Username or Email and Password. If you do not have any account then register and then log in at the official page of Mockitt app to design the required webpage according to your needs.

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Step 2: Enter the Title

Now, name the project title and select the compatible gadget to support the website design. You can find mobiles, TV, watches etc you must choose as per your needs. Then, select the device model and the related dimensions to fit the webpage appropriately into the electronic device’s screen. Hit the "Create" button to enter into the design layout page.

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Step 3: Add and edit the widgets

You can easily add the widgets by drag and drop action into the working area from its asset library displayed at the right side of the screen. You can change the dimensions, position of the widgets using the property window at the right panel of the screen. Change the values optimally to place the widgets at the perfect space.

online page design free

Step 4: Customize the widgets to Master for bulk editing

To convert the widgets to Master, change the properties of the selected widget on the timeline and make a right-click. From the expanded list select "Create Master". The selected widget will be saved in the Master library. You can access it anytime and add it into the design page and edit it as per your needs.

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Impressive online page design ideas to enlighten the newbie

1: Dropbox

It is a basic version of Dropbox available for free signup to store up to 2GB data without any difficulty. Using this service, you can access and share your images, videos, documents and other files from any device and anywhere.


  • The explicit signup button displayed optimally to carry out a free sign up
  • It gives a clear description of the services offered by this Dropbox
  • The newbie acquires a better understanding of the potential use of this webpage.


  • Explanations and working animations direct the newbie to use the services precisely.
  • The question and answer section clarify the common dilemmas which arise when you enter into this platform.

2: 4 Rivers Smoke House

It is an online catering service provided to feed the needs at the 4 rivers location doorsteps. It is an exclusive platform to explore yummy recipes and make an order without any issues. You can either order online by adding the recipes to the cart or call to order the desired food items.


  • The images are attractive with mouth licking food items to persuade the viewers.
  • Crisp data about their services and explicit links to order through online or phone mode.
  • Quick glimpses about this catering history excite the website visitors in no time.


  • The realistic photography with bright colours does not allow you to take your eyes off from the screen.
  • The package offers triggers the visitors to purchase without any hesitations.

3: Fresh Books

This webpage provides great assistance to your business processing by taking care of the accounting solutions for your firm. No need of a personal accountant to deal with the issues in your office premises. It is enough if you signup with this service and get connected with experienced accountants to overcome your invoice, payment issues in no time.


  • Quickly conveys what they are meant for in simple words
  • The signup procedure is clear with a text field and an appropriate button.
  • The display of their contact numbers at the top right corner of the screen assist the newbie visitors to clarify any unique questions related to your business activities.


  • The offers and discounts on the subscription scheme flash to excite the webpage visitors.
  • The testimonies posted by the successful entrepreneurs boost up the reliability of their services and make the webpage visitors stay and explore for hours.

4: Evernote

You must make a note with a sophisticated tool like Evernote to carry out the important works on time without fail. It provides a space to fill up with things you need to remember. It helps to track and complete the tasks within the deadline. Evernote assists you to stay organized and maintain records projects precisely.


  • The bright green theme persuades the viewers.
  • A quick call to action for signup excites the web page visitors.
  • Explains about the product precise way for optimal use.


  • Functionalities are listed out in a well-organized format to guide towards the desired page according to the webpage viewer needs.
  • Directs the newbie for a quick download displaying explicit ‘Download’ button at the top right side of the screen.

5: Jill Konrath

This website shows you better ways to trigger sales with fewer efforts. Jill, a professional speaker enlightens the entrepreneurs to boost up the sales rate with eminent strategies. There are lots of brainstorming content triggers the web page visitors to think out of the box for better sales.


  • Mind-blowing impressive videos, articles, blogs, audio etc listed out to persuade the visitors.
  • The Jill picture posing with an encouraging smile boost up the viewers to give a try on her ideas.
  • Connect with Jill comfortably tapping the bold ‘Contact Jill’ button.


  • The informative menus at the top right side of the window direct the web page visitors to access the desired resource effortlessly.
  • The headline with ‘Sales Accelerated’ explains clearly about the services offered by Jill to young entrepreneurs.


Thus, it is the perfect time to conclude the discussion on the online page design. You must insert your innovative ideas in this online page to connect closely with the viewers. It is the space to excite the website visitors with your incredible offers and services. Build an interactive and sophisticated web layout using online Mockitt app. Make use of the above-discussed examples to fine-tune your ideas related to the design of the online page. Stay connected for inspiring facts on web page design for business.