A Guide for Your Own Services Page Design

Albert Shepherd updated on 2024-06-06 13:47:01

Are you enthusiastic about taking your marketing to the next level? Your services page is usually one of your website's most viewed pages, and the right service page design and content would potentially lead to more sales. The more you tailor your services page design to appeal to your ideal customer or target market niche, the more likely you will be to attract the kind of people you need to work with. The Service page provides a critical opportunity to transform a visitor into a client. It could be the clincher between someone picking up the phone and someone clicking away as you present your services.

Let's talk more about how to format the services page on your website to attract more customers.

How to design a services page with Wondershare Mockitt?

How do you build your services web page design so that the people you want to work are attracted to your work?

Wondershare Mockitt is an online prototyping and collaboration tool for empowering your best service page design journey, presenting your idea, validating your concept, and implementing it. This is a professional and useful website for product design and collaboration to bring your ideas to life. Quickly and beautifully build the best service page design, with dynamic effects without coding knowledge.

Mockitt has an abundance of features:

1. Built-in entirely stored asset library to create beautiful interfaces and interactions.

2. Drag and import images straight away. You can quickly render your design files interactive by adding a "Link section."

3. It offers a variety of gestures and translation effects.

4. Co-edit and co-manage projects within Mockitt Enterprise with your team members.

5. Goodbye to the manual transfer of files, join the collaboration, or send a link; others can edit or view the project and give immediate feedback and comments.

How to design a service page prototype with Mockitt?

  • You can customize the project size of the service page design to any screen.
  • To start prototyping, click "Create Project" after logging in.
  • You can create a Blank Project, select the right type of device and name the project, or choose "Create Project from demos."

5 Best Service Page Design Examples to Inspire You

The services page is a whole lot of an essential page on your web page to reveal what you are offering and how your company stands out from the rest.

#1: Medallia

It is effortless to get caught up in the 'we' when describing the services you offer. But why would you not? The Services page is about what your business can do and how great you are. One can take the Medallia approach with the services page design. Although ensuring that they discuss how their services can turn into solutions for their audience, they ensure that the reader (or potential customer) is interested in each of the services. Their content is written to illustrate that the services are not one-sided. Medallia plans to collaborate with its customer as if the two were part of a team

#2: Hortonworks

Some of us might find it a bit hard to layout our services on one service page. There may be several options or different ways to customize, and for an average website user to see such choices all at once can seem daunting.

The firm has built an innovative approach to help customers locate the service they are searching for. Users are met with a 'What kind of support do you need?' after giving a brief description of its services on the main overview page. 'Section that lets them choose what they want. If the form is selected and submitted, it is taken to the service table area, matching what it has selected. In the end, this prevents users from having to try and make sense of the entire table on their own.

#3: Arcurve

Always fluffing up your services makes them appear confusing. Tell your viewers how Arcurve has done with its services website.

They separated each of their services quickly into various parts that can be toggled so as not to lengthen the page significantly. The customer knows exactly what the organization does after reading those, without feeling lost or deceptive.

For some excellent case studies, Arcure also incorporates, and the color integrates them with the services that they offer to the client. It is a perfect way to cultivate your leads further so that they can now look at the stories on one page which suit what services they are interested in.

#4: Domo

Your Services page might be a great place to segment visitors by role, industry, platform, job title, etc. Domo did precisely that on its Service web page design.

This approach allows Domo to analyze the quantities of people picking each of these choices, but it also helps to tailor their solutions. If they know that their site is not getting business from those in the healthcare industry, perhaps it's a vertical that they shouldn't aim for. They may also find that manufacturing is the best industry they attract, which could open up opportunities for product improvements.

This user segmentation approach allows each user group that comes to the website to have a more catered experience as they determine whether or not Domo solves its pain points.

#5: Intermark

Showing all the services you have as quickly and efficiently as you can to your user is critical, so users don't have to scroll down the search page. Intermarket has managed to do this by laying out icons and small headers with all their services above the fold so that users know exactly what to expect as they scroll down to read more.

When they expand from above on each of the services mentioned, the sections give users the option of reading more or showing examples to see exactly what they will get.

The more you customize your services page to cater to your ideal consumer or target market niche, the more likely you will be to attract the kind of people you need to work with. Mockitt is the ideal platform to build one with our services page designs.