Sales Page Design Inspirations for Design Beginners

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The sales page design plays a vital part in the business website. It is the channel for marketers to communicate in a convincing way to convert the website visitors into customers. The purpose of the sales page is to create a good impact on the products and services using supporting testimonials, proofs, and recognized awards. There is a need to put extra efforts while building this page as it directly affects the sales rate in business processing. It is necessary to create a persuasive sales page design in a convincing format to boost up the sales rate and profits. Connect with this article to explore inspiring ideas on the design of the sales page for your business website.

Design sales page with Wondershare Mockitt

To create a reliable and compelling sales page design for a business website you can opt for a sophisticated online prototyping tool like Wondershare Mockitt. It is an excellent web designer application from a giant software developer Wondershare. You can use this app in an online mode without any complicated downloads and storage issues. It is a simple program which works well to build a handy design for your needs. Take a quick look at its stunning features.

Features of Mockitt prototyping tool

  • Inspirational templates for ready to use and it is easily accessible from its asset library.
  • Design faster with built-in widgets and icons.
  • You can customize the widgets and save it for future reuse in other applications.
  • No more uploads and downloads, the Cloud editing feature allows you to access and share the files anywhere and anytime.
  • Excellent collaborating strategy through the "Enterprise" scheme which encourages teamwork.
sales page design

Stepwise procedure to use Mockitt app to design a web page:

Step 1: Create an account

To start with, step into the official webpage of Mockitt and create an account by entering your Email and password. Then, quickly move on to the design platform in the online mode.

best sales page design

Step 2: Give a project title

Next, enter the name of the project and choose the device compatibility for the developing application. You can select either Mobile, tablet, or TV etc depending on your requirement. Then, select the model of the selected device by tapping the dropdown menu at the bottom right side of the screen. At last hit the "Create" button to design a webpage for your needs.

sale landing page design

Step 3: Add desired widgets and icons

You can access the built-in widgets and icons at the top right side of the screen. It is enough if you click and drag the necessary widgets and drop it on the timeline optimally. You can edit the widgets and icons according to your needs and save it for future use.

sales page design inspiration

Step 4: Insert videos in your webpage

You can promote the products with informative videos on the sales page design. To insert the videos, first look for the YouTube video from the streaming website and hit "Share" option. Then, copy the link to include the videos in the design template. Now, add the "Web Page" widget from the middle right side of the screen and paste the link. The video is added to the webpage successfully using this step.

sales page designer

Persuasive Sales Page Design Samples to Boost the Sales


This webpage is for writers who want to build a career in the writing field. It helps the website visitors to find a better way of living if you are interested to create an impressive letter. It gives you an idea of how to earn just by writing for a few hours a day. It is an informative guide for writers who are looking for a better way of living.


  • Excellent heading and subheading delivering the content for an easy reach even to a common man.
  • There are no complex navigation systems. You will not get lost at any moment in this webpage even if you surf through for hours.
  • Mind-blowing call to action to persuade the viewers and convert them as a customer in no time.


  • Reliable testimonials to convince the website visitors to boost the sales rate.
  • Engage the readers with the appropriate content without boring with unwanted sentences.

2:Tai Lopez

In this website, you will learn how to make a good life and take care of the health, wealth wisely. The author recommends many products and services which assist a well being for a fantastic lifestyle. It serves as an energy booster. The author personally uses the services and products before recommending to the customers.


  • Persuading headlines to attract webpage visitors.
  • Compelling videos and authorized badges to increase reliability.
  • The money-back offers to ignite the website visitors in no time.


  • The explicit display of contact numbers assists the viewers to reach out easily.
  • The page is listed out with successful customers with supporting proofs and social identification to uplift the positivity in the products and services.

3: DigitalMarketer

Here, the author convinces about the secretes behind successful and consistent sales of your products and services. In this webpage, you can learn how to maintain a good relationship with customers and maintain long-term cooperation without any flaw. It talks about the insights of becoming a successful businessman/woman using hidden strategies and methods.


  • Emphasize the ‘Funnel Optimization’ to convince the viewers to adopt a better campaign on the products and services.
  • Awesome CTA buttons which work well for a reliable conversion process.
  • List out the benefits of seeking this course.


  • There is no complicate navigation system in the webpage and thereby you will be guided in the right path without getting lost at any time.
  • The images and subheading in this webpage are impressive and convincing for the website visitors.

4: Dr Hyman’s Eat fat, get thin

It is a cookbook for individuals who want to lose their weight. It guides the customers to lead a healthy diet with proper dieting chart. It sells a diet course with customized recipes and guidelines depending on the customer’s needs. This webpage offers you with measurement tracking tools and guided journals to assist in maintaining a proper diet for the customers.


  • Excites the newbie visitors with challenges to ignite dieting attitude.
  • Several testimonies to support the success in the dieting plans
  • Convincing well-written subheadings to persuade the visitors.


  • List out the benefits of Dr.Hyman’s diet plan precisely to connect with the viewers optimally.
  • The headlines and the section ‘Our Results’ shows a positive impact on the customers adopted their diet plan to lead a healthy lifestyle. It is displayed in an appealing format for the webpage viewers.

5: Live off your passion

This webpage guides the viewers to figure out what they love and live accordingly to enjoy this gifted life. There are lots of brainstorming content to realize the field you are interested about. You can find the right path to earn and enjoy life despite responsibilities. It shows a stress-free lifestyle for you adopt to become successful in life.


  • An enlightening video gives a good startup for website visitors. It conveys the insights into the services provided.
  • ‘Any of these found familiar’section ignites and excites the readers quickly because it truly relates their current lifestyle.
  • The call to action is simply overwhelming which converts the viewers into customers quickly.
  • The testimonials increase the reliability of their services for newbie visitors.
  • Excellent case studies of people convince the readers in no time.


  • Money-back guarantee offers if the customers cannot make a living by doing what they love within 90 days.
  • The informative FAQ section clarifies the doubts related to their services.

6: Beach body 21-day fix

This website gives you a fitness program for their customers effectively. It challenges the website visitors to lose 15lbs within 21 days of a fitness plan. You can work with the personal trainer to lose weight effortlessly. This web page displays a step by step workout plan along with simple diet recipes.


  • The photos are mesmerizing and it gives a realistic pose of the celebrity displaying their service as high-brand.
  • Excellent headlines with convincing words to convert the viewers into customers.
  • The benefits of the fitness plan conveyed interactively through videos.
  • Case studies and testimonies appeal to the viewers for better conversions.
  • The social buttons direct you to view the social proof of this program.


  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee offer to persuade the website visitors quickly.
  • You will not get lost in this webpage by any means because of no top navigation buttons.

7: Food Babe Sugar Detox

You can find optimum ways to get rid of sugar to maintain a fit body throughout your life journey using this program. This website gives a fitness plan by removing the sugar content from your daily diet. There are a lot of package plans to overcome the sugar used in your daily foods. This webpage has an excellent sales page design to reach out the target audience effortlessly.


  • An attractive headline with question format persuades the webpage visitors.
  • The shareable Social Buttons directs you to the social proof of this diet program.
  • The benefits of the sugar detox program are listed out in bulletin points for easy reach.
  • An enlightening and convincing content making you realize the large quantity of sugar consumption in a day even without your knowledge.
  • Educative pictures give you insights into the program.


  • This website excites the viewers by announcing 100% money-back guarantee if there are no desired results by this program.
  • The absence of top navigation buttons helps you to stay focused on the sales page without any disturbances.

8: Intentional blog

This webpage is exclusively for the bloggers educating the success mantra in this field. It guides the frustrated bloggers to identify their flaws and help them to work in a well-organized manner to be successful consistently. It shares the surprising secrets to persuade the readers in no time.


  • The convincing headline promises you with success secrets of successful blogging.
  • The crispy video educates you appropriately with effective blogging techniques.
  • The ideas are listed out clearly and in an explicit way to reach the viewers quickly.
  • The testimonies are powerful and assist the website visitors to convert into valuable customers.
  • The excellent call to action triggers the visitors to give a try without any hesitations.


  • This webpage makes the viewers stay focused on the sales page as there is no top navigation to move on with other content. To quit you must exit the browser to traverse forward.
  • The collections of CTA buttons offer readers with multiple options to convert into customers.


Finally, you are in the last lines of the enlightening discussion on sales page design. The sales page brings a great impact on the overall performance of the business activities. Connect with the best app to design an informative sales page as per your needs. The Mockitt online prototyping app assists you to design reliable sales page for your requirement at a faster rate without any regrets. Keep looking for exciting facts on webpage designs and build an effective digital space for your business at the cyber platform.

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